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These are articles written in part to help launch your knowledge in to HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) and the theories and practices therein.

Hyperbaric for animals

Hyperbaric for animals (large animals/small animals):

Animals benefit from hyperbaric just like people.  We are building a small animal and large animal facility for those who wish to enter a chamber with their pet.  This is rather edgy, but it is possibly just one of the “one of a kind” experiences we wish to bring to the hyperbaric session.

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Hyperbaric for stroke victims (Hyperbaric Stroke Treatment)

Hyperbaric for stroke victims:

There are plenty of studies and outlines for the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) on stroke victims.  In practice it seems quite clear that often the families of the stroke victim will see a significant shift within as little as a week’s time after starting HBOT.

It seems stuttering and other such complications of the stroke quickly go away.

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Hyperbaric for Autism

Hyperbaric for Autism:

The potential for results in hyperbaric studies as it affects autism is astounding, yet for some reason it is limited what you can say hyperbaric does………The problem if there is one with hyperbaric is getting cooperation with the participant.

The typical hyperbaric environment is intimidating for most folks, yet for an autistic child it must be overwhelming.  Typical people can have issues with claustrophobia as it relates to hyperbaric.

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Hyperbaric for men

Hyperbaric for men:

Hyperbaric has tremendous applications in men’s health.  When one views many statistics it appears a man is twice as likely statistically to get a concussion or suffer from TBI (traumatic brain injury) than a woman.

The utilization of HBOT for head injuries is impressive, and it would appear that anyone 40 years old or older could likely gain much from hyperbaric sessions.

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Hyperbaric for women

Hyperbaric for women:

There are huge benefits for women in hyperbaric.  Even in areas as simple as osteoporosis there are breakthroughs coming…….In short if astronauts lose calcium in the absence of pressure, then an increase in pressure should encourage calcium uptake and usage.  Imagine how simple to see this.

Pregnant women traditionally have been kept from hyperbaric, yet the basis has been for deep pressure HBOT, and apparently not mild hyperbaric.  The precautions and suggestions found for diving/HBOT may need revision.  Mild HBOT could be GOOD for pregnant women.  Feel free to contact us for updates in this regard.

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Pressure and Penetration HBOT: (High pressure versus Low Pressure)

Pressure and Penetration HBOT: (High pressure versus Low Pressure)

It seems that many have an opinion on which is best high pressure of low pressure hyperbaric Low HBOT).  I have people close to me that swear by 2.8HBOT.

This seems in large part like a medal of honor some wear about what it takes/took to get them the recovery they need(ed).  Problem is I haven’t run in to many people who have tried both high pressure and low pressure and share the difference.

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How Does HBOT work?

How does Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) work?

It is so easy to see how and why hyperbaric works that many will try to muddle the obvious to keep you confused or to keep you away from it.

Often it is easy to see their economic motivation for their deception. Sometimes it is not. Stop for a minute and think for yourself. It won’t hurt. It might even help.

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The Hyperbaric Solution

The Hyperbaric Solution:

As the victim of an accident all I wanted was a reasonable solution to the needs I had developed. If possible I preferred to avoid pain medications, narcotic addictions, uses of drugs with side effects, and intrusive exploration surgeries.

I had one doctor tell me their idea was to run a set of tests, find out what organ was over/under producing and then remove it, leading to a life-long dependence on a pill of some form to replace and regulate whatever that part they cut out was supposed to do.

This is likely more often done than one can imagine, and it was not an attractive alternative for me.

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