Recreational Land Opportunity, 79 Acres in NW Florida: Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Sportsman Paradise

Recreational Land Opportunity, 79 Acres in NW Florida: Hunting, Fishing, Recreational Sportsman Paradise

Jackson County, Florida Appraiser 18-2N-10-0000-0040-0010

This listing will be updated as reasonable questions are posed by buyers, and answers come available.

An AMAZING 79 acres for Hunting, Recreation, the Sportsman, Bird Watcher, etc.

Note:  Latitude and Longitude on LandWatch site is not completely accurate.  It just gets you to the area.

This property boasts amazing exclusivity, with impeccable characteristics for locating this remote property.   On the “south” side of the property (approx. 1/2 mile) is the “county line” between Jackson County Florida and Calhoun County.  This “pigtrail” dirt road shown is kept roughly in shape and place because it actually separates and delineates the county line.  On the West side the property is approx. 1/4 mile long.  There is a gas pipeline easement that runs the full length with the gas company maintaining roughly a service easement full length.

The property is approx. 1/4 mile by 1/2 mile.  It is a large 79-80 acre tract running east to west.   This parcel is sandwiched on all sides with LARGE land holdings by commercial timber interests.   The property is remote such that development within this and the next generation seems extremely unlikely.   The potential for neighbors seems extremely remote.  Should a person wish to put a cabin it would likely require generator as there is no powerlines in the area.  (Feasibility studies subject to buyer) (Property is listed as “ag” for agricultural which allows a wide array of recreational/hunting uses with favorable tax situation.  (Land tax estimated below $300 per year)

I will describe this parcel as I see it.  Vision with me.  If you cannot comprehend, I am sorry…… Imagine this property as a big sandwich.  Imagine coming in from the north and taking a huge bite out of your sandwich.   This is what it looks like from aerial.  The “bite” is a wetland slew which virtually guarantees full time water on the property.  It is shameful to me to have to share with outdoorsmen how important water is, but this is a “sandhills” property.  Water is critical because everything that walks on land, or flies, or swims, needs water.  This creates this a veritable paradise because EVERYTHING comes to this property to drink.  There are rumors of large herds of deer, turkeys, etc coming through.   Tracks galore!………Back to the sandwich.  The land around the “bite” has rather extreme terrain for Florida with a significant slope up hill from the bite all the way around.  This is AWESOME because no matter where you are on the property you cannot get lost.  You simply walk up the hill and there is a road on most sides.  It is GREAT for kids, kids learning to hunt, etc.  Water at the bottom, road at the top.

The property presently has some brush growing in.  I would recommend a control burn of the property.  One quote locally is $600-$800 to burn it off.  What we did was go just inside of the natural growth tree line about 25-40 feet.  We cut a road/donut around the property with a bulldozer, removing all stumps.  This is grown over a bit, but could easily be cleaned up to be used as an internal road/perimeter, and a fire break.   We wanted to maintain the natural growth berm between our wilderness park and the rest of the world.  We are one of the only timber tracts with tall wild growth timber around the perimeter.  (Most area tracts have been recently cut and replanted).  The timber inside the “donut” was select cut with trees left every 75-100 feet.  The timber removed was chipped completely leaving only very low stumps.  There is low/no debris on the property as a result.  The brush growing in, and if burnt properly it would feed and ignite a frenzy of wildlife growth.  Very exciting if you know how to maintain wildlife management areas.

The wetland area on the property contains about 20 acres on this tract and is shared with a commercial timber neighbor.  We have NEVER known anyone to ever use this wet area, thus the stocking and use could be nearly exclusive for this land owner………… This is very exciting for fish use/production, birding, bird hunting, etc………….. Several years ago a “friend” went in and dug a series of ponds on the property.  At the edge of the typical wet area, they dug a “pond” approx. 26 feet by 120 feet, then skipped 100 feet more or less, and dug another and another and another,  etc.   What the result is was SEVEN (7) small ponds 26 feet by 100-150 feet stretched out end to end with about a 100 foot separator.  The dirt from this dig was passed up the hill and pushed to build the soil up.   This has caused a veritable jungle of growth along the edge.   The ponds stretch 1/4 mile along ON this property framing a large wet area.  This is a stockable situation with a fish/farm crop given opportunity to forage over a 40+ acre wet area.  (Hint:  You can farm fish on your neighbor’s property).

There are A LOT of options for a creative person on this property.  Unfortunately the current owner was in a terrible accident and is no longer fit to play in the woods.   This property is Agriculturally listed for economic and tax advantages.  That is recommended to remain.  The property is remote, no power.  It is not practical to build, but limited cabin projects would likely be acceptable.  In this area owner would recommend an old steel container be brought in for camp/storage if the “cabin” concept is considered.

Area all around the tract is leased to a hunting club.  The hunting club has never had lease access to this 80 acres.  Present owner finds no advantage to doing business with hunting club.  The revenue is not worth the hassle.

Owner will consider financing as a “lease/purchase”, with ownership conveying all at once at the end of term for $1.  Seller will sell on seller terms, not on buyer terms.  No portion will be deeded over until payment plan is complete.

79 acres, $120,000.

For finance option, buyer must be willing/able to place at least $30,000 initial payment with seller, and maintain $800 per month payments.  Term will be 12 years at 4.25 percent.  Present taxes will be maintained paid by seller until end of term.  Property will remain unencumbered by any/all parties for duration of lease.  At end of lease ownership conveys to buyer for $1 (one dollar) with full cost of recording/transfer to be borne by buyer.   A dedicated account will be set to match the lease with all payments to be made to said account.

This property is likely the least expensive property of its kind in the state, and there may not be much room to negotiate.  It is priced to sell quickly to minimize haggling time.  Seller needs to have medical attention and cash flows moving forward.  Cash price is acceptable as listed, or finance as listed.  Both have advantages for the seller (and buyer.)






Two sets of directions.  Read carefully:

Coming from Bay County there may be a better way to get to this
property.  Let me see if I can find the other

To travel to the area where the property is:

Get on Nortek Blvd (south of Marianna) traveling east.  Where Nortek
changes name to “Hasty Pond Road”, there is an intersection where
Pittman Hill Road crosses Nortek (Hasty Pond).  Turn right (south) on
Pittman Hill Road.  About 1/2 mile after your right turn on to Pittman
Hill Road you will pass “Stallion Lane”, keep going.  About 3/4 mile
past Stallion Lane (thus 1.25 miles after your turn) you will see the
dirt road (Jackson County) change to a paved road (Calhoun
County)…………. The texture of the road changing from dirt to
paved occurs right at the county line separately Jackson from Calhoun
Counties.  There is a turn off of Pittman Hill road at the county
line.  A left turn (to the east) on the county line road passes thru a
private gate.  My property is 1/4 mile past this private gate.

One side (south) of my 80 acres is a 1/2 frontage on this county line
road/easement.  On the west side of my 80 acres is a gas line

My property is the only property with large trees.   All the
cultivated pines around mine have been cut.  They will presumably be
replanted this next year.  My property has been selectively cut to
leave open spaces as well as large trees.  There is a 25+ feet buffer
of all trees around the periphery(edge) of my property so the 80 acres
has a perfect outline for neighbors, hunters, everyone to see.

At the bottom of the hill you can see I own/manage most of the water
in the area, all the trees in the immediate area, and it is like a
wilderness wonderland with animals as they must all drink.  As the
timber around my property is replanted this will even IMPROVE because
the small pines when replanted will be “bushy” and the open spaces,
grasses, water, etc will be on the 80 acres.

I am recovering from a very bad car/truck/vehicle accident.  My
interests in the property have changed substantially, and I have other
things closer in to my travel that I prefer to focus on.

This property is for sale.  There is very little negotiating room and
I have several who have indicated an interest.  I am somewhat
interested in farm equipment and/or bulldoziers/excavators for partial
trade, but cash is king.

These directions may be best for you.

Hwy 231 north to hwy 167 east
Right on POTTS road,
Left on Flanders Grade
Turns in to Porter Pond road (to the north)
Porter Pond road is a beautiful paved road in the middle of no where.
When you run off
the pavement you have just entered in to Jackson County (Road changes
name to Pittman Hill Road).  At the end of the pavement when you look
to the left there is a gate that blocks a road which is the County
line road.  From that point you can stand at the gate and looking down
the road to the left you can see the tops of my trees.  That road runs
1/2 mile down the side of the 80 acres.

A 40 acre parcel is typically 1/4 mile square.  I would prefer to sell
the second 40 acre parcel rather than the first one you come to along
that road.  Both are very similar in many ways.  The first 40 is where
I started my adventure out there, and is kinda close to my
heart…………..If I sell the property I will likely buy some
equipment/excavator type for more digging.  Some may be done in that


18.5 acres and 3 mobile homes
80 acres, Sandhills
360 acre lake property with landing strip
6.9 acres Pollywog Lane