Ponder the Papyrus Publishing! Overcoming the Cancer Conspiracy!

Overcoming the Cancer Conspiracy is critical to shifting your world view to a plausible approach and cure for cancer.  Until your incorrect thinking shifts you will not be able to see the simplicity in the answer.  You must first believe it is possible to win against this foe.

The outside cover of our newest release reads………….

Ponder the Papyrus Publishing Company is a joint venture between
the authors and their venture capitalist team.  Upon completion of a
series of texts it became clear that conventional publishing entities
would oppose release of a true healing for cancer, immune disorders,
and such.  It is clear that publishing empires the world over
manipulate public opinion and assist the fear mongers in an effort to
control the masses.  Large companies have a vested interest in
hobbling the public.  The world is being led astray by misinformation
and a lack of information.  As entertainment exceeds education in this
world today the people are enslaving themselves to cancer,
fibromyalgia, AIDS/HIV, Lyme disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and a host of
curable conditions because the media refuses to let them know they can
be free.  We are healing the world and releasing the captives.  Get
FREE!  Our releases can be found at www.TheBrainCan.com




cancer conspiracy brain idling neurons
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