EMF Manual, Evidence, Documentation (Electronic Form)

This material literally took thousands of dollars and a lifetime of investment of time and energy to compile. This manual if purchased separately or in pieces would bankrupt most family farms, meanwhile we have made the effort to bring you the very best information on EMF, EMF Filters, Government Studies and more.

This collection of excerpts quotes, papers, documents, etc once reached 525 pages in total and it filled with hundred of independent statements, supports and documents. It is a must for all EMF Affiliates and Libraries.

It is really not our intention to sell this manual. We would prefer that each and every one of you becomes an AFFILIATE through our offering and purchase the AFFILIATE package. This in included in electronic form in that package adding education and value to that package and making it by far your best opportunity to join an EMF Sales/Distribution Group.

This electronic work product is downloadable with reasonable controls and watermarks to preserve the efforts of those who produced it for you.

The Health Effects of Electrical Pollution

(Quotes, References with Abstracts, Newspaper Articles, Health Effects: General; Schools: Asthma, cancers, electrohypersensitivity (EHS), Diabetes and Multiple Sclerosis; Animal Studies; Miscellaneous)