Breast Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness

The search term “Breast Cancer” or “Breast Cancer Awareness” is not likely to draw much attention, likely because there is much chatter, but not so much action.  There are groups claiming to have or be interested, when really some are trying to keep their organization strong, rather than helping the woman.

We do not need strong organizations to address Breast Cancer.  We need a simple solution that reaches many.  In our book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION is a source to address all cancers and sicknesses.

CO2 remediation
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The images that follow will show an increased redness in areas where the lump and/or mass is.  Breast cancer awareness is on everyone’s mind, but is anyone driving these out?   Here it is being driven out by a simple process outlined in the book we offer.  There is no need for cutting or medical operation in this instance.  Our authors makes themselves available to walk folks through this process.  Send a feedback request once you begin reading the book.

Notice on the first image a reddened mass just above and to the right of the nipple. This is Breast Cancer Awareness.  The person in the photo had several large masses on each side.  These were reconciled with an external, non invasive approach.


There is/was an intensity in feeling as the mass was literally moved out of its comfort zone in a region where the body began addressing it. Once the environment of the body is shifted the body recognizes the mass as a foreign object and begins addressing it and pushing it out like your body rejects a wooden splinter. Interestingly, the mass is often consumed before it reaches the surface because it can no longer reside and feed itself. This is a very simple, very effective process that costs literally pennies. Many masses can be addressed for a few dollars at home in a couple of weeks.  Throughout the process the body gets stronger and stronger as does the kidneys,and the cancer/sickness is evicted like a bad tenant.


The red spots, specks, and inflammation issues are lumps working against the process.  They all lost the fight and the person won the battle with no medication, no operation, no chemo.  Lumps, breast lumps easily reconciled using common product approach.


This process is showing 100% success in all cases. It literally cannot fail if/when properly implemented. The key is to get started early. Early detection and intervention using Ted Whidden’s Toxic Gas Remediation and Alkaline Emersion approach will save countless thousands/millions as we move along and introduce this on a wider basis.

Note the spots, dots, skin issues, and/or fungus. These photos came from the same person as above at nearly the same time frame. The skin issues are common with cancers, and fungus is common with cancer. Reconcile for one seems to eradicate the other.  This will work every time.  The alterative of your body environment that allows it to happen will cause it to leave once corrected.

skin spots fungus acidosis
skin spots fungus acidosis

1C.) Paperback Book titled, “The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition”

We are setting captives free of cancer and sickness.  How can we help you?  Let us know.