Tree mushroom/fungus thoughts.

Once again we come across something relatively unknown or unheard of from the medical community following TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), concussion, or PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

Upon taking a nasty blow to the head in my accident I found certain signs of bacterial/fungal infections that are touched on in my other articles.

The effects of a condition I call “Puddling” in the brain leads to the build up of stagnant “pools” or “puddles” in the brain area of fluids. The absence of oxygen or low oxygenation in these puddles allows anaerobic pathogens the survive and thrive.

Adequate resources and nutrients are provided via the blood, and as soon as the oxygen dissipates the environment is prime for puddling and for fungal/bacterial build-up.

As I was shifting life and lifestyle in to a survival mode to compensate for my TBI issues, I was lead to pursue the idea of a mushroom farm.  In part the idea of mushroom farming was birthed by the continual (mis) diagnosis by doctors that I had a series of increasing food allergies.

My studies on the organic mushrooms showed that mushrooms which are a fungal growth cannot practically exist nor thrive on a healthy tree.  In order to “farm” organic mushrooms one must cut the tree/limbs and allow time for the natural protective aspect of the tree to dissipate……….

I looked at the environment of the trees and mushrooms the same as the human body.  The environment of the human body should fight off fungus, and fungus of any kind may be an indication of a weakness in the body.

In simple research and inquiry I found it interesting (odd?) that many TBI victims can/will begin to see signs of yeast/fungal/bacteria growth including but not limited to toe nail and/or finger nail fungus.  Interestingly the feet and toe nail fungus should point to other issues such as systemic issues possibly leading to candida.

The TBI patient may not focus properly nor notice the toe nail or other fungus. If/when they do, they may find it is extremely difficult to overcome.  This is in large part because of puddling.  The system may be infected and the systemic problems will need to be addressed.  See our puddling and gluten articles.  Meanwhile HBOT and Hyperbaric Oxygen sessions should help to overcome the anaerobic environment and begin the kill off of the pathogens with the simple use of air/oxygen.  See my article on How Hyperbaric Works.

A yeast cleanse product with Tea Tree Oil could assist in overcoming this type/style of fungal build-up.  Check with us at your farm visit for a solution.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth.  Ask, seek, knock!


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