The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter Part A) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter Part A) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (First chapter in part) FREE!

This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site .

All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases. In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.

He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced. This book is being released. There are some issues introduced by formatting. Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.



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Chapter One




Why was the Great Pyramid built? In order to know “why” we first need to know “how”. The “how” is actually quite simple. It has been made complicated and deceptive by those in mystic pursuits, but all we need to do it is on the site today. I will iden- tify all the tools and techniques in this series.

Do you realize the answer of “Why” is actually revealed when we discover HOW the Great Pyramid was built? How did the ancient Egyptians in 2600BC build such a massive and seemingly complicated structure? How did they “cut” the rocks? How did they move the rocks? WHY did they do it? The answers to all these questions and more are released in this book series.

No, this is not a “theory” as to how and why the structure was built. A “theory” indicates we do not know the answer. We now know the answer, and when you finish this book series you, too, will know ancient secrets and wisdom.

Recently, I discovered a text written by The Great Architect which reveals answers hidden in plain view for an eternity to see and read. In this book I reveal secrets lost long ago. I discover technology long since abandoned. I demonstrate with working models precisely how and why much of the “mystery” was hid- den, how the construction and operation functioned, and I give

away the answers to the entire world.

What we may find is that pre-conceived notions and mystic illusion may have kept us from seeing the true purpose and purity within the process of building this monumental structure……..It is now all to be revealed in a FREE electronic books series and distributed around the world making the knowledge of the past and future as free and available as clean drinking water is to those who live in the civilized world.

What we will see is a divine alignment begin to take shape as a combination of old texts including old texts of the Torah/Bible are used to demonstrate technologies long since lost or forgotten.

What we will find is that many of the old texts and their applications over a long period of time have been filled with a bit of myth and mysticism to make them “spooky”, “creepy”, or “super- natural” in appearance.

What we will find is that a level-headed approach to issues of building a “rock” formation and for providing sustenance to an ancient people will not only answer questions of the millenia, but will help us know “fact” from “fiction” as we move forward.

In this text I will make references to a number of texts, concepts, and science methods. Please do not be “put-off” or offended by my use science, physics, or Holy Scriptures or other texts. We will find that in most mystic pursuits there is a shred of truth. Once we get all the shreds together then we will have a fabric we can call “truth”.

Just as we have to discuss concepts of “gravity” and “desert survival”, there are certain concepts of the ancients buried in the most common reference text in the entire world (The Holy Bible), that I will use to demonstrate ancient knowledge and wisdom.

One of the reasons I refer to the Bible is because it may be the most universally accessible reference text in the world. It may also be the most under-utilized and least understood by many…….BUT by using a text found in hotel rooms and atop coffee tables all around the world, I hope to make references that anyone can easily check, research, and confirm……..At this juncture the reference to the Bible is a purely academic function……..In regards to other Scripture issues, we can discuss them later.

In this electronic book (Volume One) we will discuss and dis- close simple resolution to mysteries around the Great Pyramid. I will demonstrate some of the intricate parts and functions of the structure, and combine the discussion and revelation of the components step-by-step so that you can see and understand the entire build process.

In Volume Two I will conduct a simple damage review to reveal the losses and declines in the use of the pyramid facility/complex including a more technical outlook on some of the structural and design issues. Volume Two will be invaluable for the researcher and the critic alike.

It will take you through in depth findings and forensic studies long since documented and easily researched on the Internet, HOWEVER leading to this point the researchers “missed” a few applications that will open the concept for the world to see. In Volume Three I answer some more in depth/probing issues that are as profound in truth and revelation on the design as anything you have ever read. In the remaining volumes Four, Five, etc.

I will address specific questions of our readers and solve other aspects for those “inquiring minds” who really want to know the truth. Volume Five is already coming along in draft form from feedback and additional research by our team.

In that volume we expect to finally identify the name, person, and time line of the Great Sphinx. That book will be a worldwide best seller, and will be sold online and in exclusive book stores to raise capital for our future research.

In this series we will partner with well founded and grounded research teams, as well as our readers to reveal the answers to hundreds and thousands of ancient mysteries. Feel free to send your personal comments and questions to [email protected] .

As we reveal the seemingly impossible for the world to see, realize that this book is “given away”, because the really awesome revelation is hidden in the pages of many of the other 20+ texts we will be releasing soon. Do not miss out of the explosion of revelation that will occur.

This book is written in a somewhat repetitive style so that concepts are restated in various ways to add clarification. Under- standing the whole text will bring great revelation, however understanding only part may cause a bit of confusion.

Strive to understand all before commenting on part. The book series is easily accessible for all and should not be skipped by any seeker of truth. There is a great release that takes place when one’s mind is allowed to venture into the unseen.

I have some irregular items to cover in this chapter, so I can lay a foundation for some of the ancient texts accessed for this and other studies. You may not agree with me, and that is okay. Understand that “revelation” is something NEW. You do not know the answer, yet.

That is the whole point! Since no one knows the simple information revealed herein you may wish to accept that the “guru” you are following does not (by their own admission) have all the facts.

What I found when doing my research is that often ancient his- tory in the region of Egypt and the Bible is more affected by “tradition” than by “truth”. As I strived to understand “mysteries”, I realized the reason we are so lost at times is because foundationally our understanding is on unstable ground.

Many know that in order to be firmly planted in the truth, then one must have a foundation built on rock, but as regards ancient Egyptian studies we are not applying “the rock” as we are called to do. The foundational “mis-understandings” are clearly revealed in pages of the most common text in the world.

Since it references ancient Egypt so often, I felt it was the simplest text to demonstrate the ancient wisdom of “masonry” and rock formations. What I will do is address pyramid/historical issues and Scriptural

issues. All these issues are intertwined. By explaining them together we find HUGE breakthroughs in “spiritual perceptions” of ancient Egypt. Please read onwards, and see what can happen with a little toleration for a theory and thought set you have never heard accurately presented before.

Allow me to explain ACCURATELY for the first time how and why the Pyramid structure was built, and the incredible impacts to Kingdom pursuits. I am so sure that the world will benefit greatly by this that I give away this copyrighted book in electronic form to anyone who wishes to receive it.

I encourage people to freely share the truth, and encourage spreading of the Word. I will be offering a reward to those who help to find any error or issue in any of our texts that may not perfectly align with the truth.

If anyone can discover any error in any text, contact my team at [email protected] and help us to address the appearance of error or confusion. We want to be a light that dispells all darkness and confusion……………..

Prior to now science, archaeology and religious scripture have never lined up. There are reasons for this, and it is because each community fails to understand and appreciate the other.

Proper alignment requires a proper respect and unity of the faith and fact community. This will happen through accurate study of each side of the equation/confusion. All sides must lay aside their frivolous arguments and seek clarity and truth alone.

Part of the “reason” why there is confusion about “how and why” the ancient Egyptians built structures such as pyramids is lost and confused because man has tried to separate the scientific/archaeological studies from the studies of the Spirit/Scripture itself. The reason for the “separation” is clear and will be discussed, but when we remove use of a major text

because of “religious” preferences, we loose a perspective that helps reveal the answer. Please allow me to explain and put history back together focusing on the truth………..

Since the pyramids are clouded in mysticism and religious beliefs it should not offend by putting a religious text back along- side the study……….What we will find is that our perspectives many generations back were formed in part by poor understand- ing of custom, legend, lore, and the Bible itself.

What you will soon see is I identify some errors in traditional thought and teaching. This should not negatively affect anyone. Even if you do not believe in the Bible, or have been taught it was “just a collection of stories”, stick to this study.

It will all come very clear very soon. Since this is a pursuit of truth and truth only, I will reveal the Biblical relevance of the structures at Giza, or re- veal truthfully if they have no significance.

This has never been properly addressed, so this may be a first of its kind, and the only one like it. In order to eradicate error, we need to explore both the foundation of the pyramid structure, and foundations on the Scriptures which begin at precisely the same place and time in history.

What we will find is that “time-lining” the Great Pyramid and Sphinx is a great mystery to many. We also see in comparison that “time-lining” events of ancient Egyptian/Hebrew history is equally difficult.

What if the answer to the Hebrew captivity was connected to the pyramids? What if the Israelites in bondage built the pyramids? What if they did NOT build the pyramids? Do you realize that if they DID NOT it would actually help us close the timeline on an early date/time period of their entrance? Is it plausible to think the Israelites were “in” Egypt, but did not work on this structure?………..Is it possible that they entered later, and had other “involvement” with the Giza complex?……..Is it possible they were never there, and it can never be proven?………

While living and studying in Egypt I was amazed that Jewish

and Christian research teams may have failed to ever prove the existence of the Hebrew people. Did you realize that many “believe” by faith, but have not established any significant archaeological proof? This is sad, but true.

Look at any of your “commentaries” regarding the Exodus or Joseph. They all offer different ideas, because they simply do not know the truth. The truth is being revealed. Are you ready to learn truth? It will in- deed set you free.

If there was proof of the Bible in Egypt, could it be revealed in part through a study of the pyramids? Is the truth hidden in plain view, but poorly identified? We shall see………Interestingly, by the time you receive this book, it is in the hands of millions of people through our online venture at, and they have been asked to e-mail the “pdf” file around the world, and share the concepts with their friends. Once and for- ever the pyramid mystery is resolved.

It is very important for people to know precisely how and why the pyramids were built. It is critical for people to begin to learn the true significance of these structures in the desert so they can better, learn, understand and teach ACCURATE historical references to this culture, and everything that finds its beginnings here.

This is NOT a “theory” on how and why the pyramids were built. “Theories” make you think we do not know. I will demonstrate that ALL of the tools and resources are found on the site TODAY. There are no mystic sand ramps and things of this nature.

All the tools, materials, and functions are still ON THE SITE! Further in this “Volume One” I demonstrate how the Great Pyramid was erected, then in “Volume Two” I demonstrate what happened in the decline.

Fortunately, my Guide through all this was THERE during the construction and the breakdown, and recorded it all! Super “natural” insights to the builders from the Manual. There is more wisdom in ancient texts than one can ever imagine. Let me share with you what I have found.

The mystery is over! It is solved!! The truth is out!

For those not of Christian beginnings or background, please be patient with me as I teach this. I use a Common Text to make the answer known universally. No offense is intended, and as the study continues things we were once blinded by will likely fall away.

What we may see is the “Christian community”, may be the most easily offended by a book of truth, because some- times they allow the “traditions” of man to cloud their under- standing of the Ancient Text.

Many people of faith have been lead to believe they can avoid issues of fact, by an over-riding principle of “faith”, however a reasonable person knows if their “faith” is put fully into some- thing that is “false” then they are lead astray. I will demonstrate that faith in the truth, supported by the sciences can line up for the greater good of all involved………As you have started read- ing, don’t stop.

This book takes some interesting turns and twists like a roller coaster ride. I was encouraged to see many perspectives to flesh out the truth, and the results are astounding. This truth must be shared.

As I traveled in the Middle East I began to solve many, many mysteries that were hundreds and thousands of years old. It troubled me that so many easy answers were hidden in plain view. Just as there is myth and legend incorporated in the pur- suit of mystical things, we see a lot of “inserts” into pyramid theory that are simply not true.

You will find that many references to the pyramids and “mystical” issues surrounding them are hoaxes and are deceptions. This book will help to get us to a stable foundation to start from. I will reveal simple truths one can easily see on their own.

As I continued my pursuits, I found that many complicated questions had very simple answers…………..Seeking the truth and the truth only lead me to a simple building solution for the Great Pyramid of Egypt. Very likely the only reason the truth has not

been revealed prior to now, is that someone had an agenda or something to sell. This often clouds the perspective. As the clouds move away, you will see all the answers we need are hidden in plain view.

By giving this text away it is my intention to end the wilderness wandering of 4000+ years, and begin to forge a path of truth in a new form of Egyptian/Archaeological research.

What I found is that each researcher in the past has developed a “piece of the puzzle” of Egyptian history, but no one has ever developed the overall “Schematic” for the design. It is like working on a jig-saw puzzle after you have lost the box cover, and forgot what the picture looks like.

What my book series will do is lay out a schematic to properly align and “fit” all past studies into an accurate, simple, powerful timeline study of the ancients. Since the texts of the Great Architect are now in the hands of the people, the truth shall be made known.

We will find that many of the perspectives we have of the pyramids are hoaxes, perpetrated by hucksters hundreds of years ago that continue. Did you realize most people believe the pyramids were tombs? Did you realize there has NEVER been a pharaoh body or pharaoh mummy or their “tomb material” found in a pyramid in Egypt?

They have NEVER proven or received hints that pyramids are/were tombs! In hindsight we can see that they were NOT tombs at all! Read this again. No proof of pyramid tombs in Egypt exists!



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