Hyperbaric for animals

Hyperbaric for animals

Hyperbaric for animals (large animals/small animals):

Animals benefit from hyperbaric just like people.  We are building a small animal and large animal facility for those who wish to enter a chamber with their pet.  This is rather edgy, but it is possibly just one of the “one of a kind” experiences we wish to bring to the hyperbaric session.

We are not advocating everyone bring their pets, but we are building a system that with proper arrangements/advice/appointments we can try to accommodate.  (We reserve the right to turn folks away who show with animals which have not been cleared with the farm.)

In essence all hyperbaric employs some simple effects to achieve increased oxygenation.  By pressurizing the atmosphere and theoretically the gas molecules one squeezes down the size of the molecules.  More air/oxygen fits in to the hemoglobin as a result, and even more importantly when squeezed down sufficiently the plasma of the blood loads up with oxygen as well.

This creates a situation where even slight increases in pressure with 100% oxygen can shift blood oxygen by 5-20 fold.  The greater saturation is reached when plasma circulation is reached.   Here is a “spin” most won’t tell you about.  It is likely best to increase pressure just enough to get the big boost, but keep in low enough to allow the participant to stay in the atmosphere as long as possible.

The length of time is often no encouraged or taught because commercial operations want to turn over their bed and occupants like a hoteling operation.  What we have strived to provide is longer stays for greater effect.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!

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