The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter Part C) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter Part C) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (Chapter 2, Part C) FREE!

Make sure you read Chapter One, Part A and Part B, first.  They are FREE online at this link!

This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site .



All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.

In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.  He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced.

This book is being released.  There are some issues introduced by formatting.  Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.



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Chapter Two





IN THE BEGINNING……………First things first. Have you ever noted that there is a hole penetrating the surface in the founda- tion of the Great Pyramid? (There are actually two or more.)

Many diagrams show this (See diagrams and links online at ), but why is it there? It would very likley help to discover when the hole was put there, and what the purpose of it was. Very simply put, do not focus on what they “put” there, but rather what was removed, and why it was removed. This alone will answer all questions regarding the pyramid, and much of the old pyramid design/style.

You have to see the unseen, and learn to understand what you can’t see. It is like having “faith” in something that either was or “could be” there. I want you to consider the realm of possibili- ties.

I can produce proofs, but I want you to begin to believe in what you cannot see. It is called “faith”. I will give you some in- formation and/or teasers to lay a foundation, and everything I state will be proved, but it is necessary to keep a little mystery to prevent you from corrupting my accurate revelation with some mystic belief from other “theories”.

The most common “misconception” of pyramid studies is often the “mystic” misguidance by the researcher. Many of our foundational beliefs are based on religious and mystic beliefs of the researcher.

Since we have separated fact from fiction by choice in this area, we need to put some things back together without a biase to get the truth.

Often because of movies and a host of other issues and mystic beliefs many think the pyramids were built as tombs for the pharaohs. Isn’t that a common belief? Is that what you believe? Is that what you WANT to believe, or would you prefer to know the truth?

The truth is what we should pursue, but most people spend their time propagating hoaxes and mis-taught concepts.

I ask you one simple question: How many pharaoh mummies have been found in Egyptian pyramids? Are you familiar with the tombs in the Valley of the Kings? Many mummies were found, but all were in hidden tombs, not pyramids.

Did you realize there are no pyramids anywhere near the Valley of the Kings? Did you realize the “Valley” is a remote, obscure location that is “hidden” in the desert? There were no public burial/locations of kings and queens. Are you familiar with the “Step Pyramids” at Sakkara? How many mummies were found? Weren’t all the mummies found in “mastabas” or tombs? Why weren’t there any pharaoh bodies in the pyramids? How come the pharaohs of this era had BOTH pyramids and burial tombs?

This should quickly reveal the simple fact that pyramids were NOT built as tombs. No pharaoh bodies have been found in Egyptian pyramids have they? Have any? Ever? No. No one has ever found a pharaoh mummy or dead pharaoh body in a pyramid in Egypt. It is a hoax.

Were any mummies found in the Egyptian pyramids? Interestingly, the tombs of pharaohs seem to always be far removed from pyramids, yet because of spooky movies, and science fiction thrillers, we think that pyramids were pharaoh tombs. Be advised that is not likely the case. Don’t be mad at me. Others have lied to you and misled you along this “tomb pyramid” path.

On expeditions funded by monarchs and rulers of the past, the explorers conned the kings and queens of old that they could find ancient “secrets to life” in the pyramids, and this helped keep their adventures well funded.

Meanwhile they propagated myth and legend of pharaoh mummies in pyramids, that have remained in the culture, but have NO GROUNDS whatsoever in fact…………

Okay, if you want to be mystic and freaky, and continue to live a lie, then you can think that way……….Remember these same explorers were also afraid of sailing off the edge of the world, too! Were they right? Why do you still follow them? If you continue then you MAY fall off the edge of the earth!

I repeat there has NEVER EVER been a pharaoh mummy or pharaoh remains found in an Egyptian pyramid! The “con” that these are pharaoh tombs is a very old, well orchestrated lie from hundreds of years ago to con monarchs of old into funding the treasure seeking desires of explorers. That is it.

We may find some minor queens and “possessions” of pharaohs buried under some pyramid-like structures, but never a pharaoh, never a pharaoh mummy, and any indication prior to the year 2007 is a hoax!………….

Isn’t it funny that the entire world can be lead around in the dark? I told you I was not going to make people feel “smart”. Meanwhile, haven’t I challenged the world to disprove my books? It cannot be done! People have been lieing to you for a very, very long time.

The release of superior wisdom in all respects is coming your way. Get rid of your lost, mystic mis-teachings.

Imagine, if you will, as an explorer of old dug in the deserts of Egypt. The locals who were likely uneducated and hired as “service” personnel to help the expedition would ask one an- other what the “great explorer” was searching for.

The 50 or so workers on an expedition would help spread myth and rumor of what the researcher was seeking. In so doing, a group of sim- ple people would become convinced that the researcher had a basis for his claim, and then they would tell their families, and another story would be off and running.

Fact and reality may have little basis in many of the stories. Eventually the rumor started from a research team would be blended with local myth and legend and history would become twisted…….Never forget, the basis for most of what we understand about pyramids came from a group of people who thought the earth was flat. What else do you think they failed to understand?

Most of the world is conned by a myth propagated by commercial interests. It still serves the commercial interest of mystics, so we can expect them to produce a hoax of a body in a tomb, but as of October 2006 (Updated January 2008) when I write this, there has never been a pharaoh mummy or tomb incapsulated in a pyramid……….

Now, that I predict the hoax, watch out for those who orchestrate the next hoax. They have likely lied to you before and will again.

We can expect explorers in search of dishonest gain to “plant” a mummy or body in a pyramid, and since I tell them where to find the next rooms in the Great Pyra- mid, we can expect them to put a body in one of these cham- bers in order to deceive us. Mark my word, and recognize the hoax when it is presented.

Interestingly, since I “see through” the walls of the Great Pyra- mid and tell people what they will find and where it is, then conventional researchers can “hide” the truth, but some time in the next millenia it will be revealed that I was right.

Just like the pyramid itself I am burying truth in the Library of Congress archives to be preserved and unearthed at a time when greater wisdom will prevail on the earth. You can hide the truth, but sooner or later it is all revealed in the light of day.

What if it was more mystic and powerful to find the real answer to the Great Pyramid? What if the child-like imaginations of the past have underestimated the purpose and construction style of the pyramids?……

My friend, they have NEVER found a pharaoh mummy in a pyramid, NOR is there any indication that the Great Pyramid was intended as a tomb. The truth is much greater than this. Seek truth and truth only.

The Great Pyramid had nothing at all to do with DEATH, but everything to do with LIFE! The pyramid is about LIFE, and I will demonstrate. In the photos to be posted online at you can clearly see the “anhk” or symbol of life repeatedly accompanies the pyramid symbol. The two are nearly inseparable. Life and pyramids go together, not death and tombs.

For those who have ears to hear, hear (and see) what I am telling you. Most walls of the Great Pyramid typically do not have any polished surfaces, no inscriptions, and have NO evidence of tombs in them.

What we see in the pyramids such as that of Zoser which has some “ornamentation” on the inside is that decoration of the interior structures came AFTER the col- lapse or reduction in use of the space for its primary design.

The decoration came well after the practical use/application of the space. The Great Pyramid which is the focus of this text does not have polished surfaces or inscriptions or decoration as one would anticipate. Much of the pyramid is ugly, “working” surfaces. What we need to do is seek the purpose of these working surfaces.

As we will see there are “alien” life interests who want to perpetrate theories of higher civilizations. Mainly what they prove is there is a higher civilization with greater truths, and it is not them. They prove that man is easily lead astray by mysticism and imagination.

All the answers man needs are plainly provided, and the answer to all questions are typically hidden in plain view. Remove the blinders that have misled the people and the people can see the truth………….

What I really enjoy about the “alien” theory is the fact that those who one might consider “reasonably” intelligent people resort to concepts of little green men from outer space to explain things they do not understand. This is rather humourous in a way.

What we often see is those who believe in space creatures do not believe in God. How in the world can “thinking” people resort to green men, and deny a Creative Work in the universe that is unexplainable?

Alien theorists, and those who follow a “creation” concept should both be seekers of truth. Believe it or not we may actually have “common ground” on this Giza Plateau discovery.

If the explanation of the pyramid construction can reasonably be conducted by mankind, with tools, and technology present at the time, then maybe we can agree aliens, gods, demons, and jinns did not build these structures?

Interestingly, we find the actual “plan” is revealed under the structure, and the revelation is greater than anything one can imagine.

There is a unique “geo-spacial” orientation of the pyramids on the Giza Plateau and an optical illusion that I will demonstrate in one of my future pyramid texts. Keep an eye on the book describing the “site” for the three pyramids.

Once we know how one is built it will help to develop the concept for the second and third, and a relationship that may rival any alien theory………And it will be truthful!

In this study I take one specific pyramid, a very special one, and disect it without the preconceived mystic, weird stuff that is prop- agated in regards to the pyramids.

One will note that it is extremely difficult to get simple, unadulterated information on the simplest of details concerning the pyramids. Even with the Internet, we find that more sensationalist writers put forth information propagating more untruth.

This is yet another reason why I give this book away, so that more people can be guided in truth and wisdom. Please copy this electronic book (in its entirety) to everyone you know. They need to know the truth. I give this away to bypass the information power structures who control the mystic illusions of the past.

In the days of old the Great Pyramid was considered one of the “seven wonders” of the ancient world, and today it is the only one left standing. (We must ask ourselves, why is it still standing? See the next chapter.)

Have you ever noticed that many “studies” of the Great Pyramid speak about mystic ramps, slaves, and large stones? What if there were not any of these? Is it possible? We shall see.

Here is a funny thought. We fail to understand how and why the pyramids were built, how they were finished, because we are too naive to understand how they BEGAN the building process.

We have all seen the hokey theories on slaves and sleds with big rocks, but I show you something no one has ever shown before…………In the central region of the Great Pyramid there is a HOLE in the ground that is 98+ feet deep! I ask a simple question.

If you and I were to pile a huge pile of stone today, BUT when we finished we wanted a 98 foot deep hole to exist UNDER the structure then which would we do first? Would we pile the stone or dig the hole?

I would DIG THE HOLE! The first step to building the Great Pyramid is to DIG A HOLE! Once we know why the hole was dug then we will know WHY the pyramid was dug. Can this connect to the “how”? Very likely. See the drawings released for free at to see the use of the hole and tools.

Which is more important the “hole” under the rock or the “hill” made from the rock? We shall soon see.

Since early discoverers were misled by the “tomb” idea, they were confused when they found the holes and tunnels in and around the structure. Their confusion lead them along the path of deception they were “looking” for.

Unfortunately, their mystic quests failed to understand how and why the holes and voids exist. As we solve the purpose of the first hole, you will see the entire structure and its purpose revolve around this discovery.



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