Fountain of Youth Discovered?

Fountain of Youth Discovered, or Would You Prefer a RESURRECTION of Power? New Book Makes Astounding Claims, The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Authors claim to reveal secrets to toxic gas reconciliation which reverses aging, kills infections, renews cells, stimulates growth, and reverses the curse of Cancer and a host of other sicknesses and conditions. The Western Condition can be healed.

The Brain can be washed to be as white as snow. The body can as well. Total body reconciliation is on its way!
The Brain can be washed to be as white as snow. The body can as well. Total body reconciliation is on its way!


CHIPLEY, FL, December 07, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ — Cells in the body produce waste, it is a fact of life. Sickness or condition of the body is regulated by the ability to manage cellular waste & by-products of growth & nutrition consumption processes.

Two researchers (Doc Joseph A Mathea & Ted Whidden) claim to have discovered a “Simple Solution” for cellular reconciliation, detoxification, etc that is so powerful that it can reshape approaches to cancer treatments lining up for a cure.

In the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION, the authors release secrets to cellular nutrition & oxygenation that appears to wipe away the years.

The solution reconciles cellular waste & toxic issues in such a way that the body becomes hyper-efficient seemingly for hours if not days following a simple, cheap approach that anyone can initiate at home. The key is to get information to the masses for reducing the “mass hysteria” of health concerns and fears orchestrated in this world.

Authors advise they are offering a money back guarantee for anyone and everyone who does not see a marked change in their condition by following their simple process.

Those who have reviewed the book indicate it is one of the most informative, well written books taking something as sophisticated as cancer and bringing it down to a layman’s understanding. When questioned about this, the author (Whidden) advised their main criticism is that the book deals with so much more than just cancer.

Diabetes, fibromyalgia and a host of sicknesses will see a revolution from the solution. Whidden extended his money back guarantee to any/all of those who purchase the book before Christmas on Amazon or through their website,

Get the book now! You can save your entire family from a host of issues sneaking up on them.

Conquistadores, Superheroes, and all those wishing to conquer the ills of society will appreciate the efforts at who fight corrupted information and injustice to the masses.

In their latest release two authors join forces to expose ills of society and obvious information often missed by conventional medical approaches and practice. Setting captives free they seemingly work miracles on a host of conditions.


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