Beat Debt Collectors! Response Letter/Education Package


Beat The Debt Collectors with our Time Tested System

(This is a third party product being released herein because so many of the health issues we find have an associated financial distress. Some statistics reveal sickness/injury to be the number one cause of bankruptcy. Fight debt collectors with this educational system to better equip you.)

We developed a debt dispute system to STOP the collection efforts!

Using the System presented here you can likely/potentially have the debt reduced or even eliminated.

Are you….Having a hard time making ends meet?
Are you…..Being harassed by debt collectors phone calls?
Do you…..Need to repair your credit?
Are you…..Having difficulty obtaining credit?
Are you….drowning in credit card or medical debt?
You have come to the right place!

1) You have the ability to improve your credit rating

2) You can likely avoid Debt Settlement & Bankruptcy by using a streamlined process that gets fast results.

3) We offer an easy & simple solution to address your debt collection fears!

Do YOU know the rights and responsibilities of the debt collector? If NOT, then you NEED this package! Otherwise you are at a substantial disadvantage.

The way to win 100% of the time is to understand the other person’s obligations.

Take the 1st Step to Stopping

~Extremely Informative Topics Include…..

13 Audios Teaching Directly on Debt Collectors & The Processes

Here are some of the ideas presented in the material you receive the Debt Collectors

Do you know the rights and responsibilities of your OPPONENT in these proceedings? Do you realize the COLLECTOR has some responsibilities? If they do not fulfill their responsibilities, then you may not have to pay? The Courts could rule IN YOUR FAVOR!

Do YOU know your rights? Do YOU know your responsibilities? If you answered NO to either of those two questions then you MUST get this package!

Do you know how to get this resolved on your own? If not, then this can help!

  Definition of Debt

  Who is a Debt Collector

  Exposing Collectors

  Keeping Records

  Debt Collectors & Phone Calls

  Credit Reports

  Debt Collectors vs Creditors

  Understanding FDCPA

  All Debt Collectors Treated Equal Under FDCPA

  Challenge Them EVERY Time

  It’s Now Time To Dispute

  Call To Action BONUS SECTIONWe will INCLUDE Several Legal LinksDisclaimer:

***PLUS A Special

  A PROVEN Example Dispute Letter, along with FULL Step by Step Instructions on HOW the Folks we’ve helped educate, used our Tested System!

  If you or your friends need more assistance of this nature we will be referring folks out by contacting us at:

  We offer a series of educational opportunities for those with legal/financial issues, because according to some the majority of foreclosures occur due to medical disability and such related health problems.

  Whereas our site focuses on Health and Recovery, we have found that most often those who are sick incur legal and financial problems due to the structure of our society and their difficult position.