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Health Effects of EMF Health Effects
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Dave Stetzer has been an electrician by training, education and experience for over 30 years. He joined the United States Air Force in December 1970 and began his career in electricity when he attended electronics school at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi Mississippi from February through November 1971. At that time, Keesler AFB was known as the world’s #1 electronics school.

During this training Dave was given topsecret military clearance, as much of the electronic equipment he worked on was, and still remains, highly classified. Dave completed training as a ground radio communications electronics technician and was assigned to the 676 Radar Squadron, Antigo Air Force Station, Antigo, Wisconsin. There he diagnosed and repaired a variety of electronic equipment, including PC boards, Klystron tubes and integrated circuits, as well as highly classified military electronic equipment, employing among other things, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, signal generators, and digital frequency counters.

In February 1972, Dave received an assignment to go to Vietnam and was sent to KY838 Crypto School at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas where his topsecret military clearance was upgraded to include crypto access. Upon completion of this training, Dave returned to the 676 Radar Squadron at Antigo Air Force Station pending his November port call to Vietnam; his assignment was subsequently changed due to the official ending of the Vietnam War in September 1972. Dave’s duties continued as before, with the additional tasks of diagnosing, maintaining, and repairing highly classified crypto electronic equipment.

Upon completion of his tour of duty, Dave received an honorable discharge from the United States Air Force.

In 1975, Dave founded Stetzer Electric, Inc. and remains the president of the company to this day. Since the firm’s inception, Dave has specialized in power control in industry, municipalities, and motor control centers.

For more than the past decade, Dave has focused more attention on power quality anlysis andtroubleshooting, which led to the founding of Stetzer Consulting, LLC and the development of the STETZERiZER (GrahamStetzer) Filter, Powerstrip, and Microsurge Meter.

Stetzer Electric was founded in 1974, based on the idea that the customer comes first, an ideal that is still upheld today.  We take pride in offering our services.

Power Line EM Filters.

Stetzer Consulting, LLC is Stetzer Electric’s sister company which handles all aspects of the STETZERiZER® product line from research and development, to field testing, to sales and support.






STETZERiZER®-Related Research

Here you will find an ever-expanding list of research on the subjects of electrical pollution, dirty electricity, ground currents and voltages (“stray voltage”), and studies on the application of STETZERiZER® products to remediate these electrical problems. Research is also available on how electrical pollution, dirty electricity, and ground currents and voltages affect the health of human beings and animals.

Some of the research presented here has been performed by Stetzer Electric in collaboration with other credentialed professionals worldwide; however, much of the presented research has been performed by independent third parties. No persons or entities whose work is listed here have any financial interest in the sale or marketing of STETZERiZER® products and have received no compensation from Stetzer Electric, Inc. or Stetzer Consulting, LLC for same.

Please be advised that false and fraudulent allegations have recently been posted on the internet against Stetzer Electric and its products. Stetzer Electric has brought a lawsuit for defamation, fraud and intentional misrepresentation against the individuals making these statements.

A New Electromagnetic Exposure Metric: High Frequency Voltage Transients Associated With Increased Cancer Incidence in Teachers in a California School

Author(s): Samuel Milham, MD, MPH (Washington State Department of Health, Retired) and L. Lloyd Morgan, BS (Retired Electronic Engineer) Publication: American Journal of Industrial Medicine Volume: 51(8):579-586 Publisher: Wiley-Liss, Inc. Date: August 2008 Abstract: Background: In 2003 the teachers at … Continue reading


Accommodation for Environmental Sensitivities

Author(s): Cara Wilkie, David Baker Date: May 2007 Publisher: Canadian Human Rights Commission Abstract: Environmental sensitivities are a group of poorly understood medical conditions that cause people to react adversely to environmental triggers. The Canadian Human Rights Commission commissioned this … Continue reading


Agency to Set Electromagnetism Exposure Limits

Author(s): Kyodo News Publication: Japan Times Date: October 23, 2007 Abstract: According to the WHO, high levels of exposure to electric and magnetic fields in the frequency up to 100 kilohertz can affect the nervous systems, resulting in acute health … Continue reading


Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) is Caused by Electric Currents Applied to or Induced in the Body: It is an Iatrogenic Disease of Athletes Caused by Use of Electrotherapy Devices

Author(s): Samuel Milham, M.D., MPH Publication: Medical Hypotheses Volume: 74(6):1086-1087 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd. Date: June 2010 Abstract: Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease after the famous New York Yankee baseball player, is a rare condition, characterized … Continue reading


An Extremely Low Frequency Magnetic Field Attenuates Insulin Secretion From the Insulinoma Cell Line,RIN-m

Author(s): Tomonori Sakurai, Akira Satake, Shoichiro Sumi, Kazutomo Inoue, and Juni Miyakoshi Publication: Bioelectromagnetics Volume: 25(3):160-166 Publisher: Wiley-Liss, Inc. Date: April 2004 Abstract: In this study, we investigated the effects of exposure to an extremely low frequency magnetic field (ELFMF) … Continue reading


An Open Letter from Tatsuaki Sugimoto Regarding a Japanese Blood Sugar Study

Date: June 6, 2006 Abstract: An open letter from Tatsuaki Sugimoto of Preventive Healthcare Japan Co., Ltd. regarding a blood sugar study conducted at Natural Clinic Yoyogi in Tokyo, Japan. Read / Download


Attention Deficit Disorder and Dirty Electricity

Author(s): Sameul Milham, MD, MPH Publication: Journal of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics Volume: 32(8):634 Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc. Date: October 2011 Introduction: In February 2010, while studying a cancer cluster in teachers at a California elementary school, a … Continue reading


Auditory perception of radio-frequency electromagnetic fields

Author(s): Chung-Kwang Chou, Arthur W. Guy (University of Washington, School of Medicine and College of Engineering) and Robert Galambos (University of California, School of Medicine) Publication: Journal of Acoustical Society of America Volume: 71(6):1321-1334 Publisher: Acoustical Society of America Date: … Continue reading


Blood Glucose Levels – A Study of Correlation Factors

Author(s): Lloyd Morgan Source: Trial Study Date: June 2003 Abstract: This study examines data collected from April 23 to May 29 for a 51-year old male resident of Blair, WI, Dave Stetzer. The study examines R^2 factors derived from scatter … Continue reading


Cell Towers – Results of Measurements and Estimation of Safety for the Public

Author(s): Yu. Grigoriev (State Research Center of Russia – Institute of Biophysics, Center of Bioelectromagnetic Safety, Moscow, Russia) Presentation: Proceedings from the International Conference on Cell Tower Siting “Linking Science & Public Health”, Salzburg, Austria, p. 47-51 Date: June 7-8, … Continue reading


Changes in Health Status in a Group of CFS and CF Patients Following Removal of Excessive 50 Hz Magnetic Field Exposure

Author(s): Don Maisch, AASc; John Podd, BA (Hons), MA, Ph.D.; Bruce Rapley, BSc, MPhil Publication: Journal of Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Volume: Vol. 21 No. 1, pp. 15-19 Publisher: Australian College of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine Date: … Continue reading


David Stetzer – Testimony Transcript

Abstract: Dave Stetzer presents evidence in support of the Michigan Attorney General’s case against Consumers Energy Company. Read / Download the full transcript


Dirty Electricity and Electrical Hypersensitivity: Five Case Studies

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), David Stetzer (President/CEO – Stetzer Electric, Inc. Blair, WI USA) Presentation: Proceedings from the World Health Organization Workshop on Electrical Hypersensitivity, Prague, … Continue reading


Dirty Power and Healthy Schools – Is It Possible?

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) Source: Personal Communication Read / Download


Dirty Electricity: An Invisible Pollutant in Schools

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) Publication: Education Forum – Volume 32, Issue 3 Publisher: Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation Date: Fall 2006 Abstract: I am convinced that … Continue reading


Dirty Electricity Causes Illness in Mindoro School Staff

Author(s): Ken Luchterhand Publication: The Melrose Chronicle Date: March 10, 2003 Abstract: Electrical “pollution” at the Mel-Min elementary school at Mindoro has been making staff members ill, according to District Administrator Ron Perry. Several teachers and other staff members have … Continue reading


Dirty Electricity, Chronic Stress, Neurotransmitters and Disease

Author(s): Samuel Milham, MD, MPH (Washington State Department of Health, Retired) and David Stetzer, President/CEO Stetzer Electric, Inc. Publication: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine Volume: Currently published online only Publisher: Informa Healthcare Date: January 16, 2013 (online) Abstract: Dirty electricity, also … Continue reading


Dirty Electricity Elevates Blood Sugar Among Electrically Sensitive Diabetics and May Explain Brittle Diabetes

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) Publication: Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine Volume: 27: 135-146 Publisher: Informa Healthcare Date: June 1, 2008 Abstract: Transient electromagnetic fields (dirty electricity), in … Continue reading


Electrical Pollution Takes Its Toll on School

Author(s): Ken Luchterhand Publication: The Melrose Chronicle Date: 2003 Abstract: Angela Olstad almost quit being a fourth grade teacher and principal. Although she loved her job at the Mindoro school, she couldn’t handle being sick so often. The whole right … Continue reading


Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Fact or Fiction?

Author(s): Stehpen J. Genuis, Christopher T. Lipp Publication: Science of the Total Environment Date: November 1, 2011 Publisher: Elsevier, Ltd. Abstract: As the prevalence of wireless telecommunication escalates throughout the world, health professionals are faced with the challenge of patients … Continue reading


Electronic Smog – An Article from The Independent

Author(s): Geoffrey Lean, Environment Editor Publication: The Independent Date: May 7, 2006 Abstract: Invisible “smog”, created by the electricity that powers our civilisation, is giving children cancer, causing miscarriages and suicides and making some people allergic to modern life, new … Continue reading


EPRI Handbook for the Assessment and Management of Magnetic Fields Caused by Distribution Lines

Author(s): Enertech Consultants Date: December 1995 Publisher: Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) Background: The general public has become increasingly aware of possible health effects from exposure to electric and magnetic fields (EMF). This has led to controversy, delay, and cost … Continue reading


Exploring the Public Health Impact of Electromagnetic Radiation

Author(s): Stephen J. Genuis – Faculty of Medicine, University of Alberta Publication: Public Health – Journal of the Royal Institute of Public Health Date: April 2, 2007 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd. Abstract: Several publications in the scientific literature have raised concern … Continue reading


The Health Effects of Electrical Pollution

Author(s): The National Foundation for Alternative Medicine (NFAM) Abstract: Americans are surrounded by electrical devices – computers, VCRs and a plethora of household gadgets and consumer appliances. There is also the assumption that the electricity (and associated electrical phenomena) are … Continue reading


Historical Evidence That Electrification Caused the 20th Century Epidemic of ‘‘Diseases of Civilization”

Author(s): Samuel Milham, M.D., MPH (Washington State Department of Health) Publication: Medical Hypotheses Volume: 74(2):337-345 Publisher: Elsevier Ltd Date: February 2010 Abstract: The slow spread of residential electrification in the US in the first half of the 20th century from … Continue reading


Historical Evidence That Residential Electrification Caused the Emergence of the Childhood Leukemia Peak

Author(s): Samuel Milham, E.M. Ossiander (Washington State Department of Health, Olympia, Washington, USA) Publication: Medical Hypotheses Volume: 56(3):290-295 Publisher: Harcourt Publishers Ltd Date: March 2001 Abstract: A peak in childhood leukemia, ages two through four, emerged de novo in the … Continue reading


Hygienic, Clinical and Epidemiological Analysis of Disturbances Induced by Radio Frequency EMF Exposure in Human Body

Author(s): V.N. Nikitina (North-West Scientific Center of Hygiene and Public Health, St. Petersburg, Russia) Editors: Kjell Hansson Mild, Monica Sandström and Eugene Lyskov Presentation: Proceedings from the International Workshop: Clinical and Physiological Investigations of People Highly Exposed to Electromagnetic Fields … Continue reading


Low-Frequency Transient Electric and Magnetic Fields Coupling to Child Body

Author(s): S. Ozen (Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Engineering Faculty, Akdeniz University – Antalya, Turkey) Publication: Radiation Protection Dosimetry Volume: 128(1):62-67 Publisher: Oxford University Press Date: January 2008 (First published online: May 26, 2007) Abstract: Much of the research … Continue reading


Maternal Exposure to Magnetic Fields During Pregnancy in Relation to the Risk of Asthma in Offspring

Author(s): De-Kun Li, M.D., Ph.D.; Hong Chen, MPH; Roxana Odouli, MSPH Publication: Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine Volume: 165(10):945-950 Publisher: American Medical Association Date: October 2011 Abstract: Objective: To determine whether maternal exposure to high levels of magnetic fields … Continue reading


Medical Director of Switzerland’s Paracelsus Clinic Takes Stand on Hazards of Electromagnetic Pollution – ‘Electromagnetic Load’ a Hidden Factor in Many Illnesses

Author(s): Camilla Rees for ElectromagneticHealth.org Publication: ElectromagneticHealth.org Blog Interview with: Thomas M. Rau, MD (Medical Director of the Paracelsus Clinic – Lustmühle, Switzerland) Date: February 10, 2009 Abstract: Dr. Thomas Rau, Medical Director of the world renowned Paracelsus Clinic in … Continue reading


Medical Perspectives on Environmental Sensitivities

Author(s): Margaret E. Sears (M.Eng., Ph.D.) Date: May 2007 Publisher: Canadian Human Rights Commission Abstract: Approximately 3% of Canadians have been diagnosed with environmental sensitivities, and many more are somewhat sensitive to traces of chemicals and/or electromagnetic phenomena in the … Continue reading


Naval Medical Research Institute Research Report

Author(s): Zorach R. Glaser, Ph.D., LT, MSC, USNR Publication: Bibliography of Reported Biological Phenomena (‘Effects’) and Clinical Manifestations Attributed to Microwave and Radio-Frequency Radiation Publisher: Naval Medical Research Institute Date: First Published October 4, 1971 Abstract: More than 2000 references … Continue reading


The Possible Role of Contact Current in Cancer Risk Associated With Residential Magnetic Fields

Author(s): R. Kavet (EPRI), L.E. Zaffanella (Enertech Consultants), J.P. Daigle (Enertech Consultants), and K.L. Ebi (EPRI) Publication: Bioelectromagnetics Volume: 21:538-553 Publisher: Wiley-Liss, Inc. Date: October 2000 Abstract: Residential electrical wiring safety practices in the US result in the possibility of … Continue reading


Power Quality Affects Teacher Well-being and Student Behavior in Three Minnesota Schools

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), Angela Olstad (Melrose-Mindoro Elementary School – Melrose, WI USA) Publication: Science of the Total Environment Publisher: Elsevier B.V. Date: April 21, 2008 … Continue reading


Results of Installing STETZERiZER Filters at Melrose-Mindoro School

Author(s): Char Sbraggia, R.N. – Melrose-Midoro Schools Source: Personal Communication Read / Download


The Russian Standards and the Opinion About International Harmonization of Electromagnetic Standards

Author(s): Yu. Grigoriev (Institute of Biophysics, Centre of Electromagnetic Safety, Russia, Moscow) Presentation: Proceedings from the International Seminar on Electromagnetic Fields. Global Needs for Standards Harmonization. Ljubljana, Slovenia. pp. 1I-6I. Date: October 9, 1998 Abstract: In this connection it is … Continue reading


STETZERiZER Filters Improve Power Quality in Homes and Schools, Reduce Blood Sugar Levels in Diabetics, Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms, and Headaches

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada), David Stetzer (President/CEO – Stetzer Electric, Inc. Blair, WI USA) Presentation: Proceedings from the International Scientific Conference on Childhood Leukemia, London Date: … Continue reading


Subjective Complaints of Persons Working in Rf Field

Author(s): K. Mahra, J. Musil, & H. Tuha Publication: Electromagnetic Fields and the Life Environment Publisher: San Francisco Press, Inc. (Translated from the Czech) Date: 1971 Abstract: A list of symptoms exhibited by persons working in RF field and effects … Continue reading


Symptoms of Radio Wave Sickness

Author(s): Arthur Firstenberg Article: Special Issue on Russian and Ukranian Research Publication: No Place To Hide Volume: Volume 3, Number 1 Date: April 2001 Publisher: Cellular Phone Task Force Notes: The contents of this document were excerpted from the article … Continue reading


Teacher and Student Response to the Removal of Dirty Electricity by the Graham-Stetzer Filter at Willow Wood School in Toronto, Canada

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D., Michelle Illiatovich, and Cameron Proctor (Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) Presentation: Proceedings from the 3rd International Workshop on the Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Fields, Kos, Greece Date: October 4-8, … Continue reading


U.S. Patent #005465051

U.S. Patent for a device to measure electric current in cows. Description: Four-Terminal Resistor Method for Measuring Electric Current in Cows Inventor: Martin H. Graham (the ‘Graham’ in Graham-Stetzer) Patent Date: November 7, 1995 Read / Download


U.S. Patent #: 006914435

The complete U.S. Patent for the STETZERiZER (Graham-Stetzer) Microsurge Meter. Description: Circuit for measurement of electrical pollution on power line Inventor: Martin H. Graham (the ‘Graham’ in Graham-Stetzer) Patent Date: July 5, 2005 Read / Download


Wind Turbines Make Waves: Why Some Residents Near Wind Turbines Become Ill

Author(s): Dr. Magda Havas, BSc, Ph.D. (Professor of Environmental and Resource Studies – Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada) and David Colling (Bio-Ag Consultants and Distributors, Inc., Wellesley, Ontario, Canada) Publication: Bulletin of Science, Technology, & Society Publisher: Sage Publications Date: … Continue reading


World Health Organization Environmental Health Criteria 238 – Extremely Low Frequency Fields

Publisher: World Health Organization Date: 2007 Abstract: This report contains the collective views of an international group of experts and does not necessarily represent the decisions or the stated policy of the International Commission of Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection, the International … Continue reading



EMF Filter

Stetzerizer Filters

See our store for products and details.  Availability varies.  See many of our EMF Protection products at the online store.  Demand is high.  https://www.thebraincan.com/store-2/


EMF Filter
EMF Filter


Stetzerizer Filters – Additional Installation Notes


  1. For best results, make sure you turn your electronic devices ON during filter installation – especially televisions and computers.
  2. Install two (2) Stetzerizer filters where each computer and each television in the home is located. If you have Plasma TV’s you will need to install three (3) filters where each of those is located. You will likely need power strips and/or tri-tap adapters (electrical tees) in order to accommodate the filters. Installing filters in these locations first will lower readings throughout the house and should result in using fewer filters overall. Then move on to testing with the Microsurge meter and finishing the install.
  3. After Step 2 has been completed, pick an outlet to start testing with the Microsurge meter – we usually start in a bedroom. Plug in the Microsurge meter and note the number on the LCD display (expressed in GS units). Plug in 1 Stetzerizer filter to the same outlet and note the number on the meter again.
  4. 4. If you see a reduction in GS unit readings of 20% or more, leave the filter in that outlet and unplug the meter. Move on to the next outlet and repeat the same process.
  5. If you did not see a reduction of 20% or more, remove the filter and the meter – you do not need a filter at that particular outlet. Move on to the next outlet and repeat the same process.
  6. Continue these steps until you have tested every outlet in your home – including the garage and basement, but excluding outdoor outlets – and installed filters where they are needed. The average house needs about 20 Stetzerizer filters – you may need more if you have more electronic devices in your home.
  7. Note: Save the kitchen for last; there are normally fewer outlets in the kitchen, so having them filled with filters is inconvenient. There are also other problems that can present themselves in the kitchen, or even in other rooms of the home. The most common thing we see is outlets having a shared neutral wire; steps to resolve this issue follow:
  1. Say you are testing an outlet and you have the Microsurge meter plugged into the bottom half of the receptacle. Normally you would plug in a Stetzerizer filter to the top half of the receptacle and the GS unit reading on the meter would decrease. However, at this outlet you find that when you plug in the filter the meter reading increases; this indicates a shared neutral.
  2. To properly filter this outlet, you’ll need 2 powerstrips or electrical tees. Plug one powerstrip into the top of the receptacle, and another into the bottom receptacle.
  3. Plug the Microsurge meter into one of the powerstrips and note the GS unit reading. Then plug a filter into that same powerstrip – you should see the GS unit reading decrease this time. Repeat this process in the other powerstrip.
  4. You’ll end up with a powerstrip and a filter plugged into both the top and bottom halves of the receptacle, and your shared neutral problem is solved.
  1. Another thing to look out for is switched outlets – outlets controlled by a light switch. These are most common in the living room, but other rooms may have them as well. Be sure that you do not install Stetzerizer filters in the “switched” portion of a switched outlet, as turning the outlet off would effectively remove the filter from your installation.
  2. Once this process has been followed you should be able to go back to any outlet in your home and see GS readings of 50 or less (35 or less is ideal).


Testing for “bad” light bulbs

1) Tools needed: floor or desk lamp, Stetzerizer Microsurge meter

2) Install the light bulb you wish to test in the floor or desk lamp, and plug the lamp into an outlet.

3) Plug the Microsurge meter into the same outlet and note the GS unit reading on the display.

4) Turn the floor/desk lamp on and note the GS unit reading again. If it increased by more than a few points, the light bulb is a generator of dirty electricity – you don’t want to use it in your home.


Technical Information and Downloads:
Health Effects of EMF
Questions?   Admin@EMFFix.com