The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (Chapter Three, Part D) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (Chapter Three, Part D) FREE!

The Solomon Series: Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume One (Chapter Three, Part D) FREE!

This contains an excerpt from a book written by Theodore L (Ted) Whidden and released in limited scope in 2006 at the site

All rights reserved. In 2010 Whidden was in a terrible accident that stalled much of his research, books, and releases.

In 2015 following a long road to recovery Whidden emerged from recovery shaken and still stirred.  He helped found and began a quest to help others get healed through the miraculous process he experienced.

This book is being released.  There are some issues introduced by formatting.  Sorry, but we’re focused for a time on healing the entire planet with another book.


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Chapter Three



As I was stationed in Cairo, Egypt (the third time) to conduct a wide variety of surveys for industrial interests I took the liberty one day of visiting the Pyramids at Giza. I had been in country for months, and had attended many interesting sites, and had developed some research around some amazing studies……

Yet, the “Great Pyramids” did not hold that much allure or attraction for me. I had been there 20-24 years before, and didn’t feel they had changed much, so why bother? What I had failed to realize is that I had changed, and that my first visit I was “in awe” like a young tourist.

Since my group had traveled so far to visit the structures and since we had so little time to spend, and since there was the distraction of others, I had failed to take a proper look at the structures………

As we will find most tourists show up, take a picture, check the pyramids off their list of “things to see before they die”, and then travel onwards. Obviously, if scientists who spend years studying the structure are mystified, then the common man would be mystified as well with such a limited visit and knowledge.

Why not be reasonable and hang around until the “awe” wears off? It would be very enlightening, I assure you. (I post pictures online so you can “see” this perspective at your leisure.)

I took a walk one day, and fortunately was in a position to return as often as necessary to assess the structure, concepts, and the theories needed to prove this out.

This required in part that I revisit some of the myth and mystery perpetrated by others. Please understand that in order to get you on a path of truth, we have to slay a few of the frivolous arguments and distractions of old. Many are captive of the imaginations of others. The truth is a freeing force that will have a unique effect on future pursuits.

I found that many tourists spend much of their time and re- sources to arrive at the pyramids only to spend 45-90 minutes in awe, then check it off their “list” of things to see or do, then it is off to the next stop along the way.

Unfortunately, there are some illusive details missed when one doesn’t hang around and let the “awe” wear off. For those who have been, I encourage you to examine the pictures you took “critically”, and visit our website to see some pictures you may have failed to take. I will be posting a massive series of photos that reveal truth as never before seen.

For your information we have available more than 100 photos for EACH SIDE of the “Great Pyramid” structure so there is little doubt that we captured something your vacation photos missed.

We will present some very old exploration photos revealing evidence missed more than 100 years ago. I have released photos from before the “high dam” construction upriver, which will re- veal new insights to the world as never seen before…….

You will find in Volumes Two and Three of this series that not only is the “forensic evidence” still available to prove this building concept, but the old photos we share that predate the “dam” projects on the Nile River, will astound the average reader and engineer alike. The concept is profound, yet simple, and incredibly accurate.

We should ask ourselves, why is the Great Pyramid still standing? How can the rocks continue to stand? What would it take to keep the rocks stacked and standing for 4000+ years? In

order to properly evaluate the situation we need to “level the playing field”.

Please understand that the real construction method is so painfully simple and unsensational that people will consider the accurate explanation a form of blasphemy.

It is an engineering and ingenuity marvel, and does not lose its “mystique”, but rather celebrates the discovery of a hidden technology so needed in today’s society.

What a simple solution will demonstrate is that try as they might if you are too close to the problem, you may not be able to see the answer.

Also, it proves that one can be “academically” blinded from the truth, as easy as one can be “spiritually” blinded from the truth. Both occur in regards to the “Great Pyra- mid” information we find in typical books and online.

Unfortunately, many have made financial commitments to error in typical “print” form. They have investments in error. Since I have openly challenged them to critique the concepts intro- duced in this series, they must now either commit themselves to their past errors (tradition), or open the floor for greater revelation and accuracy to be introduced.

One thing that I knew and had seen in many parts of the world was that tour guides quite often will lie to the people. Tour guides often cater their story to whoever they are presenting the story to, and they modify it from time to time to make it more interesting.

This happens in Egypt and in virtually all other parts of the world. Tour guides are often in the business to receive tips and support their family. It is often NOT part of their agenda to share the truth. What they will do is what many mystic/spiritual leaders will do, is tell you what you want to hear.

The Scriptures are quite accurate about “itching ears”, and people seeking their favorite message. (2 Timothy 4:3). Many “tour guides”, “Academics”, and others prove the Scriptures true by telling stories that agree with a constituency to obtain their sup- port. Watch and see who steps into truth, and who remains

steeped in tradition.

I recall when exploring many years ago at the Mexican (Mayan) Pyramids at Palenque the guide would tell you that one of the kings was a boy king if you wanted to hear that story, and if he thought he could get a bigger tip, he would tell you the king was really a woman and thus “she” had smaller physical features.

Whatever it takes to please the customer, meanwhile what many people walk away from a tourist site with is a mystic “lie” that makes them feel like they had the right idea……It is a bit like going to churches until you find one that teaches and believes the same way you do.

It does not mean they are accurate or you are, it just means you cater your “belief” to suit your needs.

Many of the mystics don’t want you to know the truth, because it may not be as glamourous. Meanwhile, the truth is the truth, and wouldn’t you like to know what it is?……..I find this particularly true in religious circles.

There has actually been very little done in the way of Biblical Archaeology in this area, and no one has explained the Biblical significance of the structures at Giza. Why is this? As I was in Egypt I wondered why no one had ever found the “tomb of Joseph”, prime minister of Egypt?

Sure, Joseph was buried in Shechem, but only after his “bones” were taken away at the Exodus. (Genesis 50:25, Exodus 13:19) Where in Egypt did his bones rest until they collected them for the Exodus?

The answer will amaze you. What if I could tell you where “Joseph’s Tomb” was? Would you be interested? Think about this. There is a part of history that is “missing” be- cause of what appears to be “separatist” issues. Foundationally, there are issues “lost” in Biblical teachings when we don’t understand the basic foundations.

As we are studying the “foundations” of the pyramid, should we consider other weak foundations in this arena?

I ask you a question……Why hasn’t anyone ever proved the en- trance of the Israelites? Why has no one ever discovered the name of the Pharaoh of the Exodus? etc….There are so many

myths and legends shrouding various religious issues that no one can see the truth……Is the Bible the “key” to discovering these ancient wisdoms? The answer(s) may astound you.

As I studied “mysteries” in the desert, I found that Egyptologists, archaeologists, historians and seekers of truth have great difficulty sorting through the rock and rumble, mystery, myth and hearsay.

Most of the answers are hidden in plain view, but those who have been caretakers of the truth have sculpted it and manipulated it for their purposes. I put forth dozens of simple Biblical and Egyptian mysteries solved easily and completely.

You don’t have to agree with my concepts. You are quite welcome to remain entrenched in the untruths of your fore-fathers, however all my research is very closely tied to precisely what is written in ancient texts, and I have been given the ability to read and understand things that many never see.

I walk you through precisely what the texts say demonstrating, “It is written, It is written, It is written.” Foundationally we are off the path without this approach.

As I passed the pyramids it concerned me that they were still standing. Does it bother you? Do you realize that if the “foundation” for the pyramid was not perfectly level then it would likely shift, and the rocks might fall?

Do you realize that if it wasn’t level then it wouldn’t stand for very long? Think about this seriously. Look at your house. If is not level then it will develop cracks in a very short time. The walls will crack and foundations crack.

Why would the pyramids not be cracked, or foundationally un- sound? If they were indeed unsound, then how long can we expect them to stand? The “leaning tower” in Pisa, Italy leaned and continued to lean, and became more unstable.

Isn’t it reasonable to think the pyramids which were of greater weight could become similarly unstable? What about the foundational damages around the pyramids?

To keep the pyramid structurally sound for 4600 years it must sit on a level foundation. Foundationally speaking, in order to understand the pyramids one must contemplate the construction process (which I will explain), and this begins with a leveling process.

As I stood before the pyramids I found myself asking how in the world would you level something that big? How would you level a limestone foundation that is 13 acres or more in size so that it would last for thousands of years? How would you level it using modern “laser lights”, rope, string, or whatever leveling device and/or technology available?

Could YOU do it today? Most people could not and the mystic, freaky perspective clouds the view………I asked myself how would you do it, Ted?

As a mariner (seaman) by trade, and a marine consultant mobilizing equipment worldwide on behalf of industrial clients, I felt the simplest way to level it was the way that is the only reliable means…..

By using water. Water is cheap, available, and will seek its own level. It is the universal leveling tool. It works any- time, anywhere.

Okay, I looked at it as a simple project. Building the pyramids is a simple project. If it is complicated then you are getting mystic on me again. Stop it. If you believe in God, then He can reveal all things. God gave me the answer! He may have some answers for you as well. Ask Him!

Quite possibly the only way to level a site this large is to use water. As you use water in your carpenter’s level, then the Egyptians would use water to level the area. Can you see how a little water can be used to level a large area?

Just because you do not see water there today, it does not mean there never was water there……..Quite the opposite is true. I produce the evidence of water on the site (Past, present, and future!).

Re- member, we have found boats buried in the area? There is a lot of water all around. Wait until you see where it is found and how it is used!

We often get distracted by our present/personal situation and this is one thing that shrouds the Great Pyramid in a mystery. We should never be too concerned with our present situation because it is always changing.

Just as our situation changes, so did the situation around the pyramids. There is a tropical effect we miss, because we think the pyramids are in the desert. Fortunately, I have photos and countless other proofs that demonstrate this is/was likely not “naturally” a desert.

We will see, I just have to get you foundationally away from your conventional misunderstandings.

Before I get too far ahead, what I intend to do with this study is to break down aspects of the pyramids into portions so we can focus specifically on the step by step construction.

This is really quite exciting and “enquiring minds” will be interested in this series of events. I purposely share the concept in a somewhat convoluted manner so that you do not get too far ahead of me. If you run too fast, you will miss critical points missed by past explorations.

The leveling tools of the Egyptians were a bit larger than the ones you and I use today. What they did was simply flood the entire area……….

NO! Don’t run and hide. I will not only demonstrate the technology to build the structure accurately and simply, I will demonstrate precisely where all the resources came from, including the water.

As many know a lime rock layer or “plate” would hold water just like a swimming pool holds water. I actually have photos of water puddles all around the Great Pyramid following a rain storm. The water remains there until it evaporates, because it cannot penetrate the lime rock!! Proof abounds all around us when we open our eyes.

Many of the assets and resources for a water management and rock lift system are still in place.

Do not get caught up in someone else’s illusion. This is accurate. From what I understand there were water concepts and theories put forward prior to now, but they ALL lacked a water source!

Not only did they lack a water source, their theories were severely flawed and overly complicated. If the “water theorists” understood water it would seem they could easily find the answer. Water will be found in abundance.

I will tell you how they did it, but if I just “spit” out the answer it would insult too many of the great thinkers. Besides, solving the pyramid situation is quite easy.

Please allow me to come back to the water and flooding issues. It will become clear very soon.

An “un-level” foundation in the pyramid and/or our lives would cause a shift from a “true” level. Leveling of the first tier of stone in the pyramid could be “foundationally” the most important thing to do. How did they do it?

Think rationally for a minute. If the pyramid is over 700 feet long on each side, then it may be 1000+ feet diagonally from one corner to another. How would you “level” opposing corners with one another? You do realize that a “string” 1000 feet long would not “work” to level or measure the distance. How would you level each successive stone, the foundations, etc to make it level and keep it level? Think? There are not that many methods……..In fact, there is only one.

As you think on this, let’s open the floor for more questions……..Have you ever looked at the models of pyramid plaza as done by Chicago University and others? Have you ever noticed the “wall” around the structure? Why in the hell would you build a little pathetic wall around a structure 481 feet tall?

Funny thought isn’t it? What if the wall was built to hold back water? It would form a “wading pool” around the structure that is critical to understanding the erection. Read onwards this will continue to unfold.

What I found was that foundationally many of the studies of ancient Egypt were a little “off-center”. In pursuing truth we were able to reveal a series of things never seen before. For accurate information on Egyptian Mysteries:

1) Get The Bible Plumb Line: Death of Joseph, which discloses the actual tomb, timeframe, and person of Joseph of the Bible, Prime Minister of Egypt, Son of Jacob, who lead the Israelites into Egypt.

This book is foundational to any accurate study in ancient Egypt. It will likely change the way history is viewed, because of the unfailing accuracy and alignment demonstrated.

2) Get The Bible Plumb Line: Life of the Prophet Abraham, Sarah, and Noah’s Flood, for an accurate historical alignment of Abraham with the pharaoh, and several ancient mysteries and archaeological finds explained.

3) Get the The Bible Plumb Line: Miracles of Moses (Volume One and Two). Volume One gives practical, scientific insights to the plagues of Moses in a way never seen before, which actu- ally demonstrates how, when, and where the miracles happened. Volume Two addresses the “parting of the Red Sea” and other Exodus issues.

4) Get The Bible Plumb Line: Who The Hyksos? to learn who these often hard to explain people of history really are.

5) Get The Bible Plumb Line: Pharaoh of the Israelites to learn a logical pattern and sequence of events for the Exodus and relationships Moses had with the pharaoh(s) of his time.

6) Get The Bible Plumb Line: The Significance of Sinai, to learn what actually took place in Sinai and what the references to “Sinai” in our Scriptures likely means.

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8) Get The Bible Plumb Line: Palestine Resolved by the Prophet Abraham, which is a unique historical look at the prophetic implications of solving the land dispute in Israel. God left a simple pattern for us that will be accepted by ALL involved,

and is far more acceptable than anything put forth until now.

9) Get Freemasonry in the Bible: The Mason’s Companion, which is a Bible reference tool to many of the rituals performed in Free Masonry.

As Masons believe their customs and traditions are Biblically based, they may wish to consult the Bible using this enlightening handbook.. This is a perfect reference text for those “for” or “against” Free Masonry because it shares the Scriptural reference for many of their activities.

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10) There is ground swell of other texts coming your way. Don’t miss it!


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