The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition


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The Western Condition is an umbrella term covering much if not all sickness known to exist. Our approach blankets most known sickness by teaching, showing and eradicating common denominators of sickness.

This book addresses auto-immune disorders, cancer, and introduces the concept known as “The Western Condition”. The “Western Condition” is an induced situation that everyone alive today is experiencing. It is what drives cancers of all form (including Breast Cancer) and all forms of sickness and auto-immune disorder.

When one of the author’s (Whidden) was in a traumatic accident we shifted our analytical research to finding a cure for all sickness. The loss of immune for the author required that something be done. Clearly the medical industry cannot see the forest for the trees it seems. The solution was simple……….Hence the name, “A Simple Solution for the Western Condition”. This book will address common core issues for all health concerns. Once you understand the reconciliation process and implement it, then you are immediately on your way to health. Share this with others. People need to know that for less than $1 using conventional products on the shelves in grocery stores that they can be set free.

Applications taught in the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION, makes specific reference to use to remediate all of the following and more:

  Kidney support, dialysis, field dialysis

  Organ transplant support

  Cancer maintenance, treatment, process leading to cure (?)

  Pre-cancer treatment

  Post Cancer treatment

  Breast Cancer preventative treatment

  Pre-Pregnancy, Post Pregnancy, During Pregnancy:

  AIDS/Acquired Immune Deficiency/HIV/human immunodeficiency virus

  To boost new born survival, clean-up, and preparation for new life on earth

  Early childhood cleaning, maintenance, cure of fungus and other issues

Newborn and Premature birth development and preparation (Note: Many have seen the posts online regarding the twins babies in which one was sick as they were separated. A nurse allegedly put the babies together and the sick child regained strength. There is/was a shift that can be demonstrated and tested. That shift can be replicated using the emersion approach, especially when there isn’t a “twin” to share the burden of the sickness. We will write more on this later.)

  Woman care: PMS, Morning Sickness, Pre-Menopausal, Menopausal, Post-Menopausal

  Wound care, Burn care, Pain Relief:

  Life/Gas Maintenance: Gangrene, Infectious Issues remediation:

  Super Circulation/Oxygenation:

Pre-Surgery/Post Surgery: Use of the Alkaline Emersion (Acidic Gas Reconciliation) approach prepares the body for surgery by lowering toxic gases and increasing oxygenation. Healing will be accelerated, noting a proper Alkaline Emersion (Acidic Gas Reconciliation) exists at a high, alkaline pH in which bacteria cannot survive. By shifting the body generally in the alkaline direction total healing was well as localized healing occurs reducing time for recovery and scarring.

  Medical pre-operation preparation, Post operation in medical environment, Pre-hospitalization/Post-hospitalization

  Diver Recovery: Alkaline Emersion (Acidic Gas Reconciliation) is a very effective way of removing many of the toxic gas buildups from diving under pressure.

  Pre-Hyperbaric treatment:

  Lyme Treatment: Lyme disease (See future write-up on quick, simple, easy way to eradicate Lyme.)

  Trauma treatment

  To enhance Chiropractic care, To enhance/facilitate massage care and manipulation/therapies


  On treatment (cure?) of anaerobic bacteria/infection

  Treatment of fungal infection (bacteria/fungus/protozoa)

  Alkaline vs. Acid Antibacterial:

  Anaerobic infections:

  Asthma, COPD, Cystic Fibrosis, Allergies, breathing difficulties

  Fever control (Removal of Insulating gases) (Fever reduction with a twist):

  Cancer: (The answer to cancer?)

  Shingles, Herpes and other such outbreak management

  Heat stroke (OSHA?)

  Cramps, Gout, Diabetes

  To overcome induced problems from Hair/skin products recommended by dermatologists:

  Breathing Issues such as asthma, COPD, etc. (Clear CO2)

  CO2/Gluten connection

  Diabetic Circulation issues

  Drug recovery/rehab: Helps to remineralize the body, stabilize systems and ease drug withdrawals.

  Heart Attack/Stroke: (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Mental conditions (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Stroke (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Epilepsy (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Alzheimer’s (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Sundowners: (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Full Moon affect (Infectious issues)

  Bipolar Issues (brain/mental toxins) (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Mental issues (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Sleep disorders (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Migraines (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Mental Health: (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Overcoming Oxygen deprivation issues (Head/Brain/Body/Organs) (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Concussions/Traumatic brain injury (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Hangover recovery (See our book on the Concussion Discussion)

  Oxygen Deprivation issues Body, Organ, and Head/Brain

  Brain work/ Cerebral/Mind enhancement

  Any/All breathing lung conditions, Any/All joint conditions, Any/All muscle conditions, Any/All organ conditions, Any/All skin conditions

  CO2 removal to maintain the “garden” conditions of the body. Eradicating the CO2 build up removes the possibility of accumulation leading to bodily sickness.

  Anti-aging (as acid and acidosis is responsible for most aspects of aging)

  Athletic performance enhancement and recovery

  Athletic/Physical Performance=> pH Affects oxygen => oxygen affects endurance

  Oxygenation/Sexual performance

  Athletic performance: We are soon to release an additional book called, “Oxygen for Athletes”. Athletic recovery following performance or preparation for competition could be helpful.