Night Sweats are normal or not?

Night Sweats

Do you realize that if you are having night sweats it is communicating a couple of things to you.  One, it is saying you are healthy.  Two, it is saying you are unhealthy.  Yes, both are true.

If/when many of you have night sweats it is the result of your body fighting a sickness or infection.  This is an indication that your body is operating properly or at least trying to amid a problem, infection.

The presence of the infection triggers a hormonal issue in your body to create heat to kill off the pathogen or predator.  Understand that your body as a defense mechanism will shift the conditions of the body environment when it senses a pathogen. 

That shift is often to create heat which we call fever.  So, following through the fever (night sweats) may be telling you that your body is trying to work, but it has something working against it.

If you follow the above then you are light years ahead of your doctor and the medical community at large.  Stop and do a couple of web searches.  Do a search for something like “Fever”.  You will find 10,000+ articles on how to control fever, when in fact controlling fever is a very bad idea in many instances. 

Controlling fever allows the pathogen to adapt to the new/hotter environment and it will require a hotter environment next time.  Controlling fever allows pathogens to develop adaptations to cope.  Stop trying so hard to control fever.

One of my pet peeves is the concept of “hot flashes” and such with folks (men and women) in a menopausal situation.  Hot flashes are fever, and fever is often caused by hormones.  Here is the “catch”. 

Controlling hormones is one of the most ridiculous ways in the world to address the infection triggering the hot flash/fever.  Doctors are creating a lot of sickness in two ways, by avoiding fever and by treating hormonal issues to prevent the body from working as it should.

There are a number of things I could share in regard to Night Sweats, fevers, Menopause, etc.  Here is the point I want to make at this moment.  When a person sincerely starts getting their body on track through our body reconciliation system in our book there may be night sweats.  What happens is the body is getting tuned up and the ability to fight infection is tremendously boosted.  This triggers the fever reaction to kill more pathogens. 


The key is to keep in the process.  In a very, very short time you will be killing off more pathogens than you ever imagined you had.  Even folks with life threatening illnesses should see relief in a couple of days and steady improvement as long as they stay on the path we recommend.

1C.) Paperback Book titled, “The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition”