The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 3, Part D) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 3, Part D) FREE!


This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site .  All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.  In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.  He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced.  This book is being released.  There are some issues introduced by formatting.  Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.




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The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 3, Part D) FREE!

Chapter Three



I was recently back at the pyramids and using a powerful technique (“looking” at

the pyramid) I found an entrance/exit area. I shared it with some people nearby

and the fellow got rather nasty, exclaiming that the builders of the pyramids were

superior in all respects, and their stone cutting ability and such was enviable. He

also (incorrectly) stated in a matter of fact manner that there was no mortar used

in the construction. How could anyone insinuate there was mortar used? With

perfect stone cutting one would not need mortar, but even with perfect stone

cutting the most naive person can see signs of the use of mortar throughout this

site. (See photos online.)

Understand that scientists in desperation to prove the age of the pyramids (they

may not know) have conducted “carbon dating” tests on the mortar. Look online

for this, and you will see they have “dated” the mortar in the

structure………..STOP and think. If they have “dated” the mortar, then we know

THEY USED MORTAR!! Think people! In order to test the mortar, then the

mortar must be present!! Isn’t this elementary? Doesn’t this tell us that it is not a

perfectly built structure? They did good, but we can use the “carbon dating”

concept to prove one thing for sure……..They used mortar!

In my encounter with the man at Giza above we see, this man’s illusion was

fueled by an ignorant old man’s view of people from the Americas. He was from

an “old world” culture and since his people were stumped for years on the

pyramid mystery, his prejudices prevented him from hearing the truth from

someone outside his narrow, judgmental culture………Isn’t that the case with

most spiritual/religious entrenchment? If you are “entrenched” you are likely as

much in error as you are entrenched. Think about it. You really haven’t the depth

of knowledge to know right from wrong all the time………Do you? If you do “know”

rather than just cast an opinion, then you are a rare soul indeed. If you or those

who inspire you do “know” so many things, then why is the “Great Pyramid”

mystery only now being solved? Do you realize that many of our theories on

pyramids were developed by people who believed the world was flat? Do you still

believe that? Why do we continue to hold onto such frivolous thinking?

The idea that the pyramids (and life) was built without mortar and connection as

above is the opinion of many lost souls. To silence the naysayers I will simply

post photos of the pyramids to demonstrate the use of poorly cut/stacked stones

and an abundance of mortar. You see the average tourist travels great distance

and reads lots of hokey literature on the “7th Wonder” then only spends about 45

minutes or so on the site……….If they stopped and let the “awe” fall away, then

they would see the proper construction techniques.

Do you recall in “Volume One” where I advised that many of the stones were

merely broken and not cut? Recall that lime rock throughout the region is found

in layers separated by sand and loose material. If a person (or group of people)

simply scoured out the loose material between layers the upper layer would

eventually crash down on the next layer. Since it is soft stone the upper layer

would break into pieces………..Interestingly, this technique will provide a fairly

uniform cube that one sees all over the Egyptian countryside……….The great part

of this is, the top surface, and the bottom surface are nearly perfectly smooth. If

one took the horizontal disposition of the stone (top and bottom is smooth

naturally), and turned it to the vertical then the sides are perfectly smooth (Now

the “top and bottom” in the natural disposition resembles the “side to side” in the

construction.) This would give an “illusion” of perfectly cut or perfectly broken


This breaking technique would provide two smooth surfaces. It would provide a

near square/flat surface for the rock to sit on (with grout) and would expose a

rough side to the interior (which is exactly what we see), and a rough side to the


Since the rough exterior was to be covered this would provide a good surface for

bonding the fascia/covering stone to. It would seem rather foolish to cut perfect

blocks when a covering was to go on the outside………….

One thing that misleads many today is the fact that many of the lower stones

have been “touched up” and restored. The average tourist would not recognize

this, but calm study of the pictures on our website helps to reveal the truth. If you

have traveled to the area, go back to your holiday photos and look critically with

an open eye. Unfortunately, many people only take pictures in “planned areas”

so that your photos may hide the truth………….As we all know, the ancient

Egyptians were masters at illusion. Some of those skills are still instrumental in

the deceptions of today.

As I mentioned the outer covering, one will notice I do not spend much time on

this. The outer covering on this pyramid is highly speculative, since it is all gone.

Many assume that because there are granite chunks from the lower edge of the

second pyramids all around that pyramid that the Great Pyramid was once

covered with granite………..My question is, if this is indeed the case with the

Great Pyramid then why are all the restorations done using lime rock and other

soft stone?

How were they able to remove all the “good” stone from the “Great Pyramid”,

meanwhile leaving a wealth of granite avail-able at the second pyramid? We will

likely learn that the Great Pyramid had a different type of surface, and the granite

surface of the second pyramid was an “upgrade” in the second model.

I will reveal much evidence and the reason for this in this Volume and Volumes

to follow.

One will find that often in construction today people in the area build a rough

frame set in a concrete style construction, then put up a veneer of marble (or

whatever) then pour a slurry mixture behind/around the stone to seal it. When

complete the sealing/finished stone has served as a “mold” for the concrete

mixture, and by pouring the slurry behind the stone a perfect seal is obtained.

When/if the sealing stone is ever removed the building behind it appears to be a

perfectly form fitted concrete building, because now the original form has been

filled “out” to the finishing stone. In the event one uses concrete, it makes the

original concrete design appear perfect…………The same concept would work in

a lime rock formation, such as a pyramid, wouldn’t it? We will find this to have


One thing people fail to acknowledge is the weather and weather patterns in the

desert are changing drastically. In the last week of December 2006 alone the

Great Pyramid was rained on three times. This tells us that a poured slurry

mixture to fit/seal the fascia would have been rained on over 100,000 times

(4500 years times about 20 rains per year). This would have likely washed away

and helped to blend some of the externally exposed surfaces. Fortunately, some

of their mortar/grout mixtures survived and there are other areas to prove this

sufficiently……………..One thing we must understand from the perspective of

illusions, the exterior grout, seals, and surfaces were likely taken away with the

stolen surface/exterior……………We must also accept and understand that those

people who have

lead you to believe there was no grout in the structure also failed to fully explain

the design, building, mobilization, and operational aspects of the project. They

also likely mislead you on some other aspect………….So far, you can trust us on

everything stated, and no one with a reasonable perspective can refute it.

Understand they did use grout and mortar. Understand those who say they did

not are not telling you the truth…………….I once worked with a fellow who

believed it was alright to do business with someone who would lie, cheat, and

steal from you. In his opinion it was alright as long as you identified them for who

they were, and to what extent they would go to deceive you. Maybe you should

guard yourself from these people accordingly. Guard yourself from such mystic

pursuits of a tainted reality.



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