The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapter Part B) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapter Part B) FREE!




This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site .  All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.  In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.  He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced.  This book is being released.  There are some issues introduced by formatting.  Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.



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The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two (First chapter Part B) FREE!

Chapter One



I have had a bit of fun with people and technology in my “Volume One” of this

series. Part of it is in jest, and part of it is to show you a little “applied common

sense” will go a long, long way.

Once again I want to take you for a bit of a “ride”. Not a spiritual or figurative ride,

but a real ride. You’ll like the results, so saddle up and let’s go.

Have you ever been to the pyramids? Have you ever studied the area? Do you

have any idea what is found roughly east of the pyramid for several miles?

Do you know where potentially the greatest “density” of horse stables in Egypt

is? It is right next to the pyramids!! There are literally dozens of horse stables

lining the desert along the eastern side of the pyramid complex at Giza. Is this

amazing or what? It may not mean anything to you, but it should tell us a lot.

Which came first the horses and stables or the resource that attracted them to

this side? It is a bit of a chicken and egg story, but one thing we often find in the

country and rural areas is that country folks have “common sense”. If you were

going to position horses and horse stables in a remote area (as it once was when

the stables were established) then you would likely put the stables close to a

resource required for horse maintenance in the desert. Wouldn’t you?

The stable where I would go to ride from at Giza housed 200 or more horses.

This massive stable complex, and the dozens of other entrepreneurs in the area

renting horses, camels, etc for rides in the desert did not just “spring up” over

night. These stable operations have been there for a very, very long time. Very

likely hundreds of years, but possibly thousands of years!! Really! A sensible

person may ask, why in the world would all the stables in the area be in one

area? Why on this side of the structure? What should this tell us? Should it tell us

Which came first the horses, or the resources? We may not be so concerned

about horses, but the resources will open many eyes to a new discovery.

Can we continue to apply a little common sense to the equation of the pyramids,

These horse stables are very likely the place where the original explorers kept

their horses. Do you know why I think that? I think that for the same reason you

will soon think that. Common sense will likely prevail, and since I use so many

methods to indicate the truths I am sharing I expect to cover a broad span of

personal interest. I expect that anyone, anywhere will see a truth they can grab a

hold of and hold on to. Check out what I tell you with someone who knows the

specific area I address. In this area we address suitable environments for horses.

Ask your veterinarian, share this book with thinking people!

Do you know one thing that horses need in the desert? One thing that horses

need in any hot climate is a way to “cool down”. The horse is not readily

adaptable to the environment as the camel. The horse needs a little “help”.

Do you have any idea how a horse cools himself?

Typically when a horse gets hot they will find a water hole to wade off into. The

circulation around the thin layers of flesh at their legs and feet allow their entire

body to be cooled by simply standing in a pool of water. This is not “technical”

language, but I never claimed to be a veterinarian. (Ask a veterinarian!) Suffice it

to say horses typically cool their bodies in hot climates by wading in water.

This means we would expect to find horse stables in the desert near wading

pools!! Think about this people! The Nile River is far away, however many of our

explorers from Europe in the 1600’s plus would have likely preferred horses over

camels. Whether they did or not, why in the world would “horse people” hundreds

of years ago position their stables on the east side of the pyramid complex?

(North east to be a bit more precise.) Why would they position them there today

It is simple, there are waste deep wading pools on the east side of the pyramid!

Even today we find a pool of water that has been standing full of water for

potentially hundreds of years. It is mostly hidden today by authorities, and they

actually tried to run me off while I was taking pictures of it………….At this juncture

in history having a surface pool adjacent to a poor community in a city of 15+

million people likely makes this a health hazard…….But a hundred years ago a

wading pool would make this an ideal area to stable your horse. Wouldn’t it?

So you haven’t seen the “pool” pictures, yet? I will be posting these online at . I will advise our “Wisdom Team” when I post them.

Not only will I post pictures of the current situation in the year 2006-2007, which

is an EXTREMELY good indicator of a high water table in the area, but I will be

posting some photos that are more than 100 years old as well.

Basically, the new photos tell all, because a high water table today with all the

earth movement, development and river controls, would “limit” the existence of

ground water in the area. Proof that there is a high water table immediately

adjacent to the Great Pyramid should prove to a reasonable person that the

same water table (only higher) existed at the pyramid during construction and

operation. I will demonstrate how and why we could/should believe the water

table was higher, and give indications how and why the water receded. In so

doing we will prove the water table was higher than today and that the

subterranean chambers under the great pyramid were likely full of water and

used to serve the water needs of pharaoh’s water tower, The Great Pyramid.

What this water table issue proves is that a high water table would allow the

pyramid to function precisely as stated in Volume One of this series, The

Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved.

I do not stop with the proofs of today. We also extend the study with

demonstrations of pictures from 100+ years ago. There is a critical reason for

going back 100+ years. (Note: The author would like to receive photos/copies of

photos of the area from the period of 1895 and before if possible. If used, credit

will be given, and a special gift for all those who present “first copy” of old photos.

Thank you in advance for furthering the technology of the future, by resolving

As many may or may not know, one of the first successful “modern” dam projects

in the Nile River was in the year 1899. Prior to this “dam project” many attempts

were made to control or  affect the Nile. Many of them were successful, but in

general they failed to affect the condition of the Nile long term. We actually see

that the ancient city of Memphis (the oldest capital of Egypt) suffered substantial

damage and parts were covered for an eternity from a Nile River flood. The

impact of the 1899 dam project and all dam projects following this date changed

the impression of the area, and the perspective of the explorer.

What we must understand is this structure (the Great Pyramid) was built 4500+

years ago. This means that likely 4400 times there was an annual flood that

impacted the terrain in a most significant way. If a dam was installed to control

the flood waters, it would radically change the contour of the land, the impact of

the river, and would mislead naive explorers and theorists who fail to factor in the

As we will see, the Nile River did not merely overflow its banks during a normal,

unrestricted flood stage. The Nile would cover an incredible area and expanse of

land. The Nile was not only the longest river in the world, it was at times possibly

the widest. At times the Nile would be many miles wide, potentially 10+ miles

wide in places. For this reason the present “perception” of the Nile is a drastic

understatement of the past days. We will find that old photos show that within the

last 110 years the Nile River would overflow, and there would be standing water

within hundreds of yards of the pyramid complex and structure we presently

know. What this will also indicate is that our present “wading pool” which has

fulltime water in it would have been much deeper in this period, and the expanse

of water during flood stage would have neared the edge of the Giza

Plateau………………This means during severe flooding, the Giza Plateau where

we find the pyramids would have been a safe haven or refuge for the local

people. Never forget this is a “safe haven” for people during feast or famine.

It was a great water project for the people. Many of the world would

frequent it, and it would become a meeting place during an important “famine” of

history. The Nile was long and WIDE. The Nile was actually

adjacent to the Giza Plateau at flood stage.

Has anyone ever shared this with you? Why not? Why hasn’t the anatomy of the

area been explained accurately before now? Why isn’t this common information?

Please help make the truth common use of lime rock known by sharing this text and

Volume One with all your friends.

Referring to the wading pools near Giza Plateau, in today’s situation you would

not want your animal anywhere near the water. It is most likely polluted

(severely) due to the huge population of the region, however this standing water

may be one of the most ignored relics from ancient times, and for building the

pyramids it may be the most important. Efforts to preserve and study the wading

pools near the horse stables at Giza will reveal a lot about technological abilities

What the pool (and the horses) proves is there is ground water very near the

surface at the Giza plateau. The existence of surface water in the desert not only

changes the scope and size of the projects available here, it should change our

perspective. Understand that STANDING WATER at the foot of the present day

location of the Giza Plateau proves the existence of water on location, just under

the surface today. Understand that the water table would have been higher in the

past (to be proved herein). Understand that raising the water table under the

Great Pyramid at Giza would “connect” the “antechamber” or vertical lift system

as described in Volume One of this series, and would “supply” the water to the lift

system, which would pump the water up and out of the pyramid. This system

would not only be used to lift and mobilize the stones, it would be left in operation

to pump and supply water to the people. All of this shall be proved herein and in

If you understand that surface water near the pyramid is produced in part by

water permeating from through the sand from the Nile River, then it is fairly easy

to understand that if the Nile was closer then there would be more pools and they would be larger. It is critical

for you to understand that water permeated through the sand on each side of the

Nile River. This is actually a known principle as far back as Biblical times,

because there are keys in Scripture that tell us the Ancient Egyptians knew a

great deal about water, water operations, and water purification. To demonstrate

their understanding of using the sand of the desert to filter and handle water I

show you a series of Scripture following the first “plague” of Moses. Understand

that this was the plague of the Nile being turned red like blood. The people still

needed water so what did they do?

Exodus 7:24 And all the Egyptians digged round about the river for water to

drink; for they could not drink of the water of the river.

Look! Water/desert survival is taught in the Bible!! Digging adjacent to the Nile

River would allow the water to be filtered by the sands! (For accurate explanation

and revelation on the Plagues of Moses see, The Bible Plumb Line: Miracles of

. To learn more about the region and physics of the area see

The Bible Plumb Line: Significance of Sinai.)

As we continue, an abundance of ground water helps address the many holes or

SURFACE WELLS around the Giza complex. Actually the Bible itself tells us

about surface wells. The books referred to above will help understand the water

better. ………What we will find is the location of the Israelites prior to

Exodus was not in Giza and the time period of Biblical recording was well after

the decline of the pyramid complex. (To learn about the period of Moses and the

place from where the people of Israel departed see, The Bible Plumb Line:

Pharaohs of the Israelites, and The Bible Plumb Line: Evidence of the Israelites.)

The presence of water in the area today, following the restricted activities of dam

projects such as the Aswan Dam, demonstrates an abundance of water in the

past at the site. As we see, the present site of modern Cairo is in a flood plane

area. Cairo itself likely flooded from the Giza Plateau to the Citadel

complex. This is why a modern city was able to be built so readily. The area was

cleared, soil was soft, and all the resources were in place. The presence of

ground water and surface water revealed accurately actually gives us a direct

link to how and why the Great Pyramid was built.

Is the concept becoming clear for you? The people needed clean water to drink.

A water lift project at a point of refuge from severe Nile floods, would be an ideal

place for pharaoh to reach and teach the people. Wouldn’t it? As they settled

along the western bank of the Nile, they would be protected from floods, and

could keep an eye on those who approached from the east.

You do remember from the Volume One of this series that we stated the first

thing “built” at the Great Pyramid was a hole in the lime rock plate? You do

remember that we demonstrated the presence of water tools and water

“appliances” at the very top of the pyramid? Now we have absolute proof of the

water needed past, present and future in the region……..What we will see is that

if the environment changed after the structure was built then the ground water

could “fall away” from the original well. This would require efforts to remediate or

redeem the well. We shall see. Please stay with me. This is a revelation that has

awaited 4000+ years for you to see.

Did you realize that if the pyramid was simply a walled structure built around a

surface well, that it could be used to lift and pump water? Can you see that if a

deep well was dug deep into the ground water, and encased then clean water

could be obtained year round? Can you see how if little “chambers” were sealed

as described in Volume One, then the water could be lifted a little at several

stages and used to pump it to the surface? Can you see how there may have

been reservoirs to hold water in both good times and bad? Hang on……I will take

Okay, if you followed the piping and plumbing identifications in

Volume One then you would expect to find a source of water

somewhere nearby, and we would need it to be “under” the structure so we could

simply “lift” the water we needed.

My friend, if you go online at, we provide pictures and

proof of surface water very near the pyramid. If you will stick with me and my

“Wisdom Team” for just a little while I will demonstrate how water lift tools at the

top of the pyramid connected to the surface water and conducted the lift. By the

time you finish the next few Volumes of this text you will see the entire system

top to bottom and there will no longer be a mystery. In so demonstrating how the

pyramid functioned, I will demonstrate the lift systems used to lift and build the

pyramid, as well as the systems which “ran” the pyramid for years to come. The

mystery of the “How and Why” the Great Pyramid was built has indeed been

solved………….Do you have any idea what other mysteries are being solved?

Go to and/or .

Imagine, if after 4500 years a single person in an afternoon or two can

determine, develop, and describe the function of the Great Pyramid, then what

limitations do we really have? Do you realize that this “discovery” was so simple

the author decided to give it away online for free? What do you think is revealed

in the many other texts from this author? He claims to uncover dozens if not

hundreds of ancient Egyptian Biblical mysteries. Is it possible? Why not? The

wisdom of Solomon is available to all. Go to and/or and get our other books.





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