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You purchased our EMF fabric online (EBay/Amazon). 

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OH!  BTW! There are a lot (Lot, Lot, Lot) of rumors and hysterics about the EMF and fabrics.  There is a LOT, LOT, LOT of miscommunication and misdirection.  Your USE of fabrics can actually enhance the problem rather than reconcile it.  Do not blame the fabric.  If you do not get suitable results let us know, because it is almost always due to lack of understanding on how to use the product.

NOTE:  The idea of covering your router to avoid WIFI is one of the more absurd applications people try with this product.  If you properly cover your signal producer, then you receive no signal.  This will not produce a successful result for you. …………This is one of the many application issues/failures we hear of from buyers….. Another is when someone attempts the same bad idea and their fabric is allowed to touch the device it is supposed to “filter”.  If they touch it actually can create an antenna (amplifier) effect…..The product performs precisely as designed when used correctly.  If you have an idea/application let us know what you are trying to do.  We can often resolve your issue in a far simpler, more efficient manner………..

If you choose to contact us for assistance then advise us what your intention is.  This can be used as a connection/conduction fabric, or for blocking of signals.  Your use determines which it is.

PLEASE go to our website(s) and/or contact us for REAL information on how to employ this product.  Also send me an email and I will provide you a link to a simple video using this product to make a simple FaradayCage.  You must see this.



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