Month: December 2015

Dr. Tullio Simoncini and his Baking Soda Cure/Treatment for Cancer

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Dr. Tullio Simoncini advocates a sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda)  injection procedure in to a cancerous mass.  Why?  What is really taking place?  Do you realize that the process Simoncini recommends can actually be improved?  It is highly criticized for reasons that are often unfounded, but there may be a better, faster, cheaper way.

Doctor Simoncini’s approach using sodium bicarbonate injections at the cancer site has been met with some rejection from the medical community, but why?  Is it too simple?  Too cheap?  Too common?  Something is seems awry with the cover ups.  Did you realize there is a practical way to use Simoncini’s baking soda approach?

Tullio Simoncini advocates “Please see my website for the FAQ.”  This is as posted from a Facebook page , yet there is a faster, simpler, easier application that many are missing.  Chasing something simple that works is good, but what if it is even simpler than what you can presently imagine?

There is a core science foundation underlying Tullio Simoncini’s advocation of injection of baking soda, sodium bicarbonate in to a cancerous mass.  The injection site is affected by a unique set of physical and electrical properties.   The secret is released in Doc Mathea’s book, THE ANSWER TO CANCER: A SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR THE WESTERN CONDITION.  You may not be able to get Simoncini’s injection procedure, but you can get started in the process once you understand how simple it can be applied.

When one follows the trail of what actually “works” in this approach it is often never addressed or explained.  In our book we focus on the Simple Solution to many conditions in the body.  It just so happens to heal cancer and a host of other sickness issues as it appears.

The implementation of sodium bicarbonate/alkaline injections and usage dates back millennia, but we have rarely connected the dots to solve conventional health problems practically.

Baking Soda Simoncini

Fountain of Youth Discovered?

Fountain of Youth Discovered, or Would You Prefer a RESURRECTION of Power? New Book Makes Astounding Claims, The Answer to Cancer: A Simple Solution for the Western Condition

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