The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 2, Part C) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 2, Part C) FREE!


This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site .  All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.  In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.  He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced.  This book is being released.  There are some issues introduced by formatting.  Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.




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The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapters, Chapter 2, Part C) FREE!

Chapter Two NO SMUT!!


Have you ever noticed one thing rather unique in the “Great Pyramid”? Try as

one might, there is no “smut” or lamp black on the overheads, walls, etc. Isn’t this

funny!? No one has apparently ever addressed the concept of how they got light

into the structure, following/during/after construction.

Isn’t this a funny thought? THINK PEOPLE!! Today there is weak electrical

lighting inside the structure. Part of the illusion of the weak lighting is to make the

structure appear more precise than it may actually “be”. It hides a few

flaws……….Meanwhile, we know there are open spaces in the structure and the

chambers have been named by many names that do not suit the space

(Reservoir or tank is a far better term for these spaces.)

How in the world do you think the early builders, designers, and maintenance

people accessed the inside? What form of lighting do you think they used?

Interestingly, if they used lanterns, candles, or any “burning” object then we

would expect to find large amounts of lamp black in the pyramids. We don’t find

this, do we? Why is there no lamp black or evidence of burning materials in the


NO there was once a lift theory put forward about a furnace and lift system in the

pyramid. Throw this out. This is nutty. There

is not an opening available in the structure to bring enough air flow for the type of

combustion they allude to. Remember there are no air tubes or ventilation in the

structure. This is a hoax we dealt with in Volume One. The “air tubes” that some

profess are small, bent, and plugged.

Burning anything of substance in the pyramid simply would not work, is not

plausible, nor possible, PLUS there is no evidence of lamp black or smut. This

“furnace” theory is easily refuted as a result, and one doesn’t even need to read

the theory to refute it………The author was likely confused with a black substance

that is described and proved out in this text. It was not lamp black. There is no

lamp black in the pyramid……..

The black substance once mistaken for lampblack found at one time in the Great

Pyramid (“Queen’s Chamber”) not only proves the existence of water, it helps us

determine how and why the pyramid failed, and explains why there is no lamp

black at all!!

Do you think that modern man “scrubbed” all the walls for you and I? Not hardly.

Do you think they had electric lighting 4500 years ago? Not hardly. Very likely

they used torches, lamps, lanterns or some other source for light. Interestingly, if

the structure was a water based project (as it is) then the heat and hot vapor

from a lamp would likely form condensate on the cold (wet) rock and there would

be minimal evidence of the “burn”. Also, if they had a refined product such as

clear olive oil to burn, then it may have burned cleaner. There is quite simply no

evidence of burning of any kind in the structure, and the internal “sweating” of a

water based project (water tower) would wash away any evidence if burning was

conducted during the construction or operation phases. We will find that “lack of

smut” is a “proof” or indication once again that this structure was full of running,

pumping water………We will find that evidence of the system “sweating” as if it

were a water tank in the desert will abound.

One thing we can quickly realize is that people did not “dwell” in this structure,

and it was likely attended for maintenance only. The absence of lampblack is in

part because burning inside was minimal, and in part because the sweating due

to use of cold water in the structure washed away the “sin” of smut in the


Of course, as we know all the original surfaces, and most of the large rooms

were filled with water (See Volume One of this series.) We would realize there

would be no accumulation of soot, lamp black, or smut on the overheads. The

overheads are/were clean because of WATER in the upper tanks. Sweating of

the project inside as a result of cold spring water moving through the structure

would wash everything down…………We will actually discover that quite an

“accumulation” of bugs and bug remains were found in the first “relieving”

chamber of the upper reservoir (king’s chamber). This is further proof of moisture

in the tank, sweating on the surface……..Understand that bugs will accumulate

around water in an area like this. Rest assured, this was a tank filled with water,

otherwise there is no explanation for bug remains………..Is there? Sounds silly,

but it is that simple………Some of the early “black residue” found in the structure

was thought to be lampblack, but since it was typically on the floor, and not the

overhead, this is a mystery. What we will find is minimal evidence of burning in

the structure, but large amounts of bug remains, and this is an indication of


Some of you may be unaware that a black substance was found according to

legend when the “Queen’s Chamber” was originally found and opened. What we

will find is that this substance was analyzed, and it not only answers a great

many questions, it leads us still further along the path to the correct “revelation”

on “How and Why” the Great Pyramid was built.




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