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Thoughts on Male Menopause and Menopause: (Cortisol/hormones)

The Answer to Cancer
Thoughts on Male Menopause and Menopause: (Cortisol/hormones)

Following my accident (CLICK) I found that certain hormonal rages including but not limited to cortisol levels being jacked up would send me in to fits, rages, and emotional awkwardness.

Once I told the doctors to test cortisol levels they did, but only after my insistence and after 14 months following my accident. What they found was substantially elevated cortisol a condition which can trigger a host of problems that as yet I have not found a single doctor who understands the full ramifications (including food/digestive disorders CLICK gluten free diet).

What I was told by the doctors was that following my accident my adrenals flooded my system and that likely went out of control. Once the adrenals were exhausted my cortisol production took over that “stress” and the high levels took over.

Cortisol is considered by many to be the “fight or flight” hormone or “stress” hormone. I found that during this time of elevated cortisol I could go from nice guy to “whoop ass” in a split second. Not a good thing at all.

Meanwhile cortisol levels elevated left unchecked will begin to re-arrange things in your body at the cellular level (removing potassium and replacing with sodium for one thing.) The elevated cortisol does a host of things as can be studied on the Internet at length, but there are food/digestive issues that will spin this out of control. (CLICK FOOD/DIGESTIVE)

Meanwhile, once the doctors were told to check for hormone issues, and they responded, they then became transfixed with hormonal issues and lost site of the rest of the picture. This led them to discussions of such things as “male menopause”, which presumably is somewhat like “female menopause” just less understood. What we will likely find is there is a common methodology to address both forms of menopause, but as it is typically addressed in relation to symptoms (rather than cause) we may not be getting too much closer to the answer. What if greater circulation and oxygenation of the cells and the body would help?

Look at the symptoms of menopause.

1. Hot Flashes
2. Night Sweats
3. Irregular Periods (For women)
4. Loss of Libido
5. Vaginal Dryness
6. Mood Swings
7. Fatigue
8. Hair Loss
9. Sleep Disorders
10. Difficult Concentrating
11. Memory Lapses
12. Dizziness
13. Weight Gain
14. Incontinence
15. Bloating
16. Allergies
17. Brittle Nails

18. Changes in Odor
19. Irregular Heartbeat
20. Depression
21. Anxiety
22. Irritability
23. Panic Disorder
24. Pains
24. Breast Pain
25. Headaches
26. Joint Pain
27. Burning Tongue
28. Electric Shocks
29. Digestive Problems
30. Gum Problems
31. Muscle Tension
32. Itchy Skin
33. Tingling Extremities
34. Others
35. Osteoporosis

(Oddly for me the symptoms of menopause seem to closely replicate those of TBI, traumatic brain
injury, in many ways.) It does not matter if you are speaking of male or female menopause many symptoms are similar, and conventionally doctors treat “symptoms” not cause. Often they focus on the differences in men and women, rather than similarities……………..I decided to pursue a different tack. This tack will likely provide tremendous improvement
for others. It costs nothing to consider it.

What if the “shutting down” of the body has to do with lack of circulation or oxygenation of
the body? Isn’t it true that one of the most sensational drugs introduced to boost a man’s sex life is/was Viagra which it little more than a vasiodialator that restores “flow” and circulation? What if restoration of oxygenation/circulation could address this issue?

One significant feature or symptom of menopause is “hot flashes” or high heat periods of the body.

Think of it this way, when the body produces fever it is often because something in the body senses it needs to fight off a bacteria/fungus, or some form of infection/problem. Isn’t this true? Well a “symptom” of menopause is often hot flashes and conventionally a doctor will tell you the symptom hot flash is caused by a hormonal release (or failure to release) and if one can control the hormone then one can control the heat flash. Isn’t
this true? Okay, what if the body knows EXACTLY what it is doing and the hormonal release is designed to create a heat that kills off something pathogenic or predatory on the body such as an infection?
(CLICK CANDIDA?) Now, if you control the hormones in this instance then you miss the opportunity to address the REAL problem!! THINK!

Seeking the cause rather than symptoms proved important in my recovery and ongoing health. What the doctors tried to diagnose as a form of menopause was really a bacterial/fungi issue gone rogue.

Now, let’s look at if/when the “hot flash” occurs. If it was meant to fight off an attacker of the body then when should it subside? Presumably the hot flash could stop when that opponent is sufficiently killed off. Seems simple? The “fallout” from killing the pathogen would then leave some toxic residues in the system until they are removed (Herzheimers effect) Okay, now if/when one visits the “doctor” the pathogen is greatly reduced except in cases where the body is ready to produce a “flash”. Can you see this? Given proper opportunity the body kills off the aggressor, then
doctors will not have evidence of its existence. Meanwhile certain types of aggressive fungus/bacteria such as “candida” (yeast infection) can continue to reside in the body in lower amounts following the ‘kill
off” of many of their cells.
(See Herzheimers) This is just one example that clearly could be operating in the body those who are diagnosed menopausal.

Part of the problem is most doctors lack the ability and training to diagnose such things as “systemic candida”. (CLICK) Since it is anaerobic (does not live in oxygen environment) it is killed off in the doctor’s blood sample tubes as soon as the blood in the tube turns red, so the “culture” won’t show it was there, will it? THINK!!! It is not uncommon in many “menopause” issues for at least some form of yeast infection to have existed prior. The yeast (candida) is there, yet your doctor will be late in diagnosing it if he ever does at all. Note: Systemic candida is so late in its diagnosis and so far advanced when it is diagnosed that it is often fatal for 40-50% of those diagnosed. This means doctors often know too little too late about this. Women (and men for this matter) are obviously exposed to levels of “yeast” and “fungal” infections…………What I found is the “puddling” effect in my concussion/accident allowed fluids to stagnate and a bacteria/fungal cess pool begin. Ridding of puddling, and hyperbaric treatment is a good general treatment for all it seems.

Hyperbaric treatment elevates the presence of oxygen in the cell and theoretically given the opportunity the anaerobic pathogens mentioned should die simply due to the presence of oxygen. Amazingly, the oxygen kills pathogens and boosts cell production and operation. It seems like a double whammy for the body at the cellular level with low risk, low side effects, no addictions. Does this seem too good to be true? It could be. You won’t know until you try, because the law prevents us from telling you what it can do.

Meanwhile the hormonal rage that appears to be menopause may have a real job it is trying to do. At the same time the stress of cortisol and other hormonal rages that I was experiencing (mis-diagnosed as MANopause) opens the door to a chain of events for destruction…………Like it or not all of the above seems to make sense and there is a rather simple explanation and means to address it. Oddly, not a single doctor I know has addressed this.

The symptoms I had following one year after my wreck led doctors to possibly correctly diagnose “male menopause”. Yet, it is “possible” they were correct as much as it is “possible” they were incorrect. In regards to “menopause” it seems that many are operating in the dark. Problem is they were addressing symptoms and not causes. Unfortunately western medicine is too often symptom focused, and rarely cause focused.

I believe the cause was found in my situation, and it seems to have been rectified in essence without the assistance of a doctor. Soon (very soon) with HBOT and other assistance by changing some simple life patterns we saw the heat flashes dissipate, the seizures went away, and life began to operate more as it once had.

Hyperbaric was part of the key to
returning to wellness, possibly because anaerobic bacteria will die in the presence of oxygen.
Oxygen often excites the cells and helps the body run “cleaner” like an engine which has been turbo-charged. By increasing the power to the strong parts of the body, and decreasing the
effects of anaerobic pathogens the body can make a change for the better.

We have some simple secrets to share. Visit the farm and we will guide you through a simple path that we found successful. (CLICK FARM VISIT)

Please CLICK and look at the information on Gluten Reaction/Bacteria/Fungal issues.

Please “Brain Drain” for Information

(Note: One “symptom” I was experiencing was seizures with the heat episodes. One western trained
doctor went as far as to tell me that if I knew I would go through a seizure and/or heat cycle at or around 0500 every morning then to set my alarm and wake up to pre-empt the attack while they tried to sort out the problem. Imagine, they were given the time of the recurring and dangerous event (seizure) and the only idea was to wake up before the event……The timing and the idea of pre-empting it gave part of the idea for our means to address this problem.)…………My nightly seizures appear to have been triggered by a brain injury effect and the cortisol. (CLICK SEIZURE)

Contact us today for a farm visit. Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth. Ask, seek, knock!

Our author receives all corporate mail at the following
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Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

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How Does HBOT work?

How Does HBOT work?

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) work?

It is so easy to see how and why hyperbaric works that many will try to muddle the obvious to keep you confused or to keep you away from it.

Often it is easy to see their economic motivation for their deception. Sometimes it is not. Stop for a minute and think for yourself. It won’t hurt. It might even help.


The Hyperbaric Solution

The Hyperbaric Solution

The Hyperbaric Solution:

As the victim of an accident all I wanted was a reasonable solution to the needs I had developed. If possible I preferred to avoid pain medications, narcotic addictions, uses of drugs with side effects, and intrusive exploration surgeries.

I had one doctor tell me their idea was to run a set of tests, find out what organ was over/under producing and then remove it, leading to a life-long dependence on a pill of some form to replace and regulate whatever that part they cut out was supposed to do.

This is likely more often done than one can imagine, and it was not an attractive alternative for me.


Introduction to Farm Visit

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Try It Before You Buy It!

We are your HBOT hook up and we are selling used portable hyperbaric chambers, and/or allowing visitors to come to our farm and try them out. On occasion we have new chambers at wholesale prices, and we have a standing set of large, walk-in chambers for visitors. Many types and styles of equipment are often available, and it changes often so check as often as you need. We may even be able to break up some sets for the portable hyperbaric chambers to provide spare parts, only time (and your needs) will tell. Let us know what you are looking for and we may be able to locate it for you. (We do not provide oxygen generators.)

We have an ugly little “farm setting” where we work towards a natural/organic product. Our owners have personal hyperbaric needs and interests, as a result we often have an abundance of equipment to share with our guests to the farm. Here is a little story to tell you how it happened….

Following a terrible accident involving among other things concussion with TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) we got involved in HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy), and tried many different methods, equipment, etc. (CLICK STORY) We learned what we found for us to be practical pros and cons of many types of approaches/equipment/therapy. We found some simple, yet powerful application secrets that made the recovery seemingly faster and practically more permanent. We found cutting through the maze of mystery and commercial pursuits of some providers was difficult. We decided to try to make it easier on others.

In our pursuit for true answers, we may have over-bought for our own use trying to find the application that really works the best for our needs. Despite the many successes we have found in hyperbaric options, we found complications from the accident have our owner very likely committed to long term personal HBOT therapy. We are still buying new and used equipment and seeking more efficiency (and sharing our findings as we go!)(CLICK VISIT THE FARM). We now have far too much equipment for our personal needs/treatment and wish to share it with others if they wish to find an affordable, reasonable (cheap?) means for hyperbaric sessions. You can try it before you buy it, and if you do not buy anything, then we get to make a new friend and share what we have found. We all win!

By visiting our farm one can often experience many different types and styles of equipment in operation….. You wouldn’t buy a car without a test-drive, then why buy a hyperbaric chamber without a test drive? We move an extremely low number of portable hyperbaric chambers, and prefer a more personal connection to those we assist along. If such a place was available prior to my HBOT pursuits it would have easily saved me $10,000-$20,000, or more. It is your turn to save based on the experience we have to share.

Come to the farm. Stay as long as you like for as little as $200 per day (Typically includes housing, meals, 24 hours a day virtually unlimited hyperbaric access, and massage. We often can arrange two sessions per day, 7 days per week. In so doing we can often get more done in one week than conventional “clinics” do in 3-4 weeks. Come see the difference. Often the body can heal from hbot faster than commercial facilities allow access due to their scheduling conflicts, conditions and hours of operation.)

The “as long as you like” in our invitation depends on mutual agreement. If you are difficult to get along with we will invite you to move on down the road. By appointment preferred.

Contact us for details on visiting and scheduling…………..Please be advised the chambers sit at a “working” organic farm setting. (CLICK ORGANIC We are working the farm while you are visiting. You are welcome to join in and assist, but kindly asked not to interfere……..

We will consider “trades” in lieu of payment for visiting the farm. One of our goals is to help people get the hyperbaric attention and access to hyperbaric equipment they need. If you have a skill set or some form of asset(s) we can use on the farm we may consider a trade for access (housing, meals, etc negotiable). Make an offer. Owners will consider virtually any/all trades (This is another option others cannot offer).

Contact us today for a farm visit. Email is usually the best method to contact.

Have a wonderful day and keep searching for truth. Ask, seek, knock!

Our author receives all corporate mail at the following regular mail address:

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden
Post Office Box 158
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United States of America

Dr. Tullio Simoncini and his Baking Soda Cure/Treatment for Cancer

brain detoxification health
Our “Bubble Diagnostics” will not only produce 100% accurate diagnostic information, but it is therapeutic as well. Look at the problem and remove it at the same time! GET THE BOOK!


Dr. Tullio Simoncini advocates a sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)  injection procedure in to a cancerous mass.  Why?  What is really taking place?  Do you realize that the process Simoncini recommends can actually be improved?  It is highly criticized for reasons that are often unfounded, but there may be a better, faster, cheaper way.

Doctor Simoncini’s approach using sodium bicarbonate injections at the cancer site has been met with some rejection from the medical community, but why?  Is it too simple?  Too cheap?  Too common?  Something is seems awry with the cover ups.  Did you realize there is a practical way to use Simoncini’s baking soda approach?

Tullio Simoncini advocates “Please see my website for the FAQ.”  This is as posted from a Facebook page , yet there is a faster, simpler, easier application that many are missing.  Chasing something simple that works is good, but what if it is even simpler than what you can presently imagine?

There is a core science foundation underlying Tullio Simoncini’s advocation of injection of baking soda, sodium bicarbonate in to a cancerous mass.  The injection site is affected by a unique set of physical and electrical properties.   The secret is released in Doc Mathea’s book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION.  You may not be able to get Simoncini’s injection procedure, but you can get started in the process once you understand how simple it can be applied.

When one follows the trail of what actually “works” in this approach it is often never addressed or explained.  In our book we focus on the Simple Solution to many conditions in the body.  It just so happens to heal cancer and a host of other sickness issues as it appears.

The implementation of sodium bicarbonate/alkaline injections and usage dates back millennia, but we have rarely connected the dots to solve conventional health problems practically.

Baking Soda Simoncini

Ponder the Papyrus Publishing Company

Ponder the Papyrus Publishing Company is a joint venture between the authors and their venture capitalist team. Upon completion of a series of texts it became clear that conventional publishing entities would oppose release of a true healing for cancer, immune disorders, and such. It is clear that publishing empires the world over manipulate public opinion and assist the fear mongers in an effort to control the masses. Large companies have a vested interest in hobbling the public. The world is being led astray by misinformation and a lack of information. As entertainment exceeds education in this world today the people are enslaving themselves to cancer, fibromyalgia, AIDS/HIV, Lyme disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and a host of curable conditions because the media refuses to let them know they can be free. We are healing the world and releasing the captives. Get FREE! Our releases can be found at

Our "Bubble Diagnostics" will not only produce 100% accurate diagnostic information, but it is therapeutic as well. Look at the problem and remove it at the same time! GET THE BOOK!
Our “Bubble Diagnostics” will not only produce 100% accurate diagnostic information, but it is therapeutic as well. Look at the problem and remove it at the same time! GET THE BOOK!


The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

The Answer to Cancer: a Simple Solution for the Western Condition

THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is a Christmas 2015 release revealing the cause, treatment and potentially the ?? for cancer and autoimmune disorders. The system boosts autoimmune function in the body by reconciling a toxic gas component found in all sickness. The approach is a virtual silver bullet solution to fighting all known illnesses.

​The Cancer Conspiracy has a new foe to contend with.  Two researchers have discovered a set of common denominators associated with virtually all sickness, cancers, autoimmune disorders, HIV/Aids, infections, and inflammation. Once these factors are reconciled simply and inexpensively at home, wellness in the body is restored in an instant.  A virtual silver bullet solution for all sickness is found at  in the book release.   Simply put CO2 accumulation and toxic acidic gases foul virtually all systems of the body when the body is in a condition of sickness.  Removing this toxic issue frees the cells up to receive oxygen and nutrition.  THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is available in paperback this next week at the website only,   .

I am so excited to bring the Answer to Cancer to the world! Universal healing, through simple methods lost in ancient alchemy are being restored. Conspiracy efforts to keep others in pain shall soon end.

Ted Whidden, Co-Author of The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Electronic release is available to the public at only $10 per copy through Christmas.  A number of FREE copies are being made available to writers who agree to write and publish reviews on the book.

Introduced in THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION TO THE WESTERN CONDITION is the concept of the “Western Condition” which is a set of common denominators to all known sickness.  By focusing on what they all have in common, one can attack and reconcile that gas situation and mineralization issues quickly and inexpensively.

Joseph “Doc” Mathea and Ted Whidden release their book on total body reconciliation at  . The book teaches a simple approach to remediating inflammation, circulation, and oxygenation issues within the body. By restoring a balance to the body and purging toxic gas issues immediately from the body a toxic acidic gas reconciliation restores body function, super oxygenates and feeds the cells, and in so doing eradicates anaerobic infections without addiction, side effects, or problems. A natural approach employed as a lost art to healing. In so reconciling the body condition all immunity is boosted and oxygen levels in the body soar! HIV/Aids patients, those with cancer, fibromyalgia, Cystic Fibrosis, and every sickness known to man will see significant leaps in health and improvement. It is often referred to as a “Silver Bullet” approach to all sickness. The approach employs cheap, simple, easily available products to reconcile cellular issues as never before, or as always before. This is the natural approach that served man well before we modified our environment and induced levels of toxicity. This induced toxicity in our world is termed the “Western Condition” in this book. My throwing an umbrella term over all sickness and rooting out the common denominators and blocking agents to sickness then all health is restored. GET THE BOOK!


Additional Links

Joseph “Doc” Mathea and Ted Whidden

Following a tragic accident that left Ted Whidden with a loss of some 94% of his brain function through TBI, PTSD, concussion, etc,; a central nervous disorder consisting of seizures; digestive dysfunction due to destruction of digestive tract, enzyme issues, organ dysfunction, potentially infectious issues; crippling joint pain; and a host of horrific issues (more…)