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EMFFix.com EMF Business Opportunity

EMFFix.com EMF Business Opportunity

Note:  We will be drafting and producing some demonstration videos, training videos, etc.  Some of you will be able to market products using our videos only.  This would allow you to email contacts around the country.  It would not require at home/office demonstration.  In home/office demonstrations are proving to product a sale for every 2-3 times the product is shown.  It literally sells itself.  Your productivity using our videos may vary.  Meanwhile, if you opt to demonstrate in person you could realize a plan such as this…………..

Here is the initial part of the “plan”:
1)  You obtain a “meter” for measuring the EMF in a home. (Typically meter costs about $150)
2)  You show the homeowner the affects of their own EMF in their home.
3)  You demonstrate using your meter the before and after effect of the use of the meter/filters in their home.  (Filter provided to you by us. Filters cost about $35 each.)
4)  You allow the homeowner to go to our website using your affiliate number to place their order.
5)  As soon as your customer takes care of their transaction, you receive electronically 20% of the sale.  (Nearly instant cash) (Potentially as much as you like, just move more units).
6)  We arrange for shipping direct to the buyer/homeowner.
7)  You help homeowner set up their home (And ask for referrals).
8)  You can move an unlimited number of units.  Conventional “sale” for the homeowner will be approximately $700.  You receive 20% or about $140 per sale, as many as you want.  (Highest percentage paid in the industry!)
9)  We have and will have additional products on the webpage.  You can get a discount or commission on those products at the same rate (20%).
10)  Note:  This system requires no product handling, no handling of money, or anything of that nature.  All one needs to do is make the contact and provide the affiliate number for you to be credited with the sale. The buyer must use your affiliate number.  We will likely set the system to pay out commissions increments so you make money just for signing up!  (NOTE:  You can become an affiliate for FREE.  Meanwhile, the recommended course of action is to purchase a starter kit to boost your productivity.  https://www.thebraincan.com/affiliate-home/  )
11)  I would recommend a person have some cards/business cards printed with their affiliate number and our website so your customer can purchase after your visit if necessary.
12)  In addition to the EMF products we have books coming out such as THE ANSWER TO CANCER:  A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION.

The approach within this book works to reconcile aspects of the human body that could set you and yours free of sickness.  We have additional books, products and information coming out.  Share this with your friends.

To start we would recommend you go to the website, www.EMFfix.com or www.TheBrainCan.com.  Sign up to be an “affiliate”.   Your startup will cost you $230, which you should get 20% back as a commission so you get to see how quickly the system pays out for you.  There will also be $8.80 in shipping.
For your $230.00 start up (Plus $8.80 shipping) (Total $238.80) you will receive a test meter and a filter for demonstration.
You will receive a copy of the latest version of “THE ANSWER TO CANCER” book.
Additional instruction on EMF will follow via training videos and such to be posted online.
(FYI:  The meter,  one filter, and book would approximate $200 plus shipping if purchased separately.  You get an extra filter “Free”.)
The added resources including training materials puts the value of this start up approach in excess of $500.  You make money, save money, and get free of EMF in one fell swoop.  We are paying you to help others.  Meanwhile, a 20% royalty/commission is paid to you through all of those who purchase referring to your affiliate number at the time of purchase.
Your patience is appreciated during our start up.  We will be updating the affiliates via emails and video instruction.
Email this opportunity to your friends!  This could be big for someone
needing an extra $200-$300 per day in their income.