The Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved (Volume 3)

The Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved (Volume Three) (Electronic Version/Book)

Doc Mathea wants to make this 2006 version of the pyramid series available to the world.

In 2006 prior to a terrible accident we were conducting archaeology studies in to ancient building techniques, old world empires, and the powers behind them. Some have referred to these studies as Alchemy. Some have alluded to Illuminati and One World Order cover-ups and revelations. Bottom line as it appears is that virtually everything we as a population have ever been told about these ancient societies and these structures (pyramids) has been twisted by folks on a fanciful lark. They either thought many were too poor to travel there on their own, or too enamored with the fanciful to check the facts.

This series of books was being prepared for a separate release in 2010 when Ted Whidden was in a tragic accident. The wreck and associated brain injuries eventually launched a radical reformation of health approach presented at, but before this occurred Whidden was working on unveiling secrets of the ancients.

Some feel Whidden’s accident was an attempt to stop him from putting forward radical truths of the ancients. Fortunately for 100’s of millions of people the basic analytical style the team uses in this pyramid series was applied to auto-immune disorders and a host of other ailments. See where the foundations of the universe lead when one gets fundamentally grounded in truth.

The first three in this series (Volume One, Two, and Three) are being released at the to give Whidden a boost in his recovery. Thank you for your patience as this data has been buried during a long recovery.

Each pyramid book is in electronic form and consists of 200-250 pages. In order to fully understand the process you will need all three books. Incentives may be made available in the books to share the concept and site with others.