The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is a Christmas 2015 release revealing the cause, treatment and potentially the ?? for cancer and autoimmune disorders. The system boosts autoimmune function in the body by reconciling a toxic gas component found in all sickness. The approach is a virtual silver bullet solution to fighting all known illnesses.

​The Cancer Conspiracy has a new foe to contend with.  Two researchers have discovered a set of common denominators associated with virtually all sickness, cancers, autoimmune disorders, HIV/Aids, infections, and inflammation. Once these factors are reconciled simply and inexpensively at home, wellness in the body is restored in an instant.  A virtual silver bullet solution for all sickness is found at  in the book release.   Simply put CO2 accumulation and toxic acidic gases foul virtually all systems of the body when the body is in a condition of sickness.  Removing this toxic issue frees the cells up to receive oxygen and nutrition.  THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is available in paperback this next week at the website only,   .

I am so excited to bring the Answer to Cancer to the world! Universal healing, through simple methods lost in ancient alchemy are being restored. Conspiracy efforts to keep others in pain shall soon end.

Ted Whidden, Co-Author of The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Electronic release is available to the public at only $10 per copy through Christmas.  A number of FREE copies are being made available to writers who agree to write and publish reviews on the book.

Introduced in THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THE WESTERN CONDITION is the concept of the “Western Condition” which is a set of common denominators to all known sickness.  By focusing on what they all have in common, one can attack and reconcile that gas situation and mineralization issues quickly and inexpensively.

Joseph “Doc” Mathea and Ted Whidden release their book on total body reconciliation at  . The book teaches a simple approach to remediating inflammation, circulation, and oxygenation issues within the body. By restoring a balance to the body and purging toxic gas issues immediately from the body a toxic acidic gas reconciliation restores body function, super oxygenates and feeds the cells, and in so doing eradicates anaerobic infections without addiction, side effects, or problems. A natural approach employed as a lost art to healing. In so reconciling the body condition all immunity is boosted and oxygen levels in the body soar! HIV/Aids patients, those with cancer, fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis, and every sickness known to man will see significant leaps in health and improvement. It is often referred to as a “Silver Bullet” approach to all sickness. The approach employs cheap, simple, easily available products to reconcile cellular issues as never before, or as always before. This is the natural approach that served man well before we modified our environment and induced levels of toxicity. This induced toxicity in our world is termed the “Western Condition” in this book. My throwing an umbrella term over all sickness and rooting out the common denominators and blocking agents to sickness then all health is restored. GET THE BOOK!


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