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Eating Alkaline

Here are some notes sent to us on “Eating Alkaline”.  I am sorting thru and cleaning up this presentation (offline), but hoping to make it available to as many as possible as soon as possible.

The problem in part with fibromyalgia is that it is merely a “label”. If all else fails doctors hang the label on it. This means there are likely hundreds if not thousands of combinations and mis-diagnoses of this issue………..Often a fungal infection is all that it is.

An anaerobic fungal infection has a low prospect of being detected by a doctor if you told you had it, meaning they can’t detect and diagnose a fungal infection if they know it is there……..

If as a matter of routine everyone with these mystery pains would ask for internal fungal treatment then much of their problem would go away………….It is really simple, but solving their fungal issue would end the need for the doctor and medications.

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Tree mushroom/fungus thoughts.

Once again we come across something relatively unknown or unheard of from the medical community following TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), concussion, or PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder).

Upon taking a nasty blow to the head in my accident I found certain signs of bacterial/fungal infections that are touched on in my other articles.

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Gluten Free Diet/Gluten Reaction/Bacteria/Fungal Issues:

Gluten Free Diet/Gluten Reaction/Bacteria/Fungal Issues:

After my doctors had been fishing in the dark for answers for what seems like months I convinced one doctor to test for cortisol levels. After 14 months of doctor visits this one doctor listened for just a few minutes it seems, and while I had the impression she was listening I added that I was having some irregular food reactions.

I had been tracking/charting my body actions, food, and everything so I could remember what was going on, plus I found it a very effective diagnostic tool. I found that I tended to get a little euphoric when I ate, but before finishing I would get sick.

I found that when I went to the bathroom I would get a little euphoric then it would pass and I would feel sick again. I shared this and other details with the doctor and while the doctor was filling out the form for the cortisol test they checked one other test and that was the “gluten” or “wheat” allergy test.
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