360 Acres AIRPLANE LANDING strip, Lake, Recreational Remote NW Florida

360 Acres AIRPLANE LANDING strip, Lake, Recreational Remote NW Florida

Our publishing interests have access to a private one mile water landing strip in NW Florida just north of Panama City, Florida.

The 360 acres is for sale for $750,000 or one can “lease” access for use of the landing area for $100,000 for 10 years.  Feasibility, suitability and all requirements, support, supplies and services for the landing and take off subject to the tenant/buyer.  No services, consulting, or provision due from seller/landlord.  Full risk, responsibilities, and liabilities to eco-system and all other entities responsibility of tenant.  (Lease for landing would not allow sublets, nor would it allow exclusivity.  Landing permits may be limited/negotiable.)  Written permission for each landing will have to be granted by owner to tenant/buyer.

We received this property through debt satisfaction.   We are not aviators, but the property as described and pictured came with an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) listed air landing strip.   It is one of a kind wet landing strip in this remote region.

Property is photographed and descriptions, aerials, etc will be posted as they come available.

This 360 acres consists of the southern half of a section (0ne mile) which extends fully into the water.  An estimated 300 out of the 360 acres is fully under water.  Some subsurface rights may convey with sale.   The southern half of the section (320 acres) is connected to a 40 acre section to the north.

This property is REMOTE.  It could be an ideal getaway, investment, wilderness refuge, wetland offset (construction), land bank, etc.   It could be ideal for someone who wanted to put, place, or build a large houseboat project.

Seller is in physical condition to no longer make use of this property.

Seller may consider owner financing, but presently interested in the possibility of leases for flight/landing.

This landing project was developed initially by a fellow who had a rather “interesting” business model due to proximity to interstate highways and the remote nature of long landing strip.