Category: The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (Online Version, First Two Chapters and Forward Only)

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (Online Version, First Two Chapters and Forward Only)
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The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part A)

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part A)


Ponder the Papyrus Publishing

Chipley, Florida

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Title of the book:

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition


Joseph A. “Doc” Mathea and Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden

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The Spine of the book will have the first part of the title in bold lettering filling the spine, so as to create high visibility on a shelf of books:   The Answer to Cancer

Back Cover Bio:

Joseph A. “Doc” Mathea, well known for his research and his limited production “Unveiling the Grand Conspiracy” serves others as an educated Hebrew “Holy Man” providing venture capital, insights, and infrastructure for well founded and grounded ideas. Mathea’s work in human body studies and preservation of life techniques come from age old eastern practices using herbal approaches for sustaining and preserving the Body. Mathea’s work in preservation techniques and life giving approaches have been largely obscured by his contemporaries for fear that a “Silver Bullet” approach to healing all sickness would put too many out of work. Mathea’s education and experience both worldly and academic would fill volumes and best left for another presentation another day.

Theodore L. (Ted) Whidden, sustained major concussion leading to loss of immune, balance issues, digestive disorders, seizures, and a general breakdown in systemic conditions until introduced to Doc Mathea. Whidden is a graduate of the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy, MBA from the University of Houston, studied towards a PhD in theology. Was fortunate enough to become closer to Doc Mathea and all he represents following a tragic accident as outlined in this book. Whidden’s early work in studies of the ancients found at helped bring the two authors together and helped connect ancient science (alchemy?) to modern practice, leading to greater understanding of how to reconcile the body. Whidden’s approach to practical problem solving out of necessity birthed the approach within.


cancer brain idling neurons
Idling neurons in the brain/body/tissue can be revived using a Simple Solution! We provide insights to that solution and show you how it works in our new book! See below! Order NOW!

Ponder the Papyrus Publishing Company is a joint venture between the authors and their venture capitalist team. Upon completion of a series of texts it became clear that conventional publishing entities would oppose release of a true healing for cancer, immune disorders, and such. It is clear that publishing empires the world over manipulate public opinion and assist the fear mongers in an effort to control the masses. Large companies have a vested interest in hobbling the public. The world is being led astray by misinformation and a lack of information. As entertainment exceeds education in this world today the people are enslaving themselves to cancer, fibromyalgia, AIDS/HIV, Lyme disease, Cystic Fibrosis, and a host of curable conditions because the media refuses to let them know they can be free. We are healing the world and releasing the captives. Get FREE! Our releases can be found at



  1. CHAPTER ONE: In the Beginning
  2. CHAPTER TWO: Loss of Immune System
  3. CHAPTER THREE: The First Key to Health Recovery: Oxygen
  4. Chapter Four: The story of the “Three henchmen”
  5. CHAPTER FIVE: Fungus
  6. CHAPTER SIX: MRI: The Cause and Cure of Cancer
  7. CHAPTER SEVEN: The Key to Sickness, CO2
  8. CHAPTER EIGHT: Practicing Body Chemistry, NOT Medicine
  9. CHAPTER NINE: Oxygenation Revelation/Oxygen Versus Oxygenation
  • CHAPTER TEN: Buffering
  • CHAPTER ELEVEN: Bubble Diagnostics
  • CHAPTER TWELVE: Capacitor/Condenser Theory
  • CHAPTER THIRTEEN:   Short Breathing
  • CHAPTER FOURTEEN: Renewal Chapter
  • CHAPTER FIFTEEN: The Cancer Conspiracy
  • CHAPTER SIXTEEN: Common Causes of Acidosis Leading to The Western Condition (and Cancer)
  • CHAPTER SEVENTEEN:   The Answer to Cancer
  • CHAPTER EIGHTEEN: Cancer: (The Common Denominators of Cancer):
  • CHAPTER NINETEEN: Mass Hysteria
  • CHAPTER TWENTY: Treatment Begins
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE: Tips and Tricks
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-TWO: Damascus Experience
  • CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE: Revelation: The Great Healer
  • Areas to consider for use of Ted Whidden’s Alkaline Emersion (Acidic Gas Reconciliation) (CO2 Remediation) Approach



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The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part C)

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part C)

Forward and Chapter Two (Copyright protected)


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Go ahead, order an electronic book. Most will be pain free and healing before they finish half the book. Results as stipulated are guaranteed. It can not fail. The only way it fails is if you fail to receive and move on the principles.



CHAPTER TWO: Loss of Immune System

In the event that you ever find yourself with a compromised immune system, an auto-immune disorder, or without an immune system, there are a few very simple things you must understand. If your system is not so compromised, the same simple systems still apply. The key is that if you are dying, you will often keep dying until you start living. The body is always either improving its condition, or the condition is deteriorating. It does not stay at one level very long. What many find after a traumatic event is that there are/were things lurking in their system ready to take them down when the system faltered. A classic example is the immunization shots you have taken over your lifetime. Immunization shots imbed sickness in your system, in theory, at a time when your body can handle/manage the sickness. When your system is compromised, many things are waiting to rise up. Thus following a traumatic event one’s system appears to deteriorate from “unrelated causes”. All causes relate to the trauma. Never forget this. Trauma oftentimes is the key that unlocks the door to your systemic demise. Protect yourself.

One thing Whidden found in our example was that many things he had been exposed to “grew up” during his period without a proper immune function.   No matter how healthy you think you are, there are sickness issues and “sickness seeds” within your system waiting for an opportunity to blossom. If you do not accept or understand this consider all the inoculations for sickness and disease you have undergone. All of these inoculations are “sickness seeds” sown into your system so that your system begins to build and maintain a system of anti-bodies to fight that pathogen. Over the course of a lifetime your system has many things it must fight. These inoculations may just add to the list. If you should ever have your immune system compromised by way of a shock event then all these pathogens could be released to grow unchecked and you could experience everything you were trying to avoid. Can you see this? Well, let’s take it a step further as far as inoculations go…… Your system may have finite or limited resources to fight pathogens. The “sickness seeds” and other things you are exposed to can serve to overload a possibly over taxed, under equipped system for fighting, thus driving you to a deep level of sickness early.

Many conditions develop by way of our modern environment which serve to compromise the immune system.   Our failure to reconcile our system with our modern environment is at the root of many of our problems. Many of our population manifest presence or overload of toxins as “allergies”, reactions or as other immune deficient issues emerge. You needn’t live with these problems. As we will soon see allergies are often a sign of an immune system becoming overloaded. Once we remove the “overload” situation, a great many allergies will disappear.

The modern diet and cultural issues have the body poorly prepared to manage and survive a health situation I refer to as “The Western Condition”. In “The Chemical Conspiracy” book we will present a host of food issues and common practices leading to the general demise of the human body.

The Western Condition will be more fully explained, diagnosed, and scientifically explored in an accompanying volume to this book set.   To brief you, the “Western Condition” is a general, over-arching situation or condition of the human body to include virtually all modern sicknesses. Basically all common sicknesses of this generation including cancer require a common set of denominators or factors to exist. These common factors bring us to what we call “The Western Condition” which is in essence an umbrella term to cover all known sickness of the Western developed world. We will develop this idea further as we go. Meanwhile, if we were to grow a garden we would prepare the soil for the crops we wished to plant. In the same light, our modern changes to the environment have materially altered the “soil” of the human body making it rich and fertile ground for sickness. Once we recognize what is causing this general decline in health we can demonstrate a reconciliation approach as we do within these books to bring back wellness and destroy sickness.

The key is to understand that virtually everyone has altered “soil” of the body/environment and the alteration will consume the health resources of virtually everyone you know sooner or later. It is far simpler and easier to kill cancer and all its associated issues than to explain it. The conventional approach has not, and will not work, so let’s abandon convention and look at how simple it is to create health………….We study how to eradicate the Western Condition. By changing the condition conducive to creating death we increase life. Point is that is not nearly as important to put things “in” the body to create this change as it is to focus on what to take “out” of the body. Removal of toxins is critical. There is a natural approach that will far outpace all others.

You must realize that conventional modern medicine does not come from a study of “health”.   It is actually a study of “sickness”. The average medical professional may be quite sick themselves, and at times appear to have a very poor understanding of health. Notice that pharmaceutical companies are massive, powerful entities who pour big money into medical schools and programs to brainwash medical professionals.   In part, this financial incentive could serve to cloud the judgment of health practitioners.

In studying sickness conventional western medicine works to avert disaster, but if they changed to studying health and excellence the sickness would likely fall by the wayside because it cannot survive in a healthy body. Is that so hard to see? If not consider a concept like “chemo-therapy” for addressing cancer. When doctors prescribe “chemo” do you think they calculate how much poison it takes to kill the cancer? NO, not at all.   They actually try to discern how much poison they can serve to kill the host, and then back it off just a little. They study how much poison the body (host) can take yet still recover. The theory is that the cancer is weaker than the host. If you take the host (body) just short of death often, then you test the amazing ability the human body has to recover, then eventually the host will win out over the cancer. Think about it!! They don’t consider what it takes to kill the cancer. They study what it would take to KILL the HOST, and hope to aim just shy of that.   Can you see how backwards this approach is? Why not go the other route? Why not make the body so healthy that the invading host is destroyed like evicting a bad tenant? I assure you the body can be made strong enough to evict foreign invaders, and this is a far better, more efficient means of fighting all sickness. It is the original plan. This is not an “alternative”. This is an age old plan that has and will always work.

Once you recognize fibromyalgia, gluten reactions, high blood pressure, arthritis, cancer, AIDS/HIV, and so many other conditions are under the influence of “The Western Condition” you simply change the condition, and sickness will often flee. The difficulty for most people is this is too simple and too cheap to understand. As a culture we have been indoctrinated to think powerful things must be complicated or expensive, when in truth the opposite is true. In this so-called society we have been indoctrinated to think that people educated by special interest groups and represented by lobbying organizations have all the answers, when quite the opposite is true. If a group has a great product or process they shouldn’t need lobbyists, UNLESS the people are too foolish to see the simple good.

As we proceed I will introduce a simple plan that will eliminate a host of environmental issues leading to sickness and disease. In an accompanying text (“The Chemical Conspiracy”) I will give precise examples of product misuse, common oldwives tales proliferated by practitioners, and a host of very sophisticated illnesses than can be tempered or controlled using a simple process. The simple process is being kept from you by others, because it works.   You will quickly be able to spot things in your environment that are negatively affecting you, and your product usage should change dramatically if you want to shift your health. Following onwards one would hope that a radical shift in social standards for products will take place, and a large movement commence with demands for specific labeling and quality of products introduced to the public.

In the accompanying text (“The Chemical Conspiracy”) to follow we introduce specific conditions mis-diagnosed and mis-treated by medical professionals and by our culture via old wives’ tales. We show you how trauma is missed, mis-handled, and give specific treatment to address and remove localized and generalized traumas, inflammation, toxic issues, and a host of problems becoming common place in our society due to the degradation called “The Western Condition”. Modern society, toxic products, and environmental influences being introduced by “modernization” are inducing cancers and virtually every sickness known to man. Advocacy groups are missing the mark because the treatment and handling is too simple for many to make money off of it.   There are people enslaving others in pain for their own profiteering and gain. Get free. Read on.


Brainwashing you think? Not hardly, but cleansing the brain through non-intrusive procedure is CHEAP! FAST!! POWERFUL!!! Get the BOOK!
Brainwashing you think? Not hardly, but cleansing the brain through non-intrusive procedure is CHEAP! FAST!! POWERFUL!!! Get the BOOK!


(The links in our directory have the links in the wrong order. Read them in this order. We’re doing brain work, not correcting all the computer glitches on the planet.)


Go ahead, order an electronic book. Most will be pain free and healing before they finish half the book. Results as stipulated are guaranteed. It can not fail. The only way it fails is if you fail to receive and move on the principles.


The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part B)

The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition (A Free Intro readable online) (Part B)

Forward and Chapter One (Copyright protected)



(The links in our directory have the links in the wrong order. Read them in this order. We’re doing brain work, not correcting all the computer glitches on the planet.)


Go ahead, order an electronic book. Most will be pain free and healing before they finish half the book. Results as stipulated are guaranteed. It can not fail. The only way it fails is if you fail to receive and move on the principles.




Forward by Ted Whidden

I am glad to see that Doc Mathea is releasing inventions and approaches to thwart the modern medical situations of people. In seeing his lab I have viewed dozens of inventions and approaches that will address complicated illnesses simply.

I see Doctor Mathea’s work as literally the most significant example of a person turning over the tables of the money changers. With the shocking originality and inventiveness of Nikolai Tesla and the forward thinking of Einstein, Doc is plowing new ground using simple science. Healing breast cancer, autism, birth defects, while treating advanced HIV/AIDS and cancer, and so many other sicknesses appear so easy with his approach.

How the “health” community has missed and obscured the obvious for so long boggles the mind. The unveiling of these simple laws of nature opens the door for Doc Mathea’s work, uncovering health conspiracy hidden in the earth.

By addressing a form of chaos theory in the body and unraveling the seemingly complicated patterns of health, Doc Mathea may have developed what appears a silver bullet to cure all sickness.   His body reconciliation approach which he named after me seems to eradicate a vast majority of conditions required for sickness to exist. I was his first “guinea pig” in a way, and he cast the sickness out of this pig!

The secrets released in this first book in a series if/when employed will likely reduce 60% of all cancers in the short run (reducing them in both mass and count). It will likely reduce all other sickness in the short run by 40%. Over the long haul this book series will lead to the eradication of issues surrounding HIV/Aids, autism, cancer, kidney/liver issues, brain/concussion issues, and will lead to multiplied health and wealth benefits by the nations and regions that embrace the approach.

Mathea represents a veritable super-hero for humanity in a declining world. He shows that saving mankind is more honorable than profiteering. I celebrated a personal resurrection of life when I turned my care over to the only person who appeared to have the answers to save me. Doctor Mathea, I salute you.

I asked Doc one time how he knew what he knew. His response was simple and complete. He said, “I pray, son. I pray.”

God has not only blessed Doc, but in turn he blesses countless thousands (someday millions) with the simple cure for things once thought complicated. God gave him keys, and he is willing to give them away in this book. I hope that Doc continues to pray and I pray that he continues to show the absolute, undeniable power and presence of the One he prays to for all who read. To God be the glory for this caretaker of the Body.






CHAPTER ONE: In the Beginning

The disaster described within this book gives rise to a series of health questions and thus eventually solutions. These discoveries seem to have nearly universal application in reconciling the physical health of persons who have compromised health.   The loss of the immune system forced a victim/patient to search for common denominators in their sickness. By identifying, attacking and removing common denominators to sicknesses health is restored through a “silver bullet solution”.  There are common components to virtually every sickness on earth. Once you remove those common denominators/components amazing breakthroughs in health take place very quickly. The general and specific wellness produced opens new reserves for the body to address all sickness. It is much like a tune up for your immune system. The approach outlined will help to address every sickness mentioned in this book, and many that are not. (“The Chemical Conspiracy” will address more applications to this approach.) The combined approaches outlined will in many ways outdate (and out produce) any and all health systems presently employed. Simple can be powerful with just a little education. Imbalance in education often results in weakness on one side. This series of books will serve to restore balance and expose frailties in current systems and approaches. These simple approaches are available to all mankind, yet prior to now the secrets are not being shared. Focal to this presentation is a release that was accurate 1000 years ago and it will be accurate 1000 years from now. For some reason no one has shared it sufficiently. The point of this book is to share a nearly universal approach to wellness that has helped many walk away from the bondage of sickness. The situation that initiated this most amazingly simple yet powerful discovery requires introduction.

The main subject or “guinea pig” for the study was leading an exceptional life. Health, wealth, exotic travel, adventure, and more were in the palm of the hand of Ted Whidden. In June/July of 2010, Whidden was the insurance representative on the deck of the drilling ship that capped the “Deepwater Horizon” (Macondo) BP Oil Spill in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico, the largest man initiated natural disaster to the environment possibly in history and this was the guy the London Insurance market (Lloyd’s of London) had on the scene to witness and report the on scene events on behalf of world financial market; leading to completion of the capping of the well. Fortunately, that project completed in July 2010. Whidden, at the peak of his career, seemed to have everything going for him. A couple of other edgy assignments followed.

One month after the capping of the Deepwater Horizon Well, Whidden’s phone rang. It was a personal phone call from someone in a broken down Porsche some 6 hours from home. Whidden advised that after he got some sleep he would grab a truck/SUV from the farm, connect a trailer and come get the stranded friend and their vehicle. What began as a “good Samaritan” effort to assist someone in need would end up wrecking Whidden’s world, and crushing the hopes, dreams, and resources of a once successful entrepreneur/consultant.

All was in order rolling along Interstate 10 in Northwest Florida while returning with the broken down Porsche.   While heading west in Suwannee County, Florida near Live Oak, in an instant all hell broke loose, literally. While easing along the road, squared up in their own lane, at about midnight on August 29, 2010 Whidden’s trailer/cargo was struck from behind (rear end collision) by a high speed 18 wheeler.

Evidence indicates the 18 wheeler had some form of cruise control engaged, as the 18 wheeler increased power to overcome the power loss as a result of the initial contact. The 18 wheeler operator was either not aware of the collision, or was aware and had not reacted yet. The nylon straps holding the Porsche began to stretch and one at the time break thus allowing the Porsche to be pushed through the back window of Whidden’s SUV.

In one perspective this was a perfect accident because the numerous nylon straps released the Porsche squarely through the back window of the SUV, and the 18 wheeler kept coming. The 18 wheeler road up on the back of Whidden’s trailer and continued increasing power. Apparently due to the over speed of the engine on the 18 wheeler and the strange lights shining up into the sky in front of the 18 wheeler the trucker awoke realizing something was wrong. The 18 wheeler operator locked up his brakes a full 250 feet or so after point of impact, thus Whidden’s SUV and trailer rig was accelerated from 50-55 mph to 100 mph in less than 250 feet.

When the 18 wheeler hit his brakes the two trailer rigs began to disconnect, yet this left Whidden’s truck/SUV, trailer and cargo at an uncontrolled 100 mph speed.   Whidden’s vehicles careened down the road for an estimated 1100 feet before coming to a crash stop.

At the scene of final stopping Whidden’s vehicle was crushed from behind with ripples of steel across the top from where the frame/chassis bent, the Porsche was stuck in the back window. The SUV doors were jammed shut and the seat backs broke. All the tools, ramps, etc. in the SUV were shifted forward at the time of the crash stop. Whidden was draped over the steering wheel with all the tools, ramps, etc. piled on top of him.

At one moment prior to the accident all was perfect in Whidden’s world, then in an instant it was all taken away. Problem is that what is good in this world, and what is bad in this world are not always apparent. Whidden felt prior to the accident that all was well, but this may not have been true. Whidden thought that following the wreck and surviving meant all was well, but this may not have been true. The problem with life is perceptions are not always true. Many people are sick now, or soon will be and they may not have the ability to properly gauge, understand or correct their situation. The medical community are disadvantaged for a number of reasons.   The common medical approach will often lead a person in the wrong direction. Whidden would find great disappointments in the medical approach and the lack of understanding to follow in the coming months/years. This book is presented to help others learn an approach to shock/trauma as well as loss of immunity and a host of sicknesses to produce health.

As the days following the wreck passed Whidden awoke with bruises on his face showing his face hit the steering wheel. He had bodily stiffness, inflammation and a host of bruising and issues manifested. Internal issues became apparent. Whidden seemed to have an elevated adrenaline/excitement for weeks, will an irregular speech impediment. Medical personnel advised this should pass with time. Meanwhile, what developed was Whidden’s hyper adrenaline exhausted his body’s resources of this chemical, then cortisol (the fight or flight/stress hormone) took over and effectively shut down Whidden’s immune system intermittently over the next 2 years more or less. Imagine going through life without an immune system. How long would you live? What would kill you and when and how? The steps to learning how to cope will help others boost their immune system dramatically. (This approach should prove important for HIV/Aids patients and all others with sickness and/or immune disorders.)

The hyper cortisol situation within Whidden’s body took over control of the body and immune system. As you study cortisol you will find it is the hormone that gives you the shakes and cold sweats following any near-miss traffic situation. Have you ever had a dog run out in front of you, then you swerve to miss it? As you move down the road some 5-20 minutes later you get rattled, shaky, and get cold sweats? Well, that was from a nanosecond dose of cortisol. Meanwhile, Whidden’s system gave him high doses of cortisol for months. This was not only late and improperly diagnosed by medical providers, it was not properly treated. It was allowed to run rampant through his system causing a host of problems.

Have you ever seen or heard of someone indelibly changed from a traumatic event? Often something happens and they subsequently die of “unrelated causes” somewhere a few months later. These issues are often DIRECTLY RELATED to the trauma and a cascade effect of issues that happen to the victim of a traumatic accident. Rarely are they properly treated. Whidden’s survival was rare.   The experiences are being shared to save others. Often financial interests in a traumatic event stall their actions in anticipation the patient/victim will die from “unrelated events” thus they avoid payment. It is a sick system. There are at times more people working against the sick person than are working to help them.

What developed with Whidden was a loss of normal immune system function for more than 2 years. As a result Whidden had to learn how to fight as much sickness as possible without an immune system. Oh, by the way, he did it to a large extent without drugs or chemicals. The system is so simple and effective that no one wants you to know, because it will work very cheaply and efficiently with virtually no use of drugs and conventional medicine. It works very well in conjunction with modern medicine, but makes modern medicine work so much more efficiently. You must understand there are forces that do not want you to know, understand and follow a simple, cheap, universal system for cleaning up the human body and preparing for health. The system and the science needed to sustain and ultimately heal or maintain Whidden’s body will likely work for you and others. It is too simple to fail, yet so simple and cheap that medical providers and large pharmaceutical companies can’t make big money on a simple, natural, bullet proof system. (Pick up the phone and call your sick friends and family. Tell them you have their answer.)

If you understand the dark road ahead of Whidden, you may see your condition is not nearly as desperate, but Whidden himself did not see the need for this approach prior to his accident. If he had done this prior to the accident as a system for maintaining health he may have recovered faster and better, and may not have suffered as long. There is no way to know for sure.

The system could help you with virtually any and all conditions of the body. It is almost too simple to fail. The only way to failure for most is failing to follow instructions, or trying to “modify” or amplify the results without full understanding. It simply works as it is put forward, and should eradicate many sicknesses in the body.

Bless you and yours in your health pursuit. Details in a refined version follow, with results that can be anticipated. As a result of actual damages including brain damage and concussion issues Whidden now uses a form of this approach to maintain wellness. It has been overwhelmingly effective, yet due to a recurring environmental effect Whidden has had to repeat this process over and over. A refined approach to wellness needed to be shared. Here is your key to health in the following chapters.




(The links in our directory have the links in the wrong order. Read them in this order. We’re doing brain work, not correcting all the computer glitches on the planet.)


Go ahead, order an electronic book. Most will be pain free and healing before they finish half the book. Results as stipulated are guaranteed. It can not fail. The only way it fails is if you fail to receive and move on the principles.