The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter part B) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter part B) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter part B) FREE!

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This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site


All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.

In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred. He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced. This book is being released.

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Are you aware that ancient grave robbers, under the pretense of finding the “fountain of youth” for their European monarchs painted a picture for their “sponsors” that they could live forever and have the power of pharaohs if they had various concoctions made from mummy remains? Yes, it is a hoax perpetrated initially to get financial backing for their explorations.

This helped tomb robbers to con the monarchs of Europe into funding their treasure hunting adventures. The treasure hunters had to claim there were pharaoh mummies in the pyramids to keep the money flowing to their project, but nothing is further from the truth.

It merely served their purpose to create this hoax/illusion and we follow them right along the path of error…… Remember, these early “explorers” were in essence the same people, in/around the period when it was claimed the world was “flat”? How much of what they said do you really want to believe?

Why do we continue to follow the theories of the people of a “flat” world? Isn’t this funny!?? Is there anyone in archaeology and Egyptology studies who is respectful enough to admit that there are NO mummies or pharaoh remains ever found in a pyramid?…………..Hold it!

Aren’t these the same “educated” people who claim the Bible may have no relevance in studies of Egypt? Yes, they continue to deceive us on both these issues.

Of the 40 or so pharaohs who built pyramids, we have found the bodies of about 20 of them, and never a body was found in a pyramid. The bodies were typically found in obscure grave sites hundreds of miles away.

The “Valley of the Kings” is a remote, isolated place chosen to hide the remains forever. The “valley of the kings” is almost 400 miles from Giza!

These kings were likely PREVENTED from having public burials and celebrated funerals. THINK! The pharaohs COULD NOT have been allowed to have elaborate tombs and national funerals. Do you know why? Remember pharaohs in the early kingdoms were considered “gods”.

They would never need a “tomb” if they were a “god” would they? If they were a “god” and the “god” of the people died in a conventional manner, then their faith may have been shaken…..Wouldn’t it? Unless your “god” can come back from the dead, then you would not celebrate the death, but rather celebrate the life!!…….

We will find the Great Pyramid was designed to be a celebration of life. This holds true throughout much of Egyptian history, because in the vast majority of Egyptian heiroglyphics, the “ankh” or symbol of long life, and the triangle symbolizing the pyramid are side-by-side. I have posted hundreds of Egyptian pictures online and in a CD presentation for the world to begin to see greater truth(s).

Since there are more than double the number of pyramids (more than 90), as there are pyramid pharaohs(40 or so) , we can easily see they had a “two for one” ratio and no intention of the pyramid to be used as a tomb……..

Interestingly the greatest collection of pharaoh tombs is at the Valley of the Kings, which is one of the most deserted, obscure locations in the entire Kingdom. I will explain more about this later……

What I have found is conventional archaeology and the studies of the ancients is occasionally tainted by the agenda of the ex- plorer. As people fight to make history “socially acceptable” today, they often further taint the truths left in original pursuits.

Consider this….The Valley of the Kings is an extremely remote area well out into a desert area where no one would expect to be “messing around”. There are no markers or no evidence in the Valley of the Kings to find graves.

In fact, the Valley of the Kings is a place of cliffs made up of very brittle, unstable rock fragments. The tombs there were dug into rock cliffs, then the rock cliff was collapsed over the opening to attempt to hide it for- ever.

These people did not have public funerals and very likely the death of a pharaoh was not nearly as big a production as one may conventionally think………..Stop and be reasonable…….

In the time of most pyramid construction, the pharaohs were considered “gods”. Why in the world would a “god” need a tomb? Isn’t that funny!??

We are a little silly to think that a pharaoh would build a massive pile of stone in the desert to cel- ebrate his death, when technically according to their belief, he could never die! Okay, we see a pyramid was not only never ever used for a pharaoh tomb, but there was never an intention for the use as a tomb…………..A little common sense can go a long way.

What people may wish to consider is that Egyptian history was not “written”, it has been “discovered”. What we see in reality is that all of our concepts and perspectives of Egyptian history and remains are created by the explorer.

It is not like the actual “his- tory” was written out as it happened. There is no “continuum” connecting us with these people and their history has been writ- ten well after the fact. Egyptian history may be more subject to the writer, than the truth.

Consider this…….If in the 1950’s for instance three explorers went into the desert. Let’s say one was a “socialist”, one was a “communist”, and one was a “capitalist”. If somehow we could preserve three absolutely identical sites and allow each explorer to write and research concerning what they found, then we would find that three completely different studies and concepts would emerge.

What we would see is that each discovery would be tainted or manipulated based on the “world view” of the researcher. This is a perfect example of how history as we know it is more influenced by the researcher than by the re- search findings itself.

There is much “perspective” inserted in traditional studies of the ancients. By revisiting old “discoveries” with present knowledge and information we can see the deceptions of the original explorers.

Unfortunately, we not only see that perspectives tainted by preconceived notions may mislead us, but we also see where fol- lowers of great researchers tend to build upon the unsound foundations of their mentors.

If we fail to have a solid founda- tion we will become unstable in our beliefs and understandings. The returning to the foundations is basic in establishing greater truth on new discoveries. I show you how to walk in the great- est truth mankind has ever known.

As you will see, my Team uncovers great truths in the desert. It is not our intention to “support” nor “destroy” the illusions created by past writings, but merely to reveal the truth only. We will typically find that the “truth” is far better than the stories “created”.

Furthermore, this will explain why segments of history seem so disjointed and irregular. As we may see, if dozens of people each “created” a story concerning a segment of history,

then the combined history would lack a continuity. Much like the jigsaw puzzle analogy we see the pieces are difficult to fit together………….Interestingly, this disjointed appearance has been created by what some might refer to as “scientific” interests.

Those of us reading the studies of the past will see that the “scientific” methods may not have been applied free of judgement and agenda. This undermines the scientific approach.

Fortunately, this allows our Team to take the fragments of history as we have been told it, and assemble the truth for a very profound impact. The truths we reveal are far, far easier to follow and BETTER than illusions created by ancient explorations.

Please understand that the “original” story as it was told to you may have been in error……..Please understand that many, even today, have an agenda to perpetuate. Look at where your information comes from. Is it objective? Is it accurate? Do you want to live in truth, or live a lie?

The “pyramid tomb” myth was likely “imported” by explorers after they found dead remains in Central American “pyramids”. Very likely the Central America pyramids celebrated death, but very likely some of the pyramids of Egypt (The Great Pyramid) celebrated LIFE, and we shall see this to be true………..

We may find some evidence of obscure “queen” figures and “mummy” is- sues in minor pyramid-like structures, but these are in part a hoax and illusion to keep people looking for things that may not exist.

great pyramid mystery

Understand if you will that if 40+ pharaohs built pyramids then pyramid construction in Egypt lasted up to 1200 years or more.

If this is the case, then how in the world does anyone think they can derive one theory to cover all pyramids under the sun? Isn’t that stupid? That is like saying your grandfather walked to work, so you should walk to work. Think about this……

Is there any theory in any civilization that spans 1200 years without some form of change? There is no theory on anything, anywhere that lasts 1200 years without some form of modification or refocusing of the people group.

Do you see how the intention or moti- vation of the first pyramid pharaohs like Zoser (Djoser) could be radically different than any or all of those who came later? Why is it that we are so misled into thinking one pyramid theory fits all situations? That is about as funny as believing pyramids in Egypt are pharaoh tombs………

As you may know, the early Spanish conquests/abuses of South and Central America found bodies in pyramid shaped tombs. Later European explorers likely spread the same “rumor” or “theory”. The rumor/myth was well established by the time the studies of Egypt began some 200 years later.

As we will see the pyramids in Egypt and Central/South America many have very little in common. The religions and belief sets have very little in common, but if you are easily lead by myth, legend and illusion, you would confuse a Spanish theory in Central/South America, with a European theory in Egypt. Uneducated people would get lost in this confusion.

Educated “thinking” people would re- alize this is a false belief…………There is actually a greater truth, but if you are stuck in a lie, then you may not ever walk in great wisdom.

When we focus on the Great Pyramid, we must understand the “Great Pyramid” has specific components and parts that others do not have. This is common knowledge and by this we know that all pyramids are NOT created equal, and we know that pyramid theory grew and evolved over time.

If it “grew” then we are already in agreement that no two pyramids are created equal. This is critical and simple. Can you follow this? Do you know any concept in the world that lasted 1200 years without some form of modification or revelation? If not, then we are pretty silly thinking we can throw one “theoretical blanket” over all pyramids and be correct.

Think about “pyramid theory” as you would think about building a house for yourself. Let’s say you built a house that took you 20+ years to build.

From the time you started to the time you finished, would your “focus” change? Would your motivation for this “dream house” change from the time you are 30 years old to 50 years old? Absolutely! Why in the world can’t we see that a pharaoh’s motivation to build a pyramid would change over the course of his life?

It is the same idea, isn’t it? Why can’t we see that 40+ pharaohs building 90+ pyramids would all have different ideas, and their ideas would shift throughout construction? Can’t we see that one theory wouldn’t last the entire contruction process, much less the entire span of construction for 1200+ years? Be reasonable…….

If you give the builders any credit for creativity or intelligence, then you can see one con- ceptual theory covering all pyramids is likely a hoax, and we see the main one we follow (pyramids=pharaoh tombs) has been a hoax all along………..Pyramids celebrate life, and we will soon see how the Great Pyramid brought forth life.

Think about the “pharoah is a god” idea……..Here is a funny thought for you. A concept of “co-reigning” pharaohs would allow one pharaoh to be removed (buried in the Valley of the Kings) and no one know it.

I bring in a quote from the book, The Bible Plumb Line: Pharaohs of the Israelites, to show you that pyra- mids COULD NOT be tombs, because in the era the Great Pyramid was built the pharaoh was considered a god!! If he was a god as they thought, he would not need a tomb, would he? How could he die? Think people!

Quote:What we see in many cases there are “co-reigning” periods where possibly a father and son both ruled a country at one time. This “muddies” the lines of the beginning and ending of the kingdom rule. This system very likely helped maintain continuity because if you had two pharaohs then one could “disappear” and the other could remain.

You must understand that since they were considered “gods” at one time, then they could not ever die. It was unlikely that pharaohs ever celebrated “death”………….THINK PEOPLE! They could not ever have elaborate public funerals and public grave sites if they were GODS! If they were gods, then one would simply fade away and another would fade in.

Yet, again this is a reason why large public places like the Great Pyramids would never be a place for a tomb. After all if pharaoh was a god he would not need a tomb, would he?

Our silly fantasies continue to collapse on the feeble lies and mysticism that created them, don’t they?

(In the text referred to above, the people identified as “pharaoh” in the Bible are revealed. This is accurately portrayed for the first time in that book series. In fact, the “co-reigning” pharaoh concept is key to learning who the pharaoh of the “Exodus” was in the Bible. Get the book! You’ll be glad you did.)

In the time of the pharaohs they did not have CNN and the mod- ern media. In periods of ancient Egypt a pharaoh could die and be entombed in a rock cliff in the Valley of the Kings, and his successor (often his son) could step right into power, and the kingdom continue.

Only a handful of people might know he had died, and then when the people did find out years later they might realize “the son” had been in power for a long time. This would pose little problem to the wandering river/desert dwellers along the Nile River.

Let’s move on with greater revelation……….The Author of this book is believed to have:

  1. Resolved the Mystery on HOW the Great Pyramid was built.
  2. Resolved the Mystery on WHY the Great Pyramid was built.
  3. Resolved WHY there was a decline of the Pyramid focus.
  4. Discerned the actual person of the “Biblical Joseph” (Biblical Prime Minister of Egypt) historically.
  5. Found the pharaoh Abraham and Sarah of the Bible visited.
  6. Accurately determining which pharaoh(s) knew Moses.
  7. Discovering precisely when, where, and how the Exodus oc- curred in Egypt, and why we have not found evidence until now.
  8. Resolved timeline mysteries for Joseph, Moses, Abraham, and the Exodus.
  9. Provided archaeological proof of the Israelites in Egypt for the first time.
  10. Demonstrated proof of the entrance, existence, and Exodus of the Hebrew people.
  11. Demonstrated how, when, and where the “Red Sea parted” and why the people had this perception/belief.
  12. He is credited with correctly discerning a timing error/issue with the Jewish/Christian concept of Passover/Exodus.
  13. He is the first person to properly name all the early Bible pharaohs and connect them with the relevant scripture.
  14. He puts forth a cutting edge theory on the name behind the face of the Sphinx in Giza, and the significance behind the Sphinx itself, connecting this area to the Isaiah 19 prophecy. (See Volume Five of this book series.)
  15. The author has discovered plausible evidence of the last major encampment of the Israelite people in Egypt, including lo- cation and explanation of the “plagues” of Moses, that actually have archaeological proof connecting the events.

Presently, your author has a vast number of writing projects coming, including but not limited to complete evidence and revelation that clears up 2000-3000 years of “Biblical and Jewish Mysteries” that without proper understanding, they tend to make the Bible appear to be a collection of fairy tales.

This new level of clarity and accuracy of combining the use of science with the wisdom of Biblical Archaeology is astounding. We simply need to shake the paradigms set by theologians and explorers when they “knew” the world was flat. But is the world flat? Not at all. Maybe there were other mistakes made that we perpetuate?

We may need to understand the “perspective” that Scripture is merely a collection of stories may be correct or incorrect. How would you know? Can you separate truth from tradition? Would you recognize either? Are you aware there are likely errors committed in both? What if there was a significance? What if there was not? Wouldn’t you want to know the truth?

By breaking down components of history into the anatomy of the events/places and the expectation of what we can anticipate finding and how, the author develops schematical guidelines and templates to find the city, place and time to resolve series of events.

The process is truly amazing, and the greatest influ- ence is the Co-Author, who guides the process. As we follow the trail of evidence, hidden wisdoms and treasures are found all along the way. The author made a commitment to solve this mystery and give it away, because greater revelation is coming wave upon wave as our research continues.

I sometimes refer to this study as the “Eighth Wonder of the World”, because the “Great Pyramid” at Giza is said to be one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world, and for some reason we “edify” the ancients by NOT solving the manner in which the Great Pyramid was built or the reason it was built.

This is a mystery to many, but will be revealed herein. There is no rea- son to be mystic and weird, just get down to basics and get the job done. The “eighth wonder” for me is wondering why no one has done this before. It really isn’t that complicated……

It is so simple in fact, I give the solution away electronically at and

What if the mystic pyramid theories are all grounded/founded on old mis-guided Bible teachings and concepts? Would that shake you up a bit? Think about it. Improper teaching of spiri- tual matters could easily take Bible enthusiasts and Bible critics off in a wrong direction.

As we often see, in order to teach a simple concept we often have to kill a few sacred cows and overcome a person’s preconceived notions……..In most studies the greatest difficulty with the student is getting them on the correct path and convincing them they have been on the wrong one.

Preconceived notions, per- ceptions and ideas going into something you know little about can confuse the user/reader. Furthermore, going into an area where the student “thinks” they know something is even more difficult for the teacher. For this reason, I will take what might appear an unconventional approach, but when I finish the riddle will be solved for eternity.

I begin and continue asking a number of simple questions, that lead you through what one might consider a “common sense” approach to resolving this. I encourage you to draft your own questions and send them in. I am developing a team to respond, and we will release additional texts solving similar mysteries for our readers. Write to: [email protected] .

Only now is the real answer to the Great Pyramid being re- leased……….If you wish to stay entrenched in error, continue fol- lowing the teachers who have none of the correct answers, or alternatively follow the ones who have extremely elaborate ar- guements.

These are NOT better teachers, nor better concepts, merely charismatic speakers producing convoluted systems for twisting your mind…….Fortunately, a reasonable person can get set free with a simple message of truth.

If my presentation sounds a bit like a sermon, rest assured there are no sacred cows in my teaching, and I am no respecter of persons. My quest in the deserts of Egypt began and perpetu- ates as a seeker of truth.

I have been graced with the ability to solve dozens and dozens of ancient riddles in the deserts and in ancient scripts every- where. (See my book series at and

The mysteries I reveal are so pro- found that I find the solving of the “Great Pyramid” mysteries simple enough to give it away. My first offering of this “book” is to make it a virtually free online “electronic” publication. If there is enough interest I will have copies printed and offer them inex- pensively to seekers of truth.

I look forward to academic institutes teaching ancient concepts with accuracy, and will assist in bringing great truths of the an- cients to those who wish to know things of the past (which will help us to know things of the future!).

My goal is to provide paperback/hardcopy books to universities worldwide so that stu- dents can see the simplicity and accuracy of the message, and to allow young minds the chance to step over the obstacles that stalled their ancestors and kept them lost and off the path to truth.

By making this version available online for free, instruc- tors can save their students some money, and allow them to download this as a text, and test or challenge the concepts within. This should help the “thinking world” come into better revelation on the ancients than ever before.

In regards to past “Biblical references” we will likely find that the “typical” theologian spends more time reading the writings of someone from the “era of the flat world”, than studying the Scriptures themselves. This poses problems because so many are entrenched in tradition rather than truth.

A problem arises when an “archaeologist” would come to a theologian and ask, “Could this be Joseph?” or “Could this be the pharaoh of Moses?” They respond from a perspective of tradition rather than truth. They simply do not know the Biblical/Torah history that well.

We see the teachers of the Torah/Bible/Koran are are at fault in this way. In fact, as Jesus taught, it is written:

Mark 7:13 Making the word of God of none effect through your tradition, which ye have delivered: and many such like things do ye.

Shouldn’t “religious” institutions as well as pagan, atheist, etc ALL want to simply know the “Truth”? Whether you believe in a “god” or not, truth is truth. If we have our faith in a “god” that cannot overcome a few simple “man-made” questions, then he may not be much of a god????

The traditions of mankind and the struggles between the “fact” and the “faith” community have served an evil purpose of obscuring the truth of the past for many years. Please allow me to show you how respect and reason from a fresh perspective can open the doors to hidden wisdom.

To better understand this study, you may need to understand the author and his initial purpose for being in Egypt. This book is not about me, but by knowing a bit about me it will help you to see how the oldest mystery in the world was solved.

It was preparation that I had no idea was taking place at the time, but when I arrived, I knew I had been given answers to ancient wis- dom as never before. My purpose of being in Egypt is/was multi-faceted. I was assigned as a marine consultant working on special oil and gas projects in the Middle East, primarily in the Red Sea and Sinai area of Egypt.

I have a degree in Nauti- cal Science (the study of ships) and/or Marine Transportation (The study of movements by water)from the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York.

With that background I have been honored to work on “high risk”, heavy lift, and water borne projects all over the world. I move big, heavy, awkward objects, which is precisely what our friendly pharaohs and their people had to do 4500 years ago.

As I have studied ships, cargo handling, and navigation (celestial), I feel I may have been divinely appointed and prepared to reveal a series of ancient wisdoms concerning the alignments and issues of the Great Pyramid.

I hold an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) from the University of Houston, and while studying there developed a se- ries of techniques for effectively managing people on remote projects worldwide, and other economic trend models.

So not only am I a practical “sailor” conducting both mobilization proj- ects, conducting damage and loss assessments and salvage work, but I find there is usually an economic motivator for most grand projects, and understanding the “business side” will help us solve some motivational issues for pyramid construction.

I hope to crystalize some of the economic motivation and communication/safety issues which motivated the building of the pyramids.

One thing truly peculiar about the site at Giza is the presence of a series of boats and what might appear to be “dry-docks” to a shipping person. The “Solar Boat” has been the source of speculation, most of which is wrong. Much of the speculation is “spiritual” and spiritual speculation can often be a distraction from the truth.

As we know there is a boat, a sensible person would go in search of the water. Water is not hard to find, it is just not where you might expect it to be. As we go further, the evidence of water is abundant, the volume is tremendous, and the issues around the Solar Boat (addressed in later volumes of this series) will actually lead to much enlightenment on the lift, handling and build concepts of the Pyramid.

In truth, it will lead us to the answer of precisely how and why the structure was built. No one studying Egyptology, archaeology, or interested in this arena can afford to miss any of what we are releasing.

Even if it does not “line-up” with your conventional belief set, you need to understand the concepts may trip the trigger of thought for you to become released into new revelation. I pray that God will honor you and I both in that endeavor.

Since archaeologists have actually found a boat buried on the Giza Plateau of Egypt next to the pyramid (See later volumes of this series) you will see that my “sea-going” background has a “natural” ability to solve the riddle of how and why the pyramid was built in the manner it was built.

As I have a marine background of some 26 years, I felt the addition of water to the construction effort at the Giza Plateau would greatly ease the pain of building it. Actually, managing water is a key to learning the intent of the pyramids.

I will reveal this as we draw close to the end. Not only does it make good common sense, a tremendous amount of water would be needed and consumed at a site of this magnitude. Demonstrating its use, and finding the source will be done within this text.

I feel I have found not only the system to build the pyramids, but a simple water source and supply system to make it worthwhile. Once we discover “how” they were built we will also find “why” they were built. It actually becomes quite clear, and it may not be what you expect……

It will also reveal why the structures were eventually disrespected, became abandoned, and fell into disre- pair (See Volume Two of this series). Quite a lot can be learned with a level headed approach to icons of people’s faith.

I find a few simple assumptions must be made to get the ball rolling. I will “cheat” a little and make some assumptions I know to be correct, so that when we finish, the entire project is in a nice little “package” for you.

What I ask you to do is follow the process I take, and allow me to teach you so that it all makes sense. Once all elements make sense then it will not only help you to dispell some myth and mysticism, but will allow you to as- semble components of other peoples’ plans that fill in some gaps I leave in the theory……….

Yes, there are some simple gaps left on purpose. These are filled in piece by piece as people dig for more detail in later volumes of this series.

You may wonder why I leave “gaps”? The full mathematical breakdown and calculations would bore most people, and they might not understand it anyway. So I leave the math for my ma- rine engineer and naval architect friends, meanwhile the business and engineering departments of the schools of the world need to look at this as a business and building strategy.

Often we view “Egyptians” as desert dwellers, but as I lived in Egypt I found the typical person knows very little about the desert or their history. What they tend to understand more about is water management.

When we look at the population centers of yesterday and today we find that ALL population cen- ters in Egypt are located on the water. There is not a single major hub in the desert. What the desert served to do was force people to congregate along the river side and sea sides of the country.

They became master mariners!!! I will reveal both sea-going and desert survival techniques in ancient texts and show how when properly applied with the right perspective, we find answers of the ages hidden in plain view. Where you may initially think that ancient Egyptians were “desert dwellers”, I ask you to look at all of the ancient (and modern) hubs of civilization.

99% of all Egytians live on or near the water, and virtually no one lives in the desert. These were not desert people. The ancient Egyptians were RIVER people, with a shipping back- ground. They floated everything they moved!

My experience of working on the water and developing water projects for most of my life not only helped me to solve the “Great Pyramid” mystery, it also allowed me to solve some other Egyptian mysteries found in my books: The Bible Plumb Line: Miracles of Moses, Volume One and Two.

It is commonly thought and believed that the ancient Egyptians understood three things really well: Sand/Rock, Water/Water Transportation, and Survival in the desert. As I looked at this scenario, virtually nothing else mattered to these people, al- though there are some simple components of this environment often overlooked.

As a business student, I felt that part of our belief system surrounding the pyramids is clouded by our failure to understand the economics and the practical application of the structure. There is a plainly visible fact set that will demonstrate a very good business system for building such a structure as the Great Pyramid.

What we see in Egypt is the entire focus of the economy, life, death, finances and society revolve around the Nile River. You can imagine many things to be their focus, but none were more important than the Nile. Face it, water in the desert is important.

Since the sun reaches its highest point at the end of June (Summer solstice June 21), and this naturally preceeds the annual Nile river flood, we can expect the people to eventually make a connection between the sun’s activity and the Nile flood. We can easily see the sun and the river are givers of life and death in the desert.

In a natural way there is a connection, but for some reason our past theorists have failed to make the natural connections. They are lost in mysticism I guess???

As a result of living near the Nile Flood, the Egyptians were masters of water management. Designing effective water man- agement systems in the desert was critical to their long term survival. This all becomes very relevant as you will soon see.

As many of my personal studies expanded and began revealing hidden truths in religious mysticism, focusing on Bible, Torah, and Koran issues I felt I might need to “formalize” my studies. So immediately before going to Egypt in year 2006 I began a course of study on a “Doctorate in Theology”, through an Ameri- can academic system allowing distance study.

As I explored many courses of study I found a common misconception in the study of theology. Technically, theology is the “study of God”. Unfortunately, in our society we no longer study about God, we study what OTHERS have said about God.

We have “spiritual mystics” who have invaded and corrupted many forms of religion, and the practice of patterns developed by man seem at times to have replaced a relationship with God. So in actuality most “theologians” are really students of “religion”, not students of God.

God often has very little to do with religion, and much ritual is built around the power and political struggles of man, rather than the pursuit of relationship with God. As the pyramid(s) are a material element to many pagan and mystic beliefs, one might wish to explore the mysticism versus truth.

Rest assured, that mysticism in one belief set does not necessitate an “endorsement” of another system. Most all systems have mystic beliefs. This study of the Great Pyramid actually reveals a bit of mysticism inserted from all sides that has worked together to keep us in the dark.

My course of study (theology) required that I purchase a massive amount of “Commentaries” on the Bible and extra-Biblical literature. I found so much error and issue in the texts, that I realized often the best way to understand things is to study what others have said and discover their errors, not their truths.

This system applied to pyramid theory will help blow open the doors of revelation as never before. I will address some mystical pursuits and theories herein so that we can dispell some myth, mystery, legend and lore. There is far more errors than truth taught in some circles. One must be careful.

Many of the practices and patterns we see in religion today have more to do with pagan ritual than following God. As you conduct a pyramid study, you will see many “pagan” references, and it is important for the atheists or pagan worshipers to see early on that I am an “equal opportunity offender”.

It is important for everyone to know there is only often One Truth, which is a single truth, not a Christian truth, Muslim truth, Jewish truth, Academic truth, etc. Truth is truth and it does not take sides.

John 8:32 And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

All too often we become entrenched in tradition and ignore the truth. If we understand the above statement (John 8:32) then we should understand the truth should not hurt, and is probably good for us. Can we agree to that?

So now you are wondering what my “agenda” might be……….It is simple. As I wrote many profound, truthful texts. I found that many would likely reject a positive, accurate message, because of the clouded agenda that people often produce.

As I questioned the insights I was receiving from my studies, I challenged God to provide a solution to an un-solvable mystery or series of mysteries to demonstrate His power and ability.

As I dug and studied through various ancient texts and found mountains of mis-taught information I was astounded by the depth of understanding that can be gained, and the incredible MIS-understandings taught in so many circles. The findings were so profound it began to consume my time with research and communications.

By the time I had finished writing the first six or seven books, with more than 15-20 more underway, I felt it worthy to challenge God on a “real-world” problem that crosses all denominational/belief barriers, so God sent me to the pyramids.

The explanation of construction of the Great Pyramid was so easy, that I decided to jot down some notes in book form (copy- righted and published) then give it away. I hope you are a happy recipient and thank you for weathering this little “founda- tion building” (or wrecking) intro.

Imagine if you are “spiritual” or if you believe in God, why it is that the “answer” to the Great Pyramids has been hidden for so long….Doesn’t the Bible say: That in the end times I will pour out my Spirit on all flesh?

Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

If you believe God will pour out “end time” revelation, don’t you think He might start with “de-mystifying” the largest pagan icon in the world (The Great Pyramid)?

You do realize that “revelation” is something you did not know before? Some people confuse revelation as something that agrees with what they always thought. That, my friend is called stroking your ego.

It is not revelation. By definition, “revelation” is revealing the unknown to you. That is what this book series is intended to do. You may find that people who are mentally a little “simple” tend to read books which make them feel “smart”. Since no one knows the answer to the pyramid, I can’t reveal the answer and make you feel like you had the answer all along………..

Furthermore, if you are so simple to only read things you agree with, then you can easily become entrenched in error. What I try to do is stretch your understanding outside the bounds you once placed on it, and at least expose you to the “realm of possibility”. What if there was a greater truth than what you currently understand?…………

Amazingly, we all realize the limitations of our own knowledge and wisdom, yet we tend to form cult-like followings after people who believe the way we believe. Isn’t that funny!? If you realize you do not have all the answers, then how are you guaranteed that your pursuits of wis- dom are putting you on the right path? If you are expecting the same re-hashed information you can receive anywhere, search online……..

If you want cutting edge revelation tune into this book series and the writings I point you to, and you will see things never before revealed.

If you are “spiritual”, no matter what your beliefs, then this re- lease is impactful to ponder. Why hide the answer? Why reveal the answer, and why reveal it NOW?
It is written:

John 16:13 Howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will show you things to come.

For clarity, the “Great Pyramid” is that structure built in about 2600BC, for the pharaoh Cheops/Khufu. It sits atop the Giza Plateau in Egypt, with two other “major pyramids” in the vicinity, and several minor ones in the area.

This is the largest, and is/was considered one of the “Seven Wonders” of the ancient world. It was not the first pyramid built, it is merely the largest, and has some unique structural qualities that smaller ones lack. The idea and technology of building pyramids “evolved” over a long period of time as we will see.

The pyramid likely celebrated a very popular place in Egyptian history/society until the decline and demise of the structure. Fortunately, the core has been preserved, saving us all we need to solve specifically HOW and WHY the pyramid was built. I present these answers herein, with more information to follow.

We shall see that it is constructed primarily of locally quarried limestone and was once covered with white limestone. Mystics claim the stone was imported and that the amount of stone is nearly four times the actual amount.

There are many mystic references to the structure and things around it, but many of these are part of the illusion that hides the truth from us. We are seek- ing truth only, not pet doctrine or beliefs of spiritual mystics.

As I was given the answer to this mystery in order that the world might know the truth, I ask that you share this electronic file with your friends. I truly am not concerned with whether you agree or not.

I am so excited to find clear, academic criticism of this book series that I will be offering rewards to anyone, anywhere who can discover and expose errors in my books. I encourage thoughtful discovery and discussion, and will be partnering with well founded organizations in pursuit of truth, so that more people can be set free from the bondage of ignorance.

I challenge the world, to challenge this concept/theory with respect, and my team will engage your challenge wherever, whenever practical to help find truth. If there are pagan mystics who have better “information” then surely they can engage the challenge.

If they can’t they reveal greater truth is indeed being released in this hour. (In the first year this book was released we challenged 1000 scholars and released it free on the net. No material error has been found. A few typos, but nothing material to the foun- dational truths established.

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