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Theodore L (Ted) Whidden is the founder and funder of www.TheBrainCan.com (a brain/health recovery website), founder of ancient research group located at www.SolomonSeries.com, and author of a number of books and projects including THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION and CO2 AND YOU: A RELEASE FROM ALL SICKNESS.  Ted Whidden is rolling out a series of books on natural correction of the human condition.
Ted Whidden
Some of Ted’s work is found on Amazon (Amazon.com)
In “THE ANSWER TO CANCER” book Whidden uses his own loss of immune situation which lasted 2 years to address common denominators of sickness.  This book was written and launched early from a point of darkness in the medical condition of Whidden.  It was the belief at the time that if/when launched it would be so radically sensational that the “rest” of Whidden’s healing and the healing of others would come.  Whereas not the best of Whidden’s work, it is effective in healing and reaching the masses.  This book in its original form is in limited supply.
By identifying the common denominators of virtually all sickness Whidden provides a “silver bullet” approach to body reconciliation and recovery.   To begin with Whidden establishes what he has called the “Western Condition” which is a condition or set of circumstances common to virtually all illness.  By solving the Western Condition virtually all sickness is eradicated.  The auto-immune correction approach outlined in the book helped Whidden overcome a life-threatening situation and has helped countless thousands since the plan was released in book form at www.TheBrainCan.com .
The Answer to Cancer
Whidden has been involved in “edgy” projects for quite some time.  Whidden graduated in 1985 from the United States Merchant Marine Academy, Kings Point, New York 1985 with a B.S. in Nautical Science/Marine Transportation.  From there he went in to an experimental flight unit for the U.S. Navy called, OSAM-NFO.  Moving on from there Whidden became affiliated with Naval Intelligence via CINCUSNAVEUR (Central Intelligence U.S. Navy Europe).  While involved with Intel forces, Whidden taught UCMJ (Uniform Code of Military Justice) classes per U.S. Navy protocol.
Whidden reverted to a shipping career while serving the U.S. Navy in the Persian Gulf.  Ships, shipyards, and shipping took Ted Whidden all over the world allowing him to live, work, and travel in more than 70 countries globally.  This experience opened the door for a wide array of consulting opportunities as a problem solver for physical and financial (fiscal) issues within industry.
Whidden completed his MBA through a special “Oil and Gas Industry” program via the University of Houston, Victoria, Texas, while fulfilling consulting services in Europe for Enron and General Electric.
Ted Whidden has served in a multitude of capacities representing major corporations against underwriters (insurance), representing insurers against corporations, has been involved in many high profile cases as insurer, broker, adjuster, plaintiff, defendant, and made an effort to move around and sit at every seat around the table of large international litigation issues.  A rounded perspective seeking truth while respecting the position (and perceived position) of each around the table gave a unique ability to address and resolve large financial disputes.
In part as a result of issues developed following an accident and in part due to a responsibility to nature, Ted Whidden pursues an organic farm concept in NW Florida, USA.  Numerous fulltime and contract assignments through the syndicates of Lloyds of London has kept Whidden’s organic farm projects well funded.  Organic farming interests include an algae lab, fish (tilapia) experiments, vermin-culture (red wigglers), and the most beautiful donkey collection anywhere.  (Whidden often jokes that his encounters with lawyers and insurance types required that he understand jack asses better, so he has several on the farm…… Jack asses, not lawyers.)
Ted Whidden was the Lloyd’s Agent (Lloyd’s of London) onboard the capping of the “Deepwater Horizon” (Macondo) BP Oil Spill in 2010.  As appointed by world finance markets on the largest manmade disaster of the time, Whidden felt he had “arrived”.  One month following Macondo/Deepwater Horizon, Whidden was involved in an 18 wheeler crash that left a debris trail some 1100-1200 feet along the highway making it look like a space shuttle crash.  Whidden walked away, but severe brain damage, trauma, and a host of internal problems had him diagnosed by some as a person in a “walking coma” with little chance of survival.  The trauma led to severe hypercortisol leading to loss or compromised of immune system.  A host of issues once subdued by a working immune system “grew up” unchecked.  Whidden helped develop a way out, and ultimately developed a drug free restoration of body function.  Whidden created a list of “common denominators” of all sickness calling these sickness issues the “Western Condition” he through one set of blanket conditions needed for virtually all sickness.  By reconciling the “Western Condition”, cancer and all known sickness is reduced and often removed.  Much of this story is in the book(s) being made available at www.TheBrainCan.com and www.AReleaseFromAllSickness.com
Following the accident that re-routed Ted Whidden’s world he became more deeply involved in HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) by developing his own equipment, equipment design, and new protocol.  The application of conventional approaches failed to produce the effects that a layered system with modified protocols could produce.  Whidden introduces some of those early ideas at his site, www.TheBrainCanRecover.com .
As a “hobby” of sorts Ted Whidden began actively seeking answers through pursuits in Biblical Archaeology while compensated by Middle Eastern Oil gas projects behalf of Lloyds of London.  Whidden pursued a PhD in Theology on two different occasions in connection with Biblical Archaeology pursuits, but discoveries contrary to convention precluded endorsement under thesis processes of corrupted university systems.  Core to Whidden’s personal recovery and the restoration of the human condition is the historical studies of the ancients, ancient healings, and approaches as outlined in the most profound Text in the world.
A partial exploration for Ted Whidden can be found at https://www.linkedin.com/in/tedwhidden
Coming soon at the website:
The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition
Medical Mis-Practice and Misdiagnosis
The Concussion Discussion
Eating Disorders and Correction
Whidden founded and funded a host of electronic media approaches to reconcile misinformation including but not limited to:
Whidden has had astounding success in the legal arena addressing legal malpractice issues.  Some of these forays in to Civil/Criminal Destruction of unlawful entities can be found at:
In this and other web presentations Whidden shows an actual approach used to bring down a multi-billion dollar NASDAQ traded corporation on Fraud charges.  Following onwards Whidden has been invited to engage several other Civil Rights and U.S. Constitutional issues.  Whidden continues recruiting and engaging legal associates to address worthwhile issues.  An upcoming book release will show how Fraud and Fraud can work for or against a person in our modern system of injustice.
Whidden presently seeks quick resolution to convoluted processes uses simple, direct approaches with undeniable results.  The plan is to continue to roll out products and projects that help people to simply and efficiently resolve real life issues.