EMF Shielding Fabrics (Nickel Premium Product)


EMF Shielding Fabrics and core to the use and implementation of developing a “Faraday Cage” concept.



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EMF Shielding Fabrics

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Price quoted is per linear foot for the copper fabric listed first.  Images are of the copper fabric as seen in our cutting room.









Nickel Copper RFID Blocking Material
Tested successfully with Shortwave, FM, Cellphone, GPS, WiFi, and RFID!

Extreme Value for your Protection!

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Copper EMF / RFID Blocking shielding material offers the most protection for your electronics in a fabric material roll on the market today!

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This auction/sale is for a fabric product up to 55″ Wide, 1 linear foot off a Roll of Material. If any of you order multiple feet (as expected) we will send one piece the desired number of feet long. We also offer 12 inch by 12 inch squares for testing and special use.


When used as an enclosure, this copper material is designed to provide a static safe enclosure.

Whereas it is a polyester and copper blend, it has a nice “feel” to it with a firm texture added by the copper content. It is can easily be used for sewing by hand or machine, draping, wrapping, layering, etc. We encourage our customers to give feedback and ideas as we are a wholesaler and designer of products. We would likely give rewards and samples for worthwhile suggestions. (We also offer profit opportunities for affiliates at our main website.)

– High Performance Copper Conductive Shielding Fabric
– >60db attenuation in 10MHz-3GHz
– Excellent Radiation, EMF Wave Blocking, Easier Application to dry, level surfaces such as walls
– 55″ Width x 1ft Length
– .09mm (3.5 mil) Thickness
– Surface Resistance: Approximately .05 Ohm/sq. ASTM F390 – 44 inch wide sold by 1 Linear Foot long – Metallic polyester fabric coated with pure Copper coating – Light weight and flexible – Easy to cut and sew, like an ordinary fabric – High conductivity and RF shielding performance

Note: Copper may produce skin allergies – handle this material with protective gloves. The material is not intended for direct contact with skin. Non-toxic, tasteless, does not decompose to toxic and irritating odor. Can be handled for waste as normal trash.

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