Alchemy of the Ancients being Released in Great Pyramid Release

High Mountain Healing

My friends our Pyramid Research and Search for Ancient Secrets has been delayed due to a terrible accident. One of the key players of our research team was harmed very badly several years ago. As a result many of the resources for our ancient secrets research was re-directed. The result may be something very good for you and your friends.

Our research team re-discovered an ancient healing technique to balance the body. Some may find it the earliest link to Alchemy. No time to explain now, but we have put together a book that begins to release the keys to a natural form of healing employed by one of the authors of the book, and founder of the research group found at . The accident is why so much of our research stalled. You can help us get back on track AND WE WILL PAY YOU!

Here is the plan for you and your friends!

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Money for Missions! Christmas Money for Many!

Would you like to raise some extra money for Missions? For your household? Would you like to make some extra money? Would you like to help your friends and family become more healthy? Would you like to help your friends and family to get healthy AND make more money?

Would you like to help save the world?

If the healing for Cancer, Aids/HIV, and a host of diseases was within your grasp would you reach out to others and share? We are looking for Super-heroes who want to help save the world. Could you be one?

Even Super-Heroes need resources so we are setting up a system where you and your friends can help save the world, AND increase cash flow. We need your help to reach people with a new concept in health.

We have a very simple yet powerful offer for you. We need help to get the word out about a new book on healing the body. The name of the book refers to cancer, but it is a book that helps all forms of immune disorders.

It is a very simple process that no one is telling people about, because when it begins to set people free of sickness, then those who make money off of the pain of others will suffer financially. Personally I feel it is wrong to profit off of the pain of others. We are setting captives free, but we need your help to get the word out.

We have a website where people can download electronic books. We will pay YOU to help us move more books in to the world. We will pay you $4 for every electronic book we sell with your help through our website at . It is simple. Here is all you have to do……….

  1. “SHARE” and “Like” at least one of the three pages listed below. By liking this page we will be able to get updates to you and your friends.  We have found that “Sharing” is most powerful and productive. The three Facebook pages where we will be launching this project are listed as:

Money of Missions:

Uncovering the Grand Conspiracy

Ted Whidden fan (love?/hate?) page


  1. Create an Affiliate account on by clicking on “Store affiliates” on the grey menu bar. Here you will see the affiliate registration link, click it and complete it. Once you have completed your registration, log in using your username and password and click on the “Creatives” white tab. In this tab you will find your affiliate link. This is the link you will need to share with your friends to promote the book. Any one that clicks on that link will be recorded as an individual referred by you and their purchases will be credited to you. You will make $2 on every book they purchase, AND they save money just by being your friend.
  2. Go to the website . Download a book. At a minimum you must download the “Free” two chapter release of the book, “THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION”. By downloading an electronic book from our site we will have information for you specifically for future contacts. In order to more effectively promote the book/product you should be familiar with the product. You are greatly encouraged to download the entire book. Your entire family could be healed by Christmas! You should be more effective at helping share the concepts of the book after you read the entire book.
  3. The message/post must promote the book, “THE ANSWER TO CANCER” found at the website . Your post needs at a minimum one link to the website . You can post as often as you like, wherever you like. You can encourage your friends to repost and/or share. There is no limit. In your post advise your friends that they will get a discount on the book by getting it with your help. Post your affiliate link in your post so they get their discount, AND so that you get paid. The size of their discounts will vary depending on success of this effort and your effort. Very likely we will increase discounts moving towards Christmas and vary it thereafter. Discount will be realized at check out. All they need to do is use your affiliate link to reach the website and then place their order using coupon code: save10   (You become their key to savings!) Our goal is to give all of your friends a minimum 10% discount while helping save their family from health problems. Meanwhile, for every one that uses your affiliate link we will set aside $4 under your name or ministry. We will be paying this out to people in increments of $100 or more. (We may have to deduct a fee for mailing funds to overseas accounts.) In essence if/when you help us sell 25 books you will receive $100. If you help us move 1000 books/sales, you get $4000!! There is no limit as to how many books you can sell, and no limit to how much money you can make. There is no limit as to how many people you can get healed through our books and programs. (The program applies to all electronic books on the site, and will likely be extended to all future electronic books added to the site.)

This is good for individuals or group accounts. It is ideal for missions groups, church groups, etc. if several of you get together and promote a single Facebook presence such as an orphanage or some other fund raising effort, then the money will be sent to that missions effort. This is a very simple, very effective means of helping many. The book will help heal people naturally, and the funds will help heal poverty all over the world. All you have to do is promote the book from your Facebook page and advise people to use your affiliate link. As they copy your message on, then they will help you to promote what you are doing.

The plan is to pay $4 per sale sold through January 2016. If the project is successful we will continue, meanwhile reserve the right to adjust the compensation after the first of the year, and discontinue the program if/when it becomes too costly to justify the effort. We would like to see this program increase as we roll out more intellectual property. The great part is if you help us to promote, then we can deliver more products and it is win-win-win!! Clearly it can be a “win-win” for all. Your friends save money by knowing your name, many get healed, and you raise money for your outreach efforts. Everybody wins!

  1. By helping us in this manner we can focus on the launch itself and product delivery. We don’t know as many people as you know. You know people who need this book and this opportunity. Pass this on to others.
  2. If you have questions feel free to contact me through the website . I will be posting pertinent information in the blog from that page to make it more useful for everyone. You can also make contact with the co-author of the book through his Facebook account; Joseph A “Doc” Mathea at or contact and tag me at
  3. I would like to see the book in your photos posted promoting the project. Make sure you tag myself or “Doc” Mathea in your photos/promos of the project so we can see. We are working on a bonus if/when folks link to where we operate the system from.
  4. Subscribe to the video updates at . The youtube account was very active 6 years ago before the accident referred to in the book. We plan to reactivate that project and projects surrounding it with your help. We will be providing video instruction and advices from there. It would be sensational if folks could help us to create promotional videos for the project. We will likely be posting your videos and success stories at that location.
  5. The website is being set up and tested as we speak. Go ahead and test the website. Go through the simple steps above. We will have a number of means to contact and communicate with you. There is no obligation on your part but it would clearly benefit you and all those you care about to get deeply involved. With your help we can reach and help the world. Let me know if I can help you in any way.

Bless you and your outreach efforts,


Ted Whidden


Free Download, First Two Chapters of the book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Full Download of THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Paperback Copy of THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

Bulk Order of 30 (Thirty!) Paperback books, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

The Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Two, Electronic version

The Great Pyramid Mystery Resolved, Volume Three, Electronic version



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