The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part A)

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part A)


Ponder the Papyrus Publishing

Chipley, Florida

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Title of the book:

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition


Joseph A. “Doc” Mathea and Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

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The Spine of the book will have the first part of the title in bold lettering filling the spine, so as to create high visibility on a shelf of books:   The Answer to Cancer

Back Cover Bio:

Joseph A. “Doc” Mathea, well known for his research and his limited production “Unveiling the Grand Conspiracy” serves others as an educated Hebrew “Holy Man” providing venture capital, insights, and infrastructure for well founded and grounded ideas. Mathea’s work in human body studies and preservation of life techniques come from age old eastern practices using herbal approaches for sustaining and preserving the Body. Mathea’s work in preservation techniques and life giving approaches have been largely obscured by his contemporaries for fear that a “Silver Bullet” approach to healing all sickness would put too many out of work. Mathea’s education and experience both worldly and academic would fill volumes and best left for another presentation another day.

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, sustained major concussion leading to loss of immune, balance issues, digestive disorders, seizures, and a general breakdown in systemic conditions until introduced to Doc Mathea. Whidden is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, MBA from the University of Houston, studied towards a PhD in theology. Was fortunate enough to become closer to Doc Mathea and all he represents following a tragic accident as outlined in this book. Whidden’s early work in studies of the ancients found at helped bring the two authors together and helped connect ancient science (alchemy?) to modern practice, leading to greater understanding of how to reconcile the body. Whidden’s approach to practical problem solving out of necessity birthed the approach within.


cancer brain idling neurons
Idling neurons in the brain/body/tissue can be revived using a Simple Solution! We provide insights to that solution and show you how it works in our new book! See below! Order NOW!

Ponder the Papyrus Publishing Company is a joint venture between the authors and their venture capitalist team. Upon completion of a series of texts it became clear that conventional publishing entities would oppose release of a true healing for cancer, immune disorders, and such. It is clear that publishing empires the world over manipulate public opinion and assist the fear mongers in an effort to control the masses. Large companies have a vested interest in hobbling the public. The world is being led astray by misinformation and a lack of information. As entertainment exceeds education in this world today the people are enslaving themselves to cancer, fibromyalgia, AIDS/HIV, Lyme disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and a host of curable conditions because the media refuses to let them know they can be free. We are healing the world and releasing the captives. Get FREE! Our releases can be found at



  1. CHAPTER ONE: In the Beginning
  2. CHAPTER TWO: Loss of Immune System
  3. CHAPTER THREE: The First Key to Health Recovery: Oxygen
  4. Chapter Four: The story of the “Three henchmen”
  5. CHAPTER FIVE: Fungus
  6. CHAPTER SIX: MRI: The Cause and Cure of Cancer
  7. CHAPTER SEVEN: The Key to Sickness, CO2
  8. CHAPTER EIGHT: Practicing Body Chemistry, NOT Medicine
  9. CHAPTER NINE: Oxygenation Revelation/Oxygen Versus Oxygenation
  • CHAPTER TEN: Buffering
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN: Bubble Diagnostics
  • CHAPTER TWELVE: Capacitor/Condenser Theory
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN:   Short Breathing
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Renewal Chapter
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Cancer Conspiracy
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Common Causes of Acidosis Leading to The Western Condition (and Cancer)
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN:   The Answer to Cancer
  • CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Cancer: (The Common Denominators of Cancer):
  • CHAPTER NINETEEN: Mass Hysteria
  • CHAPTER TWENTY: Treatment Begins
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Tips and Tricks
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Damascus Experience
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Revelation: The Great Healer
  • Areas to consider for use of Ted Whidden’s Alkaline Emersion (Acidic Gas Reconciliation) (CO2 Remediation) Approach



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